May 9 Birthdays in History - May 9 Deaths - May 9 Events
1980 Angela Nikodinov, Spartanburg, South Carolina, figure skater, 1997 Pacif Sr champ
1980 Tatewin Means, Miss South Dakota Teen USA 1996
1979 Rosario Dawson, American Actress
1976 Faye Johnstone, Auckland New Zealand, archer 1996 Olympics
1974 Pete Kelley, 218 lbs, 99 kg, U.S. weightlifter, Olympics-14th-1996
1974 Shin Yahata, hockey forward, Team Japan 1998
1974 Stephane Yelle, Ottawa, NHL center for the Colorado Avalanche
1972 Dan Hollander, Royal Oak, Michigan, figure skater, 1996 Great Lakes champ
1972 Dave Barr, WLAF quarterback for the Scotland Claymores
1972 Simon Hollingsworth, Australian 400m hurdler, 1992, 1996 Olympics
1970 Doug Christie, NBA guard and forward for the Toronto Raptors
1969 Carla Overbeck, born in Pasadena, California, soccer defender 1996 Olympics
1969 Renn Crichlow, Ottawa, Ontario, canoeist, Olympics-8-92, 96
1968 Bruce Pickens, NFL cornerback for the Oakland Raiders
1968 David Benoit, NBA forward, Utah Jazz, New Jersey Nets
1968 Marie-Jose Perec, Guadeloupe, French 200m/400m runner, 2 Gold Medals 1996 Olympics
1968 Vince Workman, NFL running back, Packers, Panthers, Colts
1966 Mark Tinordi, Red Deer, NHL defenseman for the Washington Capitals
1965 Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot, rocker, Curiosity Killed Cat-Keep Distance
1965 Marc Logan, NFL running back for the Washington Redskins
1965 Steve Yzerman, Cranbrook BC, NHL forward, Team Canada, Detroit
1964 Miloslav Mecir, Czechoslovakia, tennis player 1988 Olympics gold
1962 Dave Gahan, Essex, rock vocalist, Depeche Mode-Dreaming of Me
1962 John Corbett, actor/singer, Chris-Northern Exposure
1962 Paul Heaton, rocker, Housemartins-Happy Hour, Over There
1961 Rene Capo, Pinal del Rio Cuba, half-heavyweight judoka 1996 Olympics
1960 Iain Butchart, cricket all-rounder, Zimbabwe, Test vs. Pak 1995
1960 Jim Reilly, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, second drummer for Stiff Little Fingers, a Northern Ireland punk band, played for U.S. bands Red Rockers and The Raindogs
1960 Tony Gwynn, born in Los Angeles, California, outfielder for the San Diego Padres
1959 Andrew Jones, cricketer, highly consistent for New Zealand at 1st drop
1959 Asantha De Mel, cricketer, pioneering Sri Lankan Test opening bowler
1958 Esko Rechardt, Finland, yachtsman, 1980 Olympics gold
1957 Fred Markham, 1st man to pedal a bike 65 mph
1957 John Stuper, baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals
1955 Kevin Peter Hall, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actor, Misfits of Science
1954 Balazs Taroczy, Hungary, tennis star
1953 Daniel Talbot, Montreal Que, golfer, Quebec Open-1979, 81, 84
1953 Gregory Beecroft, Chorpus Christi, Texas, actor, Guiding Light
1953 Ron Jackson, born in Birmingham, Alabama, professional baseball player, played Major League Baseball, hitting coach for Boston Red Sox, 2003 - 2006
1953 Scott McInnis, born in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Representative-R-Colorado 1993 - 2005
1952 Patrick Ryecart, actor, Silas Mariner
1951 Alley Mills, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Norma Arnold-Wonder Years
1950 James A. Butts, born in Los Angeles, California, triple jumper 1976 Olympics silver
1950 Matthew Kelly, actor/TV host, Holding the Fort, Relative Strangers
1950 Tom Petersson, Rockford, Illinois, rock bassist, Cheap Trick
1949 Billy Joel, Bronx, rock vocalist, Pianoman, Captain Jack, Bridge
1949 Oleg Yuriyevich Atkov, Russian cosmonaut, Soyuz T-10
1948 John Drayton Mahaffey, Kerrville, Texas, PGA golfer, 1978 PGA Champ
1947 Anthony Corlan, Cork City Ireland, actor, Something for Everyone
1946 Candice Bergen, Beverly Hills, actress, Carnal Knowledge, Murphy Brown
1945 Steve Katz, New York City, rock guitarist and vocalist, Blood, Sweat and Tears
1944 Don Dannemann, rocker, Cyrkle
1944 Richard Furay, Ohio, rock vocalist, Buffalo Springfield, Poco
1943 Bruce Milner, rocker, Every Mother's Son
1943 Maurice Foster, cricketer, West Indies batsman of 70's
1942 Tommy Roe, born in Atlanta, Georgia, singer, songwriter, guitarist, 1960's bubblegum artist, toured with Roy Orbison
1942 John Ashcroft, American Public Servant
1941 Dorothy Hyman, England, sprinter, Silver Medal 1960 Olympics
1941 Jan Dibbets, sculptor/artist, Dutch Mountains
1941 Pete Birrell, rock bassist, Freddie and The Dreamers
1940 Dick Morrissey, saxophonist
1940 James L. Brooks, producer/director, Broadcast News, Taxi, Critic
1940 James L. Brooks, Producer
1939 Bruce Mather, born in Canada, composer, pianist, known for microtonal music, contemporary classical music compositions
1939 Herbert Hippauf, baseball player
1939 Jim Dent, Augusta, Georgia, PGA golfer, 1989 MONY Syracuse Senior
1939 Kenneth Warby, fastest man on water at 300 knots, 345 mph
1939 Ralph Boston, Laurel, Mississippi, long jumper, Olympic-gold/sil/brz-60, 64, 68
1938 Geoffrey Holland, civil servant
1938 Nokie Edwards, rocker, Ventures
1938 Charles Simic, American Poet
1937 Dave Prater, Ocilla, Georgia, rock vocalist, Sam and Dave
1937 Sonny Curtis, Texas, guitarist, Crickets
1936 Albert Finney, Salford UK, actor, Dresser, Under the Volcano
1936 Floyd Robinson, baseball player, White Sox, Reds, A's
1936 Glenda Jackson, Cheshire, England, actress, Women in Love
1936 Terry Downes, middleweight boxing champ, 1961-62
1936 Terry Drinkwater, TV newsman, CBS
1934 Alan Bennett, England, playwright/actor, Secret Policeman's Other Ball
1934 John Robertson, deputy chairman, Barclays de Zoete Wedd
1934 Roy Massey, Master of Choristers, Hereford Cathedral
1933 Johnny Grant, unofficial mayor of Hollywood
1932 Conrad Hunte, cricketer, great West Indian opener 1958-66
1932 David Plastow, CEO, Medical Research Council
1932 Gavin Lyall, author, Conduct of Major Maxim
1932 Geraldine McEwan, actress, Henry V
1932 Alex McMillan, born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Representative-R-North Carolina 1985 - 1995
1931 Vance DeVoe Brand, Longmont Co, astronaut, Apollo 18, STS-5, 41B, 35
1930 Joan Sims, actress, Carry on Behind, Carry on Cleo
1928 Barbara Ann Scott, Ottawa, Ontario, figure skater 1948 Olympics gold
1928 Pall Pampichier Palsson, composer
1928 Richard A. "Pancho" Gonzalez, born in Los Angeles, California, tennis star, U.S. 1948-49
1928 Colin Chapman, English Inventor
1927 John McDermott, Lord Justice of Appeal, Northern Ireland
1927 Manfred Eigen, German physicist/chemist, Nobel 1967
1927 Ray Katt, baseball player
1926 Alistair MacFarlane, principal, Heriot-Watt University England
1926 Francis Kennedy, British diplomat
1926 Joshua Hassan, chief minister, Gibralter
1926 Robin Cooke, President, New Zealand Court of Appeal
1925 Peter Leng, Master General of the Ordnance
1924 Bulat S Okudzjava, Russian author, Student!
1924 Connie Russell, New York City, singer, Club Embassy, Garroway at Large
1924 Gerard Wernars, Dutch graphic designer, Library stamps 1991
1924 Jean J A Girault, French director/screenwriter, l'Amour
1922 Sheila Burrell, actress, Black Orchid, Paranoiac, Laughter in Dark
1921 Daniel Berrigan, American Clergyman
1920 Richard Adams, author, Day Gone By
1920 Frank Perdue, American Businessman
1919 Arthur English, comedian/actor, Malachi's Cove
1918 Mike Wallace, Brookline, Massachusetts, newscaster, Biography, 60 Minutes
1918 Orville Freeman, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Governor-D-Minnesota 1955 - 1961, Secretary of Agriculture, 1961 - 1969
1917 George Fleming, cyclist
1917 John Arnatt, actor, Circumstantial Evidence
1916 Bernard William George Rose, composer/organist
1916 Cyril Bowles, bishop of Derby
1916 Douglas Guest, organist
1915 Richard Janvrin, British vice admiral
1914 Carlo Maria Giulini, conductor
1914 Frank Chacksfield, arranger/orchestral leader
1914 Hank Snow, Nova Scotia, Canada, country singer, I Went to Your Wedding
1914 Josef Muller-Brockmann, graphic designer/writer
1914 Theodore Kheel, labor negotiator, Fair Employment Practices
1913 Victor Smith, Admiral, Australian Chiefs of Staff
1912 Pedro Armendariz, Mexico, actor, From Russia With Love
1911 Harry Simeone, Newark, New Jersey, choral director, Kate Smith Show
1910 Barbara Woodhouse, dog training expert
1910 P E Palia, cricketer, appeared in India's 1st Test-Lord's 1932
1909 Mohammad Rabbani, Afghani Politician
1909 Tom Bodett, American Author
1907 Baldur von Schirach, German writer/nazi politician, Frame
1906 Eleanor Estes, author, Ginger Pye, Moffats
1904 Gregory Bateson, British Scientist
1901 Fuzzy Knight, Fairmont, West Virginia, actor, Oklahoma Annie, Cowby and the Lady
1901 George Duckworth, cricket wicket-keeper, England late 20's early 30's
1899 Edward Pollock, saxophone/clarinet
1895 Lucian Blaga, Romaniams philosopher/poet, Dogmatic Aeon
1895 Richard Barthelmess, New York City, actor, Broken Blossoms, Noose
1893 William Moulton Marston, American Psychologist
1892 Eric Westberg, composer
1892 Zita, empress, Austria, Queen, Hungary
1887 Jules Van de Leene, Belgian writer
1886 Francis Biddle, American Lawyer
1882 Henry J Kaiser, builder, Liberty Ships, Jeeps, Boulder Dam
1882 Henry J. Kaiser, American Businessman
1873 Howard Carter, British archaeologist, found King Tutankhamen's tomb
1873 Lilian Mary Baylis, manager, Old Vic and Sadler's Wells Theater
1865 August de Boeck, composer
1860 James Matthew Barrie, Scotland, novelist, Margaret Ogilvy, Peter Pan
1860 James M. Barrie, British Playwright
1855 Julius Rontgen, composer
1846 Nikolay Feopemptovich Solov'yov, composer
1844 [Maria] Catharina Beersmans, Belgian actress, Bad Herders
1843 Belle Boyd, spy, Confederate, actress/lecturer
1837 Adam Opel, German manufacturer, cycling, motorcars
1833 Boleslaw Dembinski, composer
1829 Ciro Pinsuti, pianist/composer
1824 William Edmonson "Grumble" Jones, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1814 Adolph von Henselt, composer
1810 Louis Gallait, historical painter
1810 WFLC Marianne, princess of Orange-Nassau/daughter of king Willem I
1801 Samuel Cousins, mezzotint engraver
1800 John Brown, abolitionist; led attack on Harpers Ferry
1796 August Pauly, German classicus, Real Encyclopedia
1793 Johannes C de Jonge, Dutch historian/archivist
1785 James Pollard Espy, Penns, meteorologist, Philosphy of Storms
1783 Alexander Ross, Canada, pioneer/fur trader
1780 William Duane, American Lawyer
1740 Giovanni Paisiello, Italian composer, Barber of Seville
1738 John Pindar, physician/poet
1596 Abraham van Diepenbeeck, painter
1265 Dante Alighieri, Italian poet, Divina Commedia