May 7 Birthdays in History - May 7 Deaths - May 7 Events
1987 Katie Danza, daughter of Tony and Tracy Danza
1977 Marko Milic, NBA guard for the Phoenix Suns
1976 Nicholas Butcher, born in Los Angeles, California, field hockey midfielder/forward 1996 Olympics
1975 Jason Tunks, London Ontario, discus thrower 1996 Olympics
1974 Scott Whittaker, center/tackle for the Oakland Raiders
1974 Breckin Meyer, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, actor, producer, voice actor on 'King of the Hill' and 'Titan Maximum' animated television shows
1973 Dameian Jeffries, NFL defensive end for the New Orleans Saints
1973 Kristian Lundin, born in Sweden, composer, songwriter, record producer, co-produced 'Quit Playing Games With My Heart' for the Backstreet Boys
1972 Chris Hayes, safety for the New York Jets
1972 John Holecek, NFL linebacker for the Buffalo Bills
1972 Vince Stewart, WLAF defensive tackle, Barcelona Dragons
1971 Cameron McFadzean, Melbourne VIC Australia, canoeist 1996 Olympics
1971 Dave Karpa, Regina, NHL defenseman, Anaheim Mighty Ducks
1971 Jose Munoz, WLAF offensive tackle for the Rhein Fire
1971 Rondell Jones, NFL safety, Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens
1970 Edwin Zoetebier, Dutch soccer player, FC Volendam
1970 Mark Smith, born in Pasadena, California, outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles
1969 Katerina Maleeva, Bulgaria, tennis player, U.S. Open Junior 1984
1969 Melanie Valerio, 400m freestyle swimmer 1996 Olympics
1968 Joe King, NFL safety for the Oakland Raiders
1968 Traci Lords, born in Steubenville, Ohio, actress, producer, appeared in porn films at age 15, appeared in 'Penthouse' magazine, B-movies 'Will and Grace' television show
1966 Anderson Cummins, cricketer, in Packer's Valley Barbados and WI quickie
1966 Kamal Ahmed, American Comedian
1965 Reuben Davis, NFL defensive tackle for the San Diego Chargers
1965 Owen Hart, Canadian Entertainer
1964 Leslie O'Neal, NFL defensive end, San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams
1964 Mustapha Zerqti, Moroccan/Netherlands writer, Ihtidaar hub fi el-mahd
1964 Ronnie Harmon, NFL running back, San Diego Chargers, Tennessee Oilers
1962 Robbie Knievel, daredevil, son of Evel, Chips Something Special
1961 Linda Somers, Bitburg, Germany, U.S. marathoner, Olympics-31st-96
1960 Arnon Ohad, co-pilot, El Al, plane that crashed on Bijlmer Amsterdam
1959 Michael E Knight, Princeton, New Jersey, actor, Date with Angel, All My Child
1959 Robin L Freeman, St. Charles, Missouri, PGA golfer, 1993 Northern Telecom-3rd
1959 Tamara E Jernigan, Chattoonaga, PhD/astronaut, STS-40, 52, 67, 80
1957 [Christopher St. John] "Sinjin" Smith, born in Los Angeles, California, volleyballer 1996 Olympics
1956 Jan Peter Balkenende, born in Biezelinge, Netherlands, politician, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, member of the Christian Democratic Appeal party
1956 Anne Dudley, English Composer
1955 Peter Reckell, Elkhart, actor, Days of our Lifes
1954 Candice S. Miller, American Politician
1952 Amy Heckerling, Bronx, dir, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Clueless
1952 Derek Taylor, rocker, Let it Be, Beatles Anthology
1951 David Whitton, born in Scotland, politician, Labor party, Member of the Scottish Parliament for Strathkelvin and Bearsden
1951 Robert Hegyes, New Jersey, actor, Underground Aces, Welcome Back Kotter
1950 Janis Ian, Fink, New York City, rock vocalist, At 17, Society's Child
1950 Prairie Prince, born in Charlotte, North Carolina, born Charles L'Empereur Prince, rocker, drummer, member of The Tubes, founding member, Journey
1950 Tim Russert, born in New York, American television journalist, author, lawyer, 'Meet the Press' moderator
1949 Marilyn Cole, Portsmouth, England, playmate of the year, Jan, 1972
1949 Stuart Marshall, director, Desire
1948 Peter Wingfield, Wales, rocker/actor, Methos-Highlander
1946 Bill Danoff, Springfield Massachusetts, vocalist, Starland Vocal Band
1946 Bill Kreutzmann, born in Palo Alto California, drummer, Grateful Dead
1946 Richard L Brodsky, U.S. lawyer/NY State Assemblyman, D, 1983-
1945 Robin Strasser, New York City, actress, Dorian-One Life to Live, Another World
1945 Wim A Mateman, Dutch MP, CDA
1944 Alison Margaret Bauld, composer
1944 John Heard, actor, Pelican Brief, CHUD, Radio Flyer, Big
1944 Sivi Aberg, actress, Batman TV show
1943 Christopher Taylor White, rocker
1943 Peter Horak, jetboat jumper
1943 Rick West, Richard Westwood, rocker, Brian Poole and Tremeloes
1941 Grahame Bilby, cricketer, two Tests New Zealand vs. England 1966
1940 Armando Krieger, composer
1940 John Irvin, actor, Moment in Time
1940 Angela Carter, English Novelist
1939 Jimmy Ruffin, vocalist, What Becomes of Broken Hearted
1939 Johnny Maestro, New York rock vocalist, Crests-16 Candles, Brooklyn Bridge
1939 Marco St. John, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, actor, Rayford-Ball Four
1939 Rudolphus FM "Ruud" Lubbers, director Dutch/CDA-premier, 1982-94
1939 Volker Braun, born in Dresden, German, writer, poet, playwright, wrote 'Das ungezwungne Leben Kasts' or 'The Unrestrained Life of Kast'
1939 Sidney Altman, Canadian Scientist
1938 Johnny Caldwell, Ireland, flyweight boxer 1956 Olympics bronze
1936 Cornelius Cardew, composer
1935 Kevin O'Connor, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, actor, Bogie, Special Effects
1934 Ben Smith, born in Atlanta, Georgia, PGA golfer, Ralphs Senior Classic-4th
1934 Donald Russell Holler, composer
1934 Willard Scott, weatherman, Today
1933 Johnny Unitas, NFL quarterback, Baltimore Colts, San Diego, one of the greats
1932 Hans Boskamp, Johan HG Hoelscher, actor/producer, Oh My Papa
1932 Pete Domenici, American Politician
1932 Jenny Joseph, English Poet
1931 Gene [Rodman] Wolfe, U.S., sci-fi author, Soldier of Arete
1931 Nel J Ginjaar-Maas, Dutch under-secretary of Education, VVD
1931 Teresa Brewer, Toledo Ohio, singer, Put Another Nickel In
1931 Gene Wolfe, American Writer
1930 Aviard Gavrilovich Fastovets, Russia, cosmonaut
1930 Horst Bienek, German poet
1929 Dick Williams, baseball player, manager, including Seattle 1986-87
1929 Sally L Smith, educator/founder, Lab School of Wash
1928 John Ingle, actor, Edward Quartermaine-General Hospital
1928 Marvin Mitchelson, attorney
1927 Jim Lowe, Springfield, Massachusetts, DJ, WNEW, "King of Trivia"
1926 Val Bisoglio, New York City, actor, Lt Marsh-Police Woman, Danny-Quincy ME
1923 Anne Baxter, Michigan City, Indiana, actress, Myra-Marcus Welby, Victoria-Hotel
1923 Pete Domenici, born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Senator-R-New Mexico 1973 - 2009
1922 Darren McGavin, Spokane, Washington actor, Night Stalker, Tribes, Turk 182
1921 Gale Robbins, Chic, actress, Fuller Brush Girl, Mr. Hex
1919 Evita Peron, Peron-Duarte, Argentina, 1st lady/actress
1918 Argeliers Leon, composer
1917 Daniel Gilles, Belgian writer
1917 David Tomlinson, Scotland, actor, Mary Poppins, Helter Skelter
1917 William Geoffrey Biddle, bomb disposal expert
1912 Paul H F Brenneker, Netherlands/Antillian photographer/folklorist
1909 Edwin H Land, inventor, instant photography, Polaroid,
1909 Edwin H. Land, American Inventor
1909 Ricardo Sanchez, American Soldier
1908 Ed MacDonald, actor, Mysteries of Chinatown
1907 Jef van Durme, composer
1903 Basil Nield, judge/politician
1902 Sal Gliatto, baseball player
1901 Gary Cooper, Montana, actor, 2 Academy Awards-Sergeant York, High Noon
1901 L T Coggeshall, medical scientist/ U.S. Secretary of HEW, 1956 - 1958
1901 Marcel Poot, Belgian baron/composer
1900 Bauke Tuinstra, Dutch/Frisian notary/author, Earste Keur
1900 Ralph Truman, born in London, England, actor, Web of Evidence
1898 Vera Chapman, writer
1897 Kitty McKane, England, tennis, Olympic-gold/2 silver/2 bronze-1920, 24
1892 Archibald MacLeish, Glencoe, Illinois, polit essayist/poet/dramatist, JB
1892 Josip Broz Tito, WW II partisan, leader of Yugoslavia, 1943-80
1892 Archibald McLeish, American Poet
1890 Billy House, Minnesota, actor, Imitation of Life, Bedlam, Egg and I
1887 Henri Pourrat, French writer, Gaspard of the Montagnes
1885 George "Gabby" Hayes, Wellesvile, New York, actor, In Old Santa Fe, El Paso
1883 Gino Roncaglia, composer
1883 Martin Albertz, German theologist, Church Jesus Christ
1882 Willem Elsschot, Alfons J de Ridder, Flemish writer, Mend
1873 Clarence Dickinson, composer
1867 Philippine "Pine" Belder, Mary de Klerk, actress, Hope of Blessing
1866 Cornelis J K van Aalst, president, Dutch Trading Company
1847 Archibald Primrose, Earl of Rosebery, British Prime Minister, 1894 - 1895
1845 Jacob van Stolk Azn, timber merchant/art collector
1840 Peter Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Votkinsk, Russia, composer, 1812 Overture
1836 Joseph Cannon, American Politician
1833 Johannes Brahms, Hamburg Germany, composer, enjoys a good lullaby
1832 Carl G Neumann, German mathematician/physicist, Neumann-functions
1827 Francis Engle Patterson, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1826 Varina Howell Davis, 1st lady, Confederacy
1812 Robert Browning, born in London, England, poet, Pied Piper
1803 Johan Peter Cronhamm, composer
1795 Gerhard M. Roentgen, industrialist, founder dockyard Fijenoord
1776 Daniel Berzsenyi, Hungarian Horatius, Hungarian poet
1774 William Bainbridge, American Soldier
1769 Giuseppe Farinelli, composer
1763 Josef Poniatovski, Polish general/marshal of France
1754 Joseph Joubert, French Writer
1711 David Hume, Scottish Philosopher
1704 Carl Heinrich Graun, composer
1700 Gerard van Swieten, Dutch botanist
1574 Innocent X, Giambattista Pamfili, 236th pope, 1644-55
1530 Louis I Conde, French prince/leader of hugenots