May 6 Birthdays in History - May 6 Deaths - May 6 Events
1980 Brooke Bennett, 800m freestyle, 1996 Olympics gold
1980 Kasumi Takahashi, Tokyo, Japan, Australian rhythmic gymnast 1996 Olympics
1977 Gabriela Aguilar, Miss Costa Rica Universe 1997
1977 Shannon Shakespeare, Mission BC, 100m swimmer 1996 Olympics
1977 Trent Steed, Sydney, Australia, swimmer 1996 Olympics
1976 Lindsay Page, Madison, Wisconsin, figure skater, 1997 E Great Lakes Sr-3rd
1973 Clay Williams, OL for the Indianapolis Colts
1973 Joe Spiteri, Australian soccer striker, Olyroos, 1996 Olympics
1973 Wendy Ward, born in San Antonio, Texas, LPGA golfer, 1995 GHP Classic-15th
1972 Dean Larsson, BC Canada, Nike golfer, 1994 Monterrey Open-46th
1972 Martin Brodeur, Montreal, NHL goalie, New Jersey Devils, Team Canada
1971 Rob Holmberg, NFL linebacker for the Oakland Raiders
1970 Emerson Martin, NFL guard, Pittsburgh Steelers, Carolina Panthers, Packers
1969 Mark Thomas, NFL defensive end, Carolina Panthers, Packers, Bears
1969 Pascall Davis, WLAF linebacker for the Amsterdam Admirals
1968 Andy Kelly, WLAF quarterback for the Rhein Fire
1968 Linnea Marie Fayard, Shrevept, Louisiana, Miss Louisiana-America, 1991-5th
1967 Patrick F. Manning, Jr., Poughkeepsie, New York, rower 1992 Olympics
1965 Bob Bassen, Calgary, NHL center for the Dallas Stars
1965 Ken Harvey, NFL linebacker for the Washington Redskins
1965 Norman Whiteside, British soccer player
1965 Paul Frase, NFL defensive end, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1965 Tim Simpson, born in Atlanta, Georgia, Nike golfer, 1985 Southern Open
1965 Zahid Sadiq, born in Kenya, cricketer, right-handed batsman, played for Surrey County Cricket Club, Derbyshire County Cricket Club, England
1964 Dana Hill [Goetz], Van Nuys California, actress, 2 of Us, Shoot the Moon
1964 Kim Oden, U.S. Olympic volleyball player, NCAA Play of Decade-80s
1964 Mike Grob, Billings Montana, Canadian Tour golfer, 1988 Manitoba-3rd
1964 Mike McGruder, NFL cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1963 Alessandra Ferri, British ballerina, American Ballet Theater
1962 Lori Singer, born in Corpus Christi, Texas, actress, Jurasic Park
1962 Neil Foster, cricketer, England right-fast medium
1961 Clay O'Brien, Ray, Arizona, actor, Weedy-Cowboys
1961 George Clooney, Lexington, Kentucky, actor, Dr. Douglas Ross-ER, Batman
1961 Roma Downey, Derry Ire, actress, 1 Life to Live, Touched by an Angel
1960 Bart de Boer, Dutch guitarist, Ivy Green
1960 Julianne Phillips, Lake Oswego, Oregon, actress, Frankie Reed-Sisters
1960 Larry Steinbachek, rock synthesizer, Bronski Beat-Smalltown Boy
1959 Aidan Quinn, actor, Avalon, Crusoe, Desperately Seeking Susan
1959 Charles Hendry, born in West Sussex, England, politician, Conservative Member of Parliament for Wealden
1959 Eric Fingerhut, born in University Heights, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1993 - 1995
1959 Kate Collins, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Natalie Hunter-All My Children
1959 Scott Hood, born in Seattle, Washington Canadian Tour golfer, 1989 Montana Open-2nd
1955 Donald A Thomas, born in Cleveland, Ohio, PhD/Astronaut, STS-65, 70, 83, 94
1955 John Hutton, born in Westcliff-on-Sea, England, politician, Labor Member of Parliament for Secretary of State for Defence
1955 Tom Bergeron, American Celebrity
1954 Sergei Nikolayevich Tresvyatsky, Russia, cosmonaut
1953 Lynn Whitfield, Baton Rouge, actress, Josephine Baker, Equal Justice
1953 Tony Blair, British Prime Minister, Labour, 1997-
1952 Chiaki Naito-Mukai, Tatebayashi Japan, astronaut, STS-65, sk:95
1950 Robbie McIntosh, drummer, Avg White Band-Show your Hand
1949 David Cornell Leestma, Muskegon, Michigan, USN/astronaut, STS-41-G, 28, 45
1948 Lolita, Abrazame, spanish singer, Esperame
1948 Richard Cox, New York City, actor, Mark-Executive Suite
1947 Andy Roberts, cricketer, New Zealand batsman 1976
1947 Ben Masters, Corvalis OR, actor, Vic-Another World, Making Mr. Right
1947 Dennis Cowan, London, rocker, Bonzo Dog Band
1947 Dick Fosbury, born in Portland, Oregon, high jumper, Gold Medal 1968 Olympics
1946 Jim Ramstad, born in Jamestown, North Dakota, Representative-R-Minnesota 1991 - 2009
1946 Susan Brown, actress, Gail Baldwin-General Hospital
1946 Sydne Rome, born in Akron, Ohio, actress, What?, Candy
1945 Bob Seger, Dearborn, Michigan, folk singer, Silver Bullet Band-Shake Down
1945 Richard Eyers, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, My Friend Irma, Stagecoach West
1941 Fred J. Eckert, born in Rochester, New York, Representative-D-New York, 1985 - 1987
1941 Ghena Dimitrova, actress, Nabucco
1940 Henry Habibe, Arubian poet, Kerensentenchi
1940 Murray Sidlin, born in Baltimore, Maryland, conductor, National Symph 1973-77
1939 Anthony Blacker, master-general of Ordnance
1939 Herbie Cox, rocker, Cleftones
1939 Zhanna Dmitriyevna Yerkina, Russian cosmonaut
1936 Joanna Dunham, actress, Possession, House the Dripped Blood
1936 Sylvia Robinson, rocker, Mickey and Sylvia-Love is Strange
1934 Richard Shelby, born in Birmingham, Alabama, Representative-D-Alabama 1979 - 1987, Senator-D-Alabama 1987-
1934 Richard Shelby, American Politician
1933 John Denison-Pender, born in England, John Willoughby Denison-Pender, Lord Pender, 3rd Baron Pender of Porthcurnow in the County of Cornwall
1932 John Bond, cricket umpire
1932 Viscount Coke, English large landowner/art collector
1931 Marvin Leath, born in Henderson, Texas, Representative-D-Texas 1979 - 1991
1931 Willie Mays, baseball centerfielder, "Say Hey Kid", 660 home runs, MVP 1954
1929 John Polk Allen, Carnegie, Oklahoma, CEO, Biosphere 2
1929 John Taylor, bishop, St. Albans, Lord High Almoner to Queen
1929 Rosemary Camp, president, Council for British Archaeology
1929 Dave Anderson, American Writer
1927 Ettore Manni, Rome, Italy, actor, Fatal Desire, Heroes in Hell
1927 Michael Frederick, cricketer, one Test WI vs. England 1954, scored 0 and 30
1926 John Hamilton-Jones, CEO, Richmond Enterprises, British Major-General
1926 Marguerite Piazza, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, operatic soprano, Young Broadway
1926 [Martin] Ross Hunter, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Ever Since Paris
1925 Patrick Meany, CEO, Rank Organization
1924 Mimi Benzell, Bridgeport, Connecticut, operatic soprano, Gilda-Rigoletto
1923 Elizabeth Sellars, born in Glasgow, Scotland, actress, Chalk Garden
1923 Guiseppe Martelli, physicist
1922 Alan Ross, editor, London Magazine
1922 Carlos Moorhead, born in Long Beach, California, Representative-R-California 1973 - 1997
1922 John Ernest, constructionist artist
1922 Pat Harder, Milwaukee, NFL fullback, Cardinals, Lions
1921 Freddy Randall, jazz trumpeteer
1921 Robert Fell, CEO, British Stock Exchange
1920 John Henderson, Lord-Lieutenant, Berkshire England
1920 Kamisese Mara, Fijian Statesman
1919 Frank Ereaut, Balliff of Jersey
1918 Godfrey Ridout, composer
1918 Sydney Chatton, England
1916 Adriana Caselotti, animation voice, Show White
1915 George Perle, Bayonne, New Jersey, composer, 12 Tone Tonality
1915 John Arnold, British high court judge
1915 May Henriquez-Alvarez, Curacao, sculptor
1915 Orson Welles, Kenosha, Wisconsin, actor, Citizen Kane, War of the Worlds
1915 Theodore H White, historian and writer, Making of President
1915 Theodore H. White, Journalist
1915 Theodore White, American Journalist
1915 Marvin J. Ashton, American Clergyman
1914 Randall Jarrell, American Poet
1913 Carmen Cavallaro, New York City, actor, Hollywood Canteen, Diamond Horseshoe
1913 Gyula David, born in Hungary, composer, violinist, conductor, studied at the Liszt academy, conducted for the National Theatre 1945 - 1949, wrote folk song music and 12 tone serial music
1913 Jack Aitken, British anatomist
1913 Kenneth Horne, English paper manufacturer/multi-millionaire
1913 Ronald Harris, British 1st Church Estates Commissioner
1913 Stewart Granger, James Stewart, London, actor, Prisoner of Zenda
1912 Barend Roest Crollius, painter/writer, Chronicle Sins of Youth
1912 Bill Quinn, New York City, actor, Rifleman, Van Ranseleer-All in the Family
1912 Hugh Martell, British Vice Admiral
1910 Antoon Breyne, Belgian journalist
1909 Howard Schultz, American Businessman
1909 Roger Stone, American Politician
1908 Necil Kazim Akses, composer
1907 Weeb Ewbank, NFL coach, Baltimore Colts, New York Jets
1906 Andre Weil, Bourbaki, French/U.S. mathematician
1905 Norman De Tar, composer
1905 [Bernard] Toots Shor, raconteur/restauranteur, Toots Shor
1904 Catherine Lacey, born in London, England, actress, Sorcerors
1904 Harry Martinson, Sweden, novelist/poet, Trade Wind-Nobel 1974
1902 Harry Golden, Jewish humorist and writer, 2 cents Plain, Only in America
1902 Max Ophuls, Saarland, dir/writer, Letters From an Unknown Woman
1902 Walter Dawson, British Air Chief marshall
1898 Daniel Gerber, Freemont, Michigan, beloved by babies at mealtime
1897 Paul Alverdes, German writer, Pfeiferstube
1895 Rudolph Valentino, Castellaneta, Italy, sheik/actor, Eagle
1894 Filip Lazar, composer
1890 Claire Whitney, New York, silent film actress, Blind Fools, Haunted Mine
1889 Arthur Morison, typographer
1888 Emmanuel Celler, Representative-D-New York, 1923 - 1973
1880 Baron W. Edmund, Archangel and Ironside, British Field Marshal
1880 Ernst L. Kirchner, German painter, Die Brucke
1879 Johan H T Norlind, Swedish musicologist
1875 William Daniel Leahy, Iowa, 5 star admiral/chief of staff, 1949
1875 William D. Leahy, American Soldier
1871 August Reusner, composer
1871 Ch Morgenstern, writer
1871 Christian Morgenstern, German Poet
1870 Amedos Peter Giannine, born in San Jose, California, founded Bank of America
1870 John McClutcheon, cartoonist, Pulitzer Prize-1931
1869 Jan R Slotemaker de Bruine, Dutch clergyman/politician, CHU
1869 Joseph Cuvelier, Belgian historian/archivist
1868 Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont, Poland, novelist, Chiopi, Nobel-1924
1861 Radindranath Tagore, Hindu poet/mystic/composer, Nobel 1913
1861 Rabindranath Tagore, Indian Poet
1859 Luis Maria Drago, Argentina, statesman, anti-interventionist
1859 Willem J T Kloos, Dutch poet, Act of Simple Justice
1858 Georges Adolphe Hue, composer
1856 Robert Edwin Peary, U.S., arctic explorer, North Pole-Apr 6 1909
1856 Sigmund Freud, Austria, cigar smoker, father of psychology
1849 Wyatt Eaton, born in Philipsburg, Canada, artist, painter, portraitist, one of the founders of the Society of American Artists
1843 Grove Karl Gilbert, geologist, investigated Lake Bonneville, Utah
1838 Alfred Humphreys Pease, composer
1830 Guido Gezelle, Flemish priest/poet
1829 Phoebe Ann Coffin, 1st female ordained minister in New England
1825 Joseph Bailey, Major General Union volunteers
1814 Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst, composer
1814 Wilhelm Ernst, violinist and composer
1813 Joseph Tarr Copeland, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1812 Marin R Delany, Charlestown, Virginia, 1st black major in U.S. Medical Corp
1809 William Walker, composer
1806 Chapin Aaron Harris, U.S., found America Society of Dental Surgeons
1802 Friedrich Wilhelm Schirmer, artist
1801 George Sears Greene, Major General Union volunteers
1800 Ferdinand Marcucci, composer
1790 Vaclav Vilem Wurfel, composer
1786 Ludwig Borne, writer
1785 Arvir A. Afzelius, Swedish story teller
1769 Ferdinand III, archduke of Austria/ruler of Toscane
1769 William Jay, English Clergyman
1759 Francois GJS Andrieux, French writer/politician
1758 Maximilien Robespierre, Arras Fr, French revolutionary/avocat, 1781
1606 Lorenzo Lippi, Perlone Zipoli, poet/painter
1581 Frans Francken, the Younger, painter
1501 Marcellus II, Marcello Cervini, Italy, humanist/Pope, 1555, 22 days
973 Henry II, Roman Catholic German king/emperor, 1002/14-24