May 29 Birthdays in History - May 29 Deaths - May 29 Events
1989 Danielle Riley Keough, grand daughter of Elvis Presley
1984 Carmelo Anthony, American Athlete
1983 Richard Jackson, Redlands, California, actor, Ryan Meyers-Saved by the Bell
1982 Ana Beatriz Barros, Brazilian Model
1980 Valerie Hould-Marchand, Riviere-Du-Loup QU, synchro swim, Silver Medal 1996 Olympics
1979 Luann Roberts, Miss Alabama Teen USA 1996
1977 Brent Roberts, Leesville, Louisiana, diver 1996 Olympics
1977 Danny Gerard, Mount Vernon, New York, actor, Alan Silver-Brooklyn Bridge
1975 Alexander Zhurik, hockey defenseman, Belarus, 1998 Olympics
1975 Bianca Langham, Australian field hockey fullback/halfback 1996 Olympics
1975 Melanie Janine Brown, "Scary Spice", Leeds, vocalist, Spice Girls
1975 Shoshanna Lonstein, New York City, girlfriend, Jerry Seinfeld
1975 Melanie Brown, English Musician
1974 Barbara Mulej, Kranj Slovenia, tennis star, 1992 Futures Germ
1974 Kenny Bynum, running back for the San Diego Chargers
1974 Robyn Petroskey, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, figure skater, 1996 Midwest champ
1974 Aaron McGruder, American Artist
1973 Emma Johnson, Sydney NSW Australia, swimmer 1996 Olympics
1973 Etdrick Bohannon, NBA forward for the Indiana Pacers
1973 Jason Dawe, North York, NHL left wing for the Buffalo Sabres
1973 Malcolm Allen, Wauchope NSW Australia, swimmer 1996 Olympics
1973 Tiffany M Sloan, Orange county California, playmate, Oct, 1992
1972 Bill Curley, NBA forward, Portland Trail Blazers, Minnesota Timberwolves
1972 David Hendrix, NFL strong safety for the San Diego Chargers
1972 Kenny McEntyre, WLAF cornerback for the London Monarchs
1972 Kevin McDougal, CFL quarterback for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1969 Toby Borland, Quitman, Louisiana, pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies
1969 Wiltrud Probst, Nuermberg Germany, tennis star, 1992 Belgian Open
1968 Brian Roche, NFL tight end for the San Diego Chargers
1968 Duane Young, NFL tight end for the San Diego Chargers
1967 Bill Risley, born in Chicago, Illinois, pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays
1967 Karina Orum, Denmark, golfer, Scandinavian champion 1989
1967 Mike Keane, Winnipeg, NHL right wing for the Colorado Avalanche
1967 Ray Bernard, CFL linebacker, Montreal Alouettes
1967 Noel Gallagher, English Musician
1966 Floyd Turner, NFL wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts
1965 Charlie Hayes, Hattisburg MS, 3rd baseman, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Yankees
1965 Emilio Sanchez, born in Madrid, Spain, Tennis player, 1988 Olympic bronze
1965 Jammo Myllys, Savonlinna FIN, hockey goalie, Team Finland, Bronze Medal 1998 Olympics
1963 Lisa Whelchel, Fort Worth Texas, actress, Blair-Facts of Life
1963 Tracey E. Bregman Recht, Munich Germany, actress, Days of Our Life
1962 Eric Davis, born in Los Angeles, California, outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds
1962 Gerry Norquist, born in Portland, Oregon, Nike golfer, 1990 Boise Open-5th
1961 David Palmer, heavy metal drummer, ABC, AC/DC
1961 Melissa Etheridge, U.S. singer, songwriter and guitarist, Never Enough
1961 Todd Boonstra, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, cross country skier 1994 Olympics
1960 Adrian Paul, born in London, England, actor, Dance to Win, Highlander
1959 Mel Gaynor, born in Glasgow, Scotland, rock drummer, Simple Minds-Water Front
1959 Rupert Everett, actor, Princess Daisy, Another Country
1959 Tamayo Otsuki, actress, Mrs Yamagami-Davis Rules
1958 Ivar Sisniega, Mexico, pentathelete, Olympic-1980
1958 Sam Clancy, WLAF defensive assistant coach, Barcelona Dragons
1958 Annette Bening, born in Topeka, Kansas, actress, films include, 'American Beauty', 'Bugsy', 'The Grifters', married to actor, Warren Beatty
1958 Ted Levine, American Actor
1956 La Toya Yvette Jackson, Gary Indiana, singer, Playboy, Millipede
1956 Larry Blackmon, rocker, Cameo-Alligator Woman
1955 Jerry Dengler, Colorado Springs, singer, Mason Dixon-Karen Comes Around
1955 John Hinckley, Jr., shot and wounded President Reagan, 1981
1955 Mike Porcaro, rock bassist, Toto-Roseanna, Africa
1954 Jerry Moran, American Politician
1953 Danny Elfman, born in Los Angeles, California, composer, Simspon Show Theme
1953 Ranji Nanan, cricketer, Trinidad off-spinner, 1 Test vs. Pakistan 1981
1953 Rick Henderson, Beaumont, Texas, singer, Mason Dixon-Karen Comes Around
1952 Louise Cooper, UK, sci-fi author, Nemesis, Inferno, Infanta, Nocturne
1950 Rebbie [Maureen] Jackson, Gary Indiana, singer, R U Tuff Enuff
1950 Talat Ali, cricketer, Pakistani opening batsman in ten Tests 1972-80
1949 Francis Rossi, guitarist, Status Quo-Picture of a Matchstick Man
1949 Gary Brooker, rock keyboardist, Procol Harum
1948 Anthony Geary, Coalville Utah, actor, Luke/Bill-General Hospital
1948 Linda Esther Gray, opera singer
1948 Michael Berkley, composer/broadcaster
1947 Mark Nelson, born in Brooklyn, New York, crew member, Biosphere 2
1947 Gene Robinson, American Clergyman
1945 Lord Fraser of Carmyllie, Minister of State, Scotland
1945 Mike Rossi, rocker, Status Quo
1944 Helmut Berger, actor, Ash Wednesday, Damned, Picture of Dorian Gray
1944 Quentin Davies, born in Oxford, England, Member of Parliament for Grantham and Stamford 1987 - 1997, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defense under Prime Minister, Gordon Brown
1943 Robert W. Edgar, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Representative-D-Pennsylvania, 1975 - 1987
1943 Earl Thomas Coleman, born in Gladstone, Missouri, Representative-R-Missouri, 1976 - 1993
1943 Terry Pavey, editor, TV Times
1942 Kevin Conway, New York City, actor, Flash Point, Cage of Angels
1941 Douglas Scott, mountaineer
1941 Roy Crewsdon, Manchester, rocker, Freddie and The Dreamers
1939 Al Unser, auto racer, Indianapolis 500-1970, 71
1939 Martin Garrod, Commandant General Royal Marines
1939 Nanette Newman, writer/actress, Endless Game, Of Human Bondage
1938 Francis Thomas, Fay, Vincent, baseball commissioner
1937 Alwin Schockemohle, horse show jumper
1937 Irmin Schmidt, rocker, Can
1937 Charles W. Pickering, American Judge
1936 Arlene McQuade, New York City, actress, Rosalie-Goldbergs
1935 Andre P. Brink, South African writer, Dry White Season
1935 Denis J. Worrall, South African politician/leader, DP
1935 Martin Garrod, Commandant General, Royal Marines
1932 Paul Erlich, born in Bad Homburg, Germany, scientist, immunologist, won Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, developed first antibacterial drug in modern medicine
1931 Carl Toms, stage designer
1930 Eleanor Fazan, opera/show choreographer, Lassiter, Ruling Class
1929 Anthony Grant, British MP
1929 Katie Boyle, Lady Sander Saunders, British broadcaster
1929 Kennetgh Couzens, CEO, Coal Products
1928 Felix Rohatyn, Vienna Austria, investment banker, New York Big MAC Bonds
1927 Carl Toms, stage designer, 1 Million BC, Moon Zero Two
1927 Dick Hillenius, Dutch biologist/writer
1927 Trevor Holdsworth, CEO, National Power
1926 Charles Denner, Tarnow Poland, actor, And Now My Love
1926 Abdoulaye Wade, Senegalese Statesman
1925 Kenneth Couzens, CEO, Coal Products
1923 Earl of Morley, Lord Lt, Devon
1923 Richard Worsley, quarter master General
1922 Iannis Xenakis, Braila Romania, composer/architect/mathematician
1922 John Heerbecq, Church commissioner
1921 Clifton James, New York City, actor, Buster and Billie, David and Lisa
1921 George Terry, chief constable, Sussex England
1921 James Clifton, Spokane, Washington actor, Live and Let Die
1920 Robin Haydon, British diplomat
1920 John Harsanyi, American Educator
1918 Herb Shriner, humorist/TV host, Herb Shriner Show
1918 Isabel Dean, England, actress, 5 Days one Summer, Virgin Island, Ransom
1917 John F. Kennedy, born in Brookline, Massachusetts, Senator-D-Massachusetts 1947 - 1953, 35th President 1961 - 1963
1915 David Jenklins, librarian, National Library of Wales
1915 Igor Buketoff, Hartford Conn, conductor, Iceland Symph 1964-65
1915 Lord Huntingfield, British agent to United Nations Secreteriat
1913 Douglas Black, physician
1913 Iris Adrian, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Blue Hawaii, Bluebeard
1912 John B M R "John" Hanlo, Dutch poet, Go to the Mosque
1911 James Marjoribanks, British ambassador
1911 Louis Wain, agricultural scientist
1910 Agnes Beatrice Read, medical social worker
1909 Neil R[onald] Jones, U.S., sci-fi author, Space War, Twin Worlds
1907 Desmond Shawe-Taylor, critic
1906 Hans Joachim Schaeuble, composer
1906 Terence Hanbury White, Bombay India, novelist, England Have My Bones
1906 T. H. White, Indian Writer
1905 Fela Sowande, composer
1905 Jan [Johannes] Teulings, Dutch actor and director, That Joyous Eve
1905 Sebastian Shaw, Holt England, actor, Return of Jedi, Chimera
1904 Robert Knox, bacteriologist
1904 Eugene Forsey, Canadian Politician
1903 Bob Hope, Kent, England, entertainer, famous profile
1897 Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Brno Austria, movie composer, Violanta
1897 Ignace Lilien, composer
1896 George L Funke, botanist, Flower Physiology
1894 Beatrice Lillie, Toronto, comedian/actress, Around World in 80 Days
1894 Josef von Sternberg, Austrian director, Der blaue Engel
1892 Alfonsina Storni, Argentine poet, La inquietud del rosal
1892 Max Brand, American Writer
1890 Francis de Bourguignon, composer
1885 Erwin F Finlay-Freundlich, British astronomer, theory of relativity
1883 William Beatton Moonie, composer
1881 Frederik Septimus Kelly, composer
1880 Oswald Spengler, Germany, philosopher, Decline of West
1874 Gilbert Keith Chesterton, England, novelist, Man Who Made Gold
1874 Gilbert K. Chesterton, English Writer
1868 Frederic baron d'Erlanger, French composer/banker
1864 A H Borgesius, Dutch amateur astronomer
1860 Isaac [Manuel F] Albeniz, Spanish pianist/composer, Iberia
1852 Jindrich z Albestu Kaan, composer
1851 Leon Virginia Bourgeois, French premier, 1895-96, Nobel 1920
1846 Albert Gyorgy earl Apponyi, Hungarian minister of Education
1843 Emile Pessard, composer
1840 Hans Makart, Austrian painter, Plague in Florenz
1839 Ned Gregory, cricketer, bro of Dave, father of Syd Played 1st Test
1837 Alexander F de Savornin Lohmann, Dutch minister/party leader, CHU
1837 Luca Fumagalli, composer
1828 Gerald Massey, English Poet
1827 Reuben Lindsay Walker, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1826 Ebenezer Butterick, inventor, tissue paper dress pattern
1825 David Bell Birney, Major General Union volunteers
1824 Cadmus Marcellus Wilcox, Major General Confederate Army
1810 Erasmus Darwin Keyes, Major General Union volunteers
1810 Juan B Alberdi, Figarillo, Argentina politician/writer
1810 Solomon Meredith, Major General Union volunteers
1791 Pietro Romani, composer
1741 Johann Gottfried Krebs, composer
1736 Patrick Henry, U.S., patriot "Give me liberty or give me death"
1731 Orazio Mei, composer
1730 William Jackson, composer
1716 Louis J M Daubenton, French zoologist
1673 Cornelis van Bijnkershoek, lawyer/president of High Council
1630 Charles II, King of England, 1660-85
1627 Anne ML of Orleans, duchess of Montpensier, Grand Mademoiselle