May 23 Birthdays in History - May 23 Deaths - May 23 Events
1984 Adam Wylie, born in San Dimas, California, Broadway musical performer, television and voice actor
1980 Sarah Louise Catherwood, Christchurch New Zealand, 4x200m swimmer 1996 Olympics
1978 Silvia Colloca, Italian Actress
1976 Kelly Marie Monaco, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, playmate, April, 1997
1976 Melanie Joyce Bell, Vernon New Jersey, Miss America-New Jersey 1997
1975 Vincent Goossens, soccer player, Dordrecht '90
1974 Duane Clemons, linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings
1974 Kimber West, born in Atlanta, Georgia, playmate, Feb 1997
1974 Jewel, born in Payson, Utah, Jewel Kilcher, singer, guitarist, actress, musician, sold over 27 million albums worldwide, hit debut album 'Pieces of You'
1974 Ken Jennings, American Celebrity
1973 Verna Vasquez, Miss Universe-best swimsuit, Curacao, 1997
1972 Isabelle Fijalkowski, WNBA center and forward for the Cleveland Rockers
1972 Marco van Hoogdalem, Dutch soccer player, Roda JC
1972 Rene Ingoglia, running back for the Buffalo Bills
1972 Shannon Brown, NFL defensive tackle for the Atlanta Falcons
1971 Issac Booth, NFL cornerback and safety for the Cleveland Browns
1971 Joseph Rogers, CFL receiver for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1971 Marshall Boze, San Manual, Arizona, pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers
1970 Ricky Gutierrez, born in Miami, Florida, infielder for the Houston Astros
1969 Pat Hurst, San Leandro California, LPGA golfer, 1995 Rolex Rookie of the Year
1968 Daryl Hobbs, NFL wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders
1968 Tiffany Rochelle-Anderson, Laguna Beach California, WPVA, Nationals-13th-1995
1967 Craig John Monk, Auckland New Zealand, finn class yachter 1996 Olympics
1967 Charlie Hunter, American Musician
1966 Gary Roberts, North York, NHL left wing for the Calgary Flames
1966 Graeme Hick, cricketer, in Zimbabwe Massive run-scorer for Worcs
1966 Helena Bonham Carter, London, actress, Ft. Worth, Howards End
1965 James Hasty, NFL cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs
1965 Lilian Drescher, Venezuela, tennis star
1965 Woorkeri Venkat Raman, cricketer, Indian slow left-arm all-rounder
1964 Kenny Gattison, NBA forward, Orlando Magic
1964 Staci Greason, Denver, actress, Isabella Toscando-Days of Our Lives
1962 Karen Duffy, Duff, New York City, MTV VJ/actress, Meet Wally Sparks
1962 Keith Brantley, Scott AFB, Illinois, marathoner 1996 Olympics
1961 Dave Babych, Edmonton, NHL defenseman, Vancouver Canucks
1961 Drew Carey, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor/comedian, Drew-Drew Carey Show
1961 Kevin Romine, born in Exeter, New Hampshire, professional baseball player, outfielder, played for Major Baseball team, the Boston Redsox
1960 Linden Ashby, born in Atlantic Beach, Florida, actor, television, films, known for role of Johnny Cage in the movie 'Mortal Kombat'
1960 Theo Vogelaars, pop bassist, Trockener Kecks/Paid Love
1959 Marcella Mesker, Netherlands, tennis star
1958 Shelly West, born in Cleveland, Ohio, country singer, Red Hot, West by West
1958 Thomas Reiter, Germany, cosmonaut, Soyuz TM-22
1958 Lea DeLaria, born in Belleville, Illinois, actress, jazz musician, comedienne, prominent lesbian stand-up comic, known for her raunchy persona
1958 Mitch Albom, born in Passaic, New Jersey, author, screenwriter, sold over 26 million books worldwide, works include, 'Tuesdays with Morrie', 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven'
1957 Jimmy McShane, Pop singer, Baltimora-Tarzan Boy
1955 John Stevens, member of European Parliament, founder of the Pro-Euro Conservative party, known for his pro-Euro policy stance
1954 Marvin Hagler, American Athlete
1952 "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler, New Jersey, middleweight boxing champ, 1982-83
1952 Deborah Adair, actress, Tracey-Dynasty, Kate-Day of Our Life
1952 James Mankey, rocker, Concrete Blonde
1951 Anatoli Karpov, U.S.S.R., world chess champion, 1975-85
1951 Judy Rodman, Riverside California, country singer, Girls Ride Horses Too
1950 Linda Thompson, born in Memphis, Tennessee, actress, Hee Haw
1950 Martin McGuinness, Irish Politician
1949 Alan Garcia Perez, President of Peru, 1985-90
1948 Reggie Cleveland, baseball player
1948 Gary McCord, American Athlete
1947 Ann Hui, director, Boat People
1947 Jonathan Pryce, North Wales, stage actor, Miss Saigon
1945 Elliott Bernerd, English broker/multi-millionaire
1945 Lauren Chapin, actress, Kathy-Father Knows Best
1945 Misty Morgan, country keyboardist, duo with Jack Blanchard
1944 General George Norman Johnson, U.S. singer, Down at the Beach Club
1944 Giles Smith, TV journalist
1944 Olga Maitland, born in England, born Lady Helen Olga Hay, known as Lady Olga Maitland, politician, Conservative Party
1944 Ramon "Tiki" Fulwood, U.S. drummer, Funkadelic, Knee Deep
1943 John Newcombe, Australia, tennis pro, Wimbledon 1967, 70, 71
1943 Lars-Ake Nilsson, diplomat
1943 Norman Johnson, singer and songwriter
1943 Peter Kenilorea, Prime Minister Solomon Islands
1941 Jackson Hill, born in Birmingham, Alabama, composer, vocal music, teacher, Ph.D. Musicology, teacher, Duke University, Bucknell University
1939 Robert A. M. Stern, American Architect
1938 John R. Miller, Representative-R-Washington 1985 - 1993
1938 Peter Preston, editor, Guardian
1938 Johnny Ball, British Entertainer
1936 Charles Kimbrough, actor, Murphy Brown
1936 Douglas John Gorman, businessman
1935 Juliet Campbell, British ambassador, to Luxembourg
1935 Lord Grenfell, head of External affairs European office, world bank
1934 Malcolm Gill, deputy head, Bank for International Settlements
1934 Robert A Moog, inventor, Moog Synthesizer
1934 Robert Moog, American Inventor
1933 Bruce A Peterson, U.S. test pilot, M2, HL-10
1933 Gerrit J M Braks, Dutch minister of agriculture and land and fishing, CDA
1933 Joan Henrietta Collins, London, actress, Alexis-Dynasty, Bitch
1933 Joan Collins, American Actress
1932 James Lester, born in Nottingham, England, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament for Beeston, served as party whip, junior employment minister
1932 John Lyons, Cambridge England, Master, Trinity Hall
1931 Barbara Barrie, Chicago, actress, Breaking Away, Barney Miller
1931 Jose Telles Da Conceicao, Brazil, high jumper 1952 Olympics bronze
1930 Richard Anuszkiewicz, Erie, Pennsylvania, painter
1929 Joe Modise, South African commandant of Umkhonto we Sizwe, 1965-
1929 Ulla Jacobson, Swedish actress, One Summer of Happiness
1928 Nigel Davenport, Cambridge England, actor, Without a Clue, Masada
1928 Nina Otkalenko, U.S.S.R., 800m runner, 9 world records
1928 Rosemary Clooney, Kentucky, singer/paper towels spokeswoman, Coronet
1925 Joshua Lederberg, born in New Jersey, microbiologist, Nobel Prize winner, focused on genetics
1924 Desmond Carrington, British radio host, Jim-Calamity the Cow
1924 Michael McCrum, master, Corpus Christi College Cambridge
1924 V N Swamy, cricketer, one Test India vs. New Zealand 1955, DNB, 0-45
1923 Alicia de Larrocha, Copenhagen Denmark, pianist, Orquesta Sinfonica
1923 Nirode Chowdhury, Indian cricket pace bowler, 1949-52
1922 Dennis Compton, author/crickleter
1921 Humphrey Lyttelton, jazz musician/actor, It's Great to Be Young
1921 James [Benjamin] Blish, US/UK, sci-fi author, Hugo, Star Trek Reader
1921 Loren Tindall, Oklahoma, actor, Meet Me on Broadway, Girl of Limberlost
1921 Montague Modlyn, broadcaster
1921 Sanderson Temple, circuit judge
1921 James Blish, American Author
1920 Helen O'Connell, Lima Ohio, singer, Green Eyes, Anapola
1920 Sid Melton, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Alf-Green Acres, Charlie-Danny Thomas
1919 Betty Garrett, St. Joseph, Missouri, actress, Irene-All in the Family
1919 Robert KJE Antonissen, South African literary
1918 Bumps Blackwell, rocker
1918 Denis Compton, cricketer, England batsman 1938-56 and Arsenal forward
1916 M Jean Francaix, composer
1916 Margaret Hayden Rector, playwright, living legacy award 1995
1915 Clyde Wiegand, physicist
1914 Alec Dickson, founder, VSO
1914 Barbara Ward, economist/writer, Only One Earth
1914 Leo Lerman, actor/manager/critic, Dance Magazine
1914 Travis Kemp, dancer/teacher
1913 Ian Graeme, major-general
1912 David Barran, CEO, Midland Bank, England
1912 Jean Francaix, Le Mans France, composer, Naked King
1912 John Payne, Roanoke, Virginia, actor, Restless Gun
1912 Marius Goring, Isle of Wight, actor, Herr Palitz-Holocaust
1912 Samuel Curran, vice chancellor, Strathclyde University
1911 Boris Kremenliev, composer
1911 Melvin M Payne, president, National Geographic Society
1910 Artie Shaw, Arthur Arshawsky, New York City, bandleader, Come'on my House
1910 Franz Jozef Kline, U.S. expressionist painter
1910 Hugh Casson CH, architect
1910 Scatman Crothers, Benjamin, Terre Haute, Indiana, actor, Zapped, Shining
1910 Franz Kline, American Artist
1910 Hugh Casson, British Architect
1909 Edwin Arrowsmith, diplomat
1909 Sibel Edmonds, American Public Servant
1909 Mary Cheney, American Celebrity
1908 Christian GK Baeta, Togolese chairman, International Mission Council
1908 John Bardeen, U.S., physicist, transistor, Nobel 1956, 1972
1908 Max Abramovitz, U.S. architect, Lincoln Center, United Nations Building
1907 Kenneth Allen, engineer
1907 Matthew Campbell, British senior civil servant
1906 Hellmuth Christian Wolff, composer
1903 Walter Reisch, U.S., screenwriter, Ninotchka, Gaslight, Titanic
1902 Mark Lothar, born in Berlin, Germany, Lothar Hundertmark, composer
1900 Hans Frank, German Public Servant
1898 Frank McHugh, actor, Front Page, Gold Diggers 1935, Mighty Joe Young
1898 Joseph Hazen, lawyer
1891 Par Lagerkvist, Sweden, novelist/dramatist, Barabbas, Nobel 1951
1890 Herbert Marshall, London, actor, Murder, Razor's Edge, Little Foxes
1890 Virginia Eames, Ft. Davis, Texas, entertainer
1888 Adrian Roland Holst, Dutch poet, Raged and Tired
1883 Douglas Fairbanks, born in Denver, Colorado, actor, Zorro/3 Musketeers/Robin Hood
1882 James Gleason, New York City, writer and actor, Bishop's Wife, Flying Fool
1875 Alfred P. Sloan, American Businessman
1873 Leo Baeck, rabbi/president, World Union for Progressive Judaism
1871 Sigurd Lie, composer
1866 Gustav Aschaffenburg, German psychiatrist/criminalologist
1864 Louis Glass, composer
1862 William "Dummy" Hoy, professional baseball player who lived to 99
1851 Antoni Stolpe, composer
1849 Karoly earl Khuen-Hedervary, Premier of Hungary, 1910-12
1848 Helmuth J L von Moltke, German general/chief of staff, WW I
1848 Otto Lilienthal, pioneer aviator
1844 'Abdu'l-Baha, early Baha'i leader, 'Azamat 7, 1
1843 Pedro Miguel Marques y Garcia, composer
1837 James Sanks Brisbin, Major General Union volunteers
1832 Pieter J B C R van der Aa, Dutch Indologist/geographer
1828 Edward Hitchcock, America's 1st professor of physical education, Amherst College
1824 Ambrose Everett Burnside, Major General Union volunteers
1820 James Buchanan Eads, U.S., engineer/inventor, Eads Bridge-St. Louis
1813 Mason Brayman, Major General Union volunteers
1812 Henri A. Esquiros, French poet and writer, Les Vierges Folles
1810 Margaret Fuller, American Critic
1799 Thomas Hood, English poet/composer, Song of the Shirt
1795 Charles Barry, architect
1794 Isaak-Ignaz Moscheles, composer
1790 Jules-Sebastien-Cesar Dumont d'Urville, explorer
1759 Antoinio da Silva Leite, composer
1756 Nicolas-Joseph Hullmandel, composer
1754 Andrea Appiana, Italian royal painter, Napoleon
1753 Giovanni Battista Viotti, violonist/composer
1741 Andrea Lucchesi, composer
1737 Louis Francois Chambray, composer
1735 Charles Joseph, prince the Ligne, Belgian Field Marshal/author
1734 Friedrich Anton Mesmer, Austria, physician/hypnotist, Mesmerism
1729 Giuseppe Parini, Italian priest/poet, Il Giorno
1718 William Hunter, obstetrician/medal writer
1710 Francois-Gaspard Adam, French sculptor, garden sculptures
1707 Carolus Linnaeus, Sweden, biological classifier
1696 Johann Caspar Vogler, composer
1644 Thomas Eisenhut, composer
1620 Pieter Neefs, the Younger, Flemish painter, baptized
1617 Elias Ashmole, antiquary
1598 Claude Mellan, French engraver/cartoonist/painter, baptized