May 8 Birthdays in History - May 8 Deaths - May 8 Events
1979 Jayna Cronin Geneva, New York, dance skater, & Dreger-1997 National-13th
1978 Cindy Parlow, born in Memphis, Tennessee, soccer forward 1996 Olympics
1978 Sandra Kleinova, Prague, Czechoslovakia, tennis star, 1995 Futures-Turku-FIN
1978 Josie Maran, born in Menlo Park, California, model, actress, appeared in 'Van Helsing', 'The Aviator', appeared in 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit' issues fro 2000 - 2002
1976 Oleg Tverdovsky, Donetsk Ukr, NHL defenseman, Winnipeg Jets
1975 Enrique Iglesias, Spanish Musician
1974 Calvin Branch, cornerback for the Oakland Raiders
1974 Colin Daynes, Windsor, Ontario, 68 kg Greco Roman wrestler 1996 Olympics
1974 Korey Stringer, NFL tackle for the Minnesota Vikings
1973 Wolf Wigo, Abington Penn, water polo driver 1996 Olympics
1972 Chris Sanders, NFL wide receiver, Tennessee/Houston Oilers
1972 Keelin Curnuck, Miss New York USA 1996 /Ms Venus Swimwear, 1994
1971 Carlos Brooks, NFL cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals
1971 Chris Wolf, actor/musician, Guys Next Door
1971 Stephen Ingram, NFL tackle and guard for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1970 Christine Stark, Winnipeg Manitoba, volleyballer 1996 Olympics
1970 Marco Heering, soccer player, Go Ahead Eagles
1970 Michael Bevan, cricketer, dashing NSW and Australian lefty bat
1969 Brad Culpepper, NFL defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1969 Duane Forde, CFL fullback for the Calgary Stampeders
1969 Swift Burch, CFL defensive end, Montreal Alouettes
1968 Franklin Langham, Augusta, Georgia, Nike golfer, 1993 Permian Basin Open
1968 John Johnson, NFL linebacker for the New Orleans Saints
1968 Omar Camporese, born in Bologna, Italy, professional tennis player, won two top-level singles and five tour doubles titles, ranked 18th in the World in singles, 27th for doubles, 1992
1966 Eddie Brown, CFL slot back for the Edmonton Eskimos
1964 Cheryl Richardson, Palo Alto, California, actress, Jennie-General Hospital
1964 Eric Brittingham, rocker, Cinderella-Heartbreak Station
1964 Melissa Gilbert Brinkman, Louisiana, actress, Little House on the Prairie
1964 Melissa Gilbert, American Actress
1963 Clemens Lothaller, Austria, cosmonaut, Soyuz TM-13 backup
1962 Terry Baker, CFL kicker, Montreal Alouettes
1961 Riaz Poonawalla, cricketer, Indian 12th man/UAE bat 1994 ICC Trophy
1959 Ronnie Lott, Albuquerque, New Mexico, NFL defensive back, SF 49er
1957 Deana Deardruff, U.S., 4 x 100m swimmer, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1957 Jeff Wincott, born in Toronto, Canada, actor, Night Heat
1956 Jeff Madrigali, Walnut Creek California, soling yachter, Bronze Medal 1996 Olympics
1955 Alex Van Halen, Nijmegen, born in Netherlands, rock drummer, Van Halen-1984, Jump
1955 Stephen Furst, born in Norfolk, Virginia, actor, Animal House, Elliot-St. Elsewhere
1954 David Keith, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, actor, Back Roads, Firestarter
1954 Gary Wilmot, born in Lambeth, London, actor, impressionist, singer, comedian, created role of Elliot Garfield in 'The Goodbye Girl' by Neil Simon
1952 Beth Henley, Jackson, Mississippi, actress/playwright, Miss Firecracker
1952 Charles J. Camarda, New York City, PhD/astronaut
1951 Chris Frantz, Kentucky, rock drummer, Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club
1951 Deborah Harmon, actress, Ted Knight Show, M*A*S*H, Just the 10 of Us
1951 Philip Bailey, rocker, Earth Wind and Fire-Shining Star, Easy Lover
1948 Maurizio Nichetti, actor, Icicle Thief, Volcano
1947 Felicity Lott, English soprano, We come to the river
1947 Phil Sawyer, rocker, Spencer Davis Group
1947 Rick Zehringer, Ohio, rocker, McCoys
1947 John Reid, born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, politician, Member of Parliament for Airdrie and Shotts, public service includes Secretary of State for Scotland, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
1945 Arthur Docters van Leeuwen, jurist, Holland's secret service
1945 Keith Jarrett, jazz musician/film composer, Nachtfahrer
1944 Gary Glitter, Paul Gadd, England, rocker, Rock and Roll Part II
1943 Paul Samwell-Smith, rocker, Yardbirds-For Your Love
1943 Rick Samwell-Smith, rocker, Yardbirds-For Your Love
1943 Toni Tennille, Montgomery, Alabama, female Beachboy, Captain and Tennille
1942 Euclid "Motorhead" Sherwood, rocker, Mothers Of Invention
1942 Norman Lamont, MP/Chancellor of Exchequer
1942 Robin Hobbs, cricketer, England leg-spinner 1967-71
1942 Angel Cordero, Jr., Athlete
1941 James Traficant, Jr., born in Youngstown, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1985 - 2002
1941 Jim Mitchum, Bridgeport, Connecticut, actor, Blackout, Invincible 6
1941 John Fred, born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, born John Fred Gourrier, musician, co-wrote chart-topping parody of The Beatles song 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'
1940 James Blyth, born in Britain, businessman, head of defense sales for Ministry of Defense, chairman, London Business School, CEO, The Boots Company
1940 Peter Benchley, New York City, novelist, Jaws, The Deep
1940 Ricky Nelson, New Jersey, rock star, Hello Mary Lou, It's Late, Garden Party
1939 Otis Paul Drayton, Glen Cove, New York, 4x100m runner 1964 Olympic gold
1938 Javed Burki, cricketer, Pakistani batsman in 25 Tests 1960-69
1938 Pierre Lucien Claverie, bishop of Oran
1937 Daniel Robberechts, Belgian writer, Labia Majora
1937 Dennis DeConcini, born in Tucson, Arizona, Senator-D-Arizona 1977 - 1995
1937 Michael Simmons, Air Marshal, British Ministry of Defense
1937 Thomas Pynchon, novelist, V
1936 James Darren, actor, Time Tunnel
1936 Neville Purvis, British vice Admiral, Chief of Fleet Support
1935 Jack Charlton, soccer manager, Rep of Ireland
1935 Salome Jens, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, actress, From Here to Eternity
1935 Viscount Falkland, British peer, Lib-Dem
1934 Leonard Hoffmann, high court judge
1934 Roger Kendrick, governor, Dartmoor Prison
1934 Sonny Liston, U.S. heavyweight boxing chmap, 1962-64
1933 Alistair Service, writer/publisher
1931 Charles M Wilson, composer
1930 Doug Atkins, Humbolt, Tennessee, NFL hall of famer, Browns, Bears, Saints
1930 Gary Snyder, Japhy Ryder, beat poet, Rip Rap and Cold Mountain Poems
1930 Heather Harper, born in Belfast, Ireland, soprano, known for role of Elsa in Lohengrin, by Wagner, Ellen Orford in Peter Grimes, by Britten
1929 Tristan Jones, born in Liverpool, England, sailor, author, Welsh story teller, wrote about sailing in books and articles
1929 V N M Korte-van Hemel, Dutch Secretary of Justice, CDA
1928 Theodore Sorenson, presidential advisor, John F. Kennedy, author, 1000 Days
1928 William Jay Sydeman, composer
1928 Theodore C. Sorensen, American Lawyer
1927 Ian Denholm, CEO, Murray Investment Trust
1927 Philip Wilkinson, deputy chairman, National Westminster Bank
1926 David Attenborough, producer/TV host/scientist
1926 David Attenborough, naturalist
1926 Don Rickles, Queens, New York, comedian, Don Rickles Show, CPO Sharkey
1926 Erico Menczer, Fiume, Italy, cinematographer, Chosen, Miranda
1926 Richard F. Attenborough, environmentalist/zoologist, BBC
1926 Ronald Waterhouse, high court judge
1925 Ali Hassan Mwinyi, president of Tanzania, 1985-
1925 Lord Jauncey of Tullichettle, lord of appeal in ordinary
1922 Brian Kellett, CEO, Port of London Authority
1922 Friedrich Doppe, writer
1921 Graham Leonard, bishop of London
1920 Maurice Cranston, political scientist
1920 Sloan Wilson, Norwalk, Conn, novelist, Man in the Gray Flannal
1920 Saul Bass, born in New York City, New York, graphic designer, filmmaker, created title sequences for 40 years, famous for The Man with the Golden Arm, kinetic typography in North by Northwest, Vertigo
1919 Sultan Ismail Hajibeyov, composer
1916 Gordon Scarrott, engineer
1915 John Archer, Osceola Nebraska, actor, Destination: Moon
1914 Lord Murton, of Lindisfrarne, deputy chairman, Comm House of Lords
1914 Romain Gary, Russian Novelist
1913 Sidney James, Cohen, Johannesburg, actor, Carry On
1912 George Woodcock, author
1912 Gertrud Fussenegger, Dorn, Austrian writer, Mohrenlegende
1911 Robert Johnson, blues singer, King of Delta Blues Singer
1911 Wilhelm F de Gaay Fortman, Dutch lawyer/foreign minister
1910 Mary Lou Williams, U.S. jazz pianist/composer, Zodiac Suite
1910 Ronald Russell, actor/manager, We are Angels, Little Dorrit
1909 Guy Kawasaki, American Businessman
1909 Rick Warren, American Writer
1909 Tom Cora, American Musician
1908 Arturo De Cordova, Rodriguez, Merida Mexico, actor, Medal for Benny
1906 David Van Vactor, Plymouth Indiana, composer, Chaconne
1906 Roberto Rossellini, Rome, Italy, director, Open City
1905 Inglis Gundry, composer
1904 John Derrick Mordaunt Snagge, bBC news announcer/commentator
1904 John Snagge, commentator, BBC
1903 Fernandel, Fernand JD Contandin, French actor, Paris Holiday
1903 Joseph Desire Fernandel, Marseilles France, comedian, Grand Chef
1902 Andre Michel Lwoff, physiologist
1902 Milford "Curly" Page, cricketer, New Zealand bat early 1930's, All Black half
1899 Jan F van Hall, Dutch sculptor/resistance fighter
1899 [Friedrich] August von Hayek, Australia/British economist, Road to Serfdom
1899 Friedrich August von Hayek, Austrian Economist
1895 Edmund Wilson, American critic/writer, Patriotic Gore
1895 Fulton J Sheen, El Paso, Illinois, bishop, Life is Worth Living
1895 Jose Gomez, Joselito el Gallo, bullfighter
1895 Fulton J. Sheen, American Clergyman
1893 Francis Quimet, Mass shop asst who won golf's U.S. Open, 1913
1892 Ezio Pinza, Rome, Italy, bass singer, South Pacific, RCA Victor Show
1891 Chet "Red" Hoff, pitcher, New York Yankees 1911-15, lived to 103+
1886 Jef van Hoof, composer
1884 Harry S Truman, Lamar Missouri, 33rd U.S. President, D, 1945-1953
1884 Harry S. Truman, American President
1882 Philips C. Visser, Dutch explorer/diplomat
1873 Henry Leveson-Gower, cricketer, England captain 1909-10 later official
1871 [Emile M] Louis Madelin, French historian, French revolutionary
1858 John Meade Falkner, novelist, Moonfleet
1857 Frits [Frederik H] Tartaud, Dutch actor/husband of Alida Klein
1853 Charles Lee Williams, composer
1846 Oscar Hammerstein, Germany, opera/playwright, Kohinoor
1844 Hermann Gradener, composer
1842 Emil C Hansen, Danish physiologist
1839 Francis W. Warre-Cornish, English vice-provost of Eton/writer
1836 Bryan Morel Thomas, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1833 Frank Wheaton, Major General Union Army
1829 Louis Moreau Gottschalk, 1st internationally recognized U.S. pianist
1828 Jean Henri Dunant, born in Switzerland, writer and founder, Red Cross, YMCA, Nobel 1901
1824 William Walker, filibuster/president of Nicaragua, 1856-57
1814 Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin, anarchist
1810 James Cooper, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1806 Jan Bedrich Kittl, composer
1803 Joseph Napoleon Ney Moskova, composer
1786 Thomas Hancock, founded British rubber industry
1778 Johann Gansbacher, composer
1763 John Goldberg, Dutch patriot/statesman
1753 Miguel Hidalgo y Castilla, father of Mexican independence
1750 Elias Mann, composer
1745 Carl Philipp Stamitz, composer
1742 Johann Baptist Krumpholtz, composer
1737 Edward Gibbon, England, historian, Decline and Fall of Roman Empire
1731 Beilby Porteus, British Clergyman
1703 Gottlob Harrer, composer
1673 Johann Valentin Eckelt, composer
1668 Alain R Lesage, French author, Turcaret ou le Financier
1641 Nicolaas Witsen, etcher/mayor, Amsterdam
1629 Niels Juel, Danish Admiral, Oland, Moen, Kjogebocht
1592 Francis Quarles, English poet, Argalus and Parthenia, Emblems
1527 Johann Walter, composer
1521 Peter Canisius, Pieter de Hondt/Kanijs, jesuit/saint
1492 Andreas Alciatus, Giovanni Andrea-Alciato, Italian lawyer