November 29 Birthdays in History - November 29 Deaths - November 29 Events
1982 Lucas Black, born in Decatur, Alabama, actor, appeared in film, 'Sling Blade', 'Jarhead', 'Friday Night Lights' and television series, 'American Gothic'
1976 Anna Faris, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, singer. appeared in 'Lost in Translation', 'Scary Movie', 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend', 'The House Bunny' movies
1974 Pavol Demitra, Dubnica Slo, NHL right wing, Ottawa Senators, Blues
1973 Craig Glassock, cricketer, NSW wicket-keeper 1994-95
1973 Dick van Burik, soccer player, Ajax/NAC
1973 Duane Butler, safety for the Minnesota Vikings
1973 Ryan Giggs, Welsh Athlete
1972 Artis Houston, WLAF cornerback for the Rhein Fire
1972 Jamal Mashburn, NBA forward, Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks
1972 Larry Williams, WLAF defensive tackle for the Scotland Claymores
1971 Amy Peterson, Maplewood, Minnesota, short track skater 1994 Olympics
1971 Bernadette Przybycien, Miss Illinois USA 1996
1971 Brad May, Toronto, NHL left wing for the Buffalo Sabres
1971 Gena Lee Nolin, actress/model, Baywatch
1970 Guy Hill, Atlanta Georgia, Canadian Tour golfer, 1993 NCAA-3rd
1970 Lamar Smith, NFL running back for the Seattle Seahawks
1970 Tonya Gill, LPGA golfer, 1995 Ping/Welch-14th
1969 Ben Iroha, born in Aba, Nigeria, professional soccer player, played for the Nigerian national team, head coach, Nigeria's Dolphins FC
1969 Craig Evans, cricketer, Zimbabwe batsman 1996 World Cup
1969 J-Me Carney, cyclist 1996 Olympics
1969 Mariano Rivera, Panama City Panama, pitcher, New York Yankees
1969 Pierre van Hooijdonk, Dutch soccer player, NAC, Celtic
1968 Dee Brown, NBA guard for the Boston Celtics
1968 Jiri Veber, Kladno, Czech Republic, hockey, Team Czech Republic
1968 Jonathan Raleigh Knight, Massachusetts, rocker, New Kids-Hangin' Tough
1968 Pedro A Martinez, Villa Mella, Dominican Republic, pitcher for the New York Mets
1968 Peter Gross-Pass, WLAF defensive linebacker for the Rhein Fire
1968 T J Rubley, WLAF quarterback for the Rhein Fire
1967 Marcus Muler, WLAF adm asst for the Amsterdam Admirals
1967 Sean Carlin, Australian hammer thrower, Olympics-8-1992, 96
1965 Ellen Cleghorne, comedienne, Saturday Night Live
1965 Neill Barry, New York City, actor, Old Enough, Heat
1964 Don Cheadle, born in Kansas City, Missouri, actor, producer, author, appeared in film, 'Boogie Nights' and Academy Award-nominated 'Hotel Rwanda'
1964 Kris Kamm, Evanston, Illinois, actor, Stuart Rosebrock-Coach
1964 Perry Parker, South Laguna Beach California, golfer, 1992 Xerox BC Open
1962 Andrew McCarthy, New York City, actor, St. Elmo's Fire, Class
1962 Sadanand Viswanath, Indian cricket wicket-keeper, v Sri Lanka 1985-86
1961 Kim Delaney, born in Philadelphia, actress, All My Children, Tour of Duty, New YorkPD Blue
1960 Cathy Moriarty, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Raging Bull, Bless This House
1959 Charles Grant, Winston Salem, North Carolina, actor, Another World
1959 Neal Broten, Roseau Canada, NHL center for the New Jersey Devils
1959 Rich Camarillo, NFL punter for the Houston Oilers
1959 Rahm Emanuel, American Politician
1958 Pamela Prati, Rome, Italy, Million $ Cap, 1984, actress
1957 Charles Grant, actor, Evan Frame-Another World, Bold and Beautiful
1957 Janet Napolitano, American Politician
1955 Howie Mandel, born in Toronto, Canada, comedian, Dr. Wayne Fiscus-St. Elsewhere
1954 Joel Coen, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, actor/dir, Spies Like Us, Barton Fink
1953 Alex Grey, born in Columbus, Ohio, sacred, visionary, psychedelic artist, co-founder, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, author of 'Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics'
1952 Christine Pascal, actress/director, Smile, Nothing But Lies, Elsa
1952 Dusty Hare, born in Newark-on-Trent, England, professional rugby player, fullback, played for Nottingham R.F.C., Leicester Tigers
1951 Barry Doudreau, born in Boston, Massachusetts, rock guitarist, Boston
1950 Kevin O'Donnell, Jr., U.S., sci-fi author, Caverns, Reefs, Lava
1949 Garry Shandling, Arizona, comedian, Garry Shandling, Larry Sanders Show
1949 Kenneth D Cameron, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel USMC/astronaut, STS-37, 56, 74
1949 Petra Kelly, German peace activist/MP, Green
1949 Jerry Lawler, American Entertainer
1946 Suzy Chaffee, U.S., skier/chapstick user 1968 Olympics
1945 Roger Bambuck, Guadeloupe, French 4X100 runner 1968 Olympics bronze
1944 Felix Cavaliere, Pelham, New York, rock keyboardist, Rascals-Lonely too Long
1941 Dennis Doherty, Halifax Canada, rocker, Mamas and The Papas
1941 Ronald D. Coleman, born in El Paso, Texas, Representative-D-Texas 1983 - 1997
1940 Chuck Mangione, born in Rochester, New York, jazz hornist, Chasing the Clouds Away
1939 Gennadiy Volnov, U.S.S.R., basketball player, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1937 Johan J Holst, Norwegian minister of Defense/Foreign affairs
1936 William L. Jenkins, American Politician
1934 Willie Morris, American Writer
1933 David Reuben, author, Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex
1933 John Mayall, MacClesfield England, pop musician, Don't Washed Me Time
1932 Diane Ladd, Meridian Mississippi, actress, Wild Angels, Wild at Heart
1932 John Gary, Watertown, New York, singer
1932 Jacques Chirac, French Statesman
1931 Frank T Mdlalose, KwaZulu minister of Internal minister
1929 Don January, pro golfer, 1976 Vardon Trophy
1928 Paul M. Simon, born in Eugene, Oregon, Senator-D-Illinois 1985 - 1997
1927 Rubert Crosse, New York City, actor, Det Robinson-The Partners
1927 Vin[ce] Scully, sportscaster, NBC Baseball Game of the Week
1927 Vin Scully, American Celebrity
1926 Dagmar, Huntington, West Virginia, actress, Broadway's Open House
1923 Frank Reynolds, E Chicago, Indiana, news anchor, ABC Evening News
1922 Benjamin Smit, Curaeaos architect, St. Elizabeth Hospital
1919 Pearl Primus, dancer
1918 Herb Shriner, Toledo Ohio, host/humorist, Herb Shriner Show
1918 Madeleine L'Engle, born in New York City, American writer, known for "A Wrinkle in Time"
1916 Valentino Bucchi, composer
1915 Earl W. Sutherland, U.S. pharmacologist, Nobel 1971
1915 Billy Strayhorn, American Composer
1914 Edith Tilton Penrose, economist
1914 Taisen Deshimaru, Saga City Japan, found several Zen centers in France
1911 Klaus EJ Fuchs, German/British atomic physicist/spy
1910 Louis Levy, Jr., music publisher
1909 Rupert Davies, methodist Scholar
1908 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., born in New Haven, Connecticut, Representative-D-New York, 1945 - 1972
1907 Merle Travis, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, country singer, 16 Tons
1906 Luis Van Rooten, Mexico City Mexico, actor, One Man's Family
1905 Mowbray Henry Gordon Howard, 6th Earl of Effingham
1904 Kay Johnson, Mount Vernon, New York, actress, Real Glory, Of Human Bondage
1904 Piet Ketting, pianist/conductor/composer, Glorify Kokila
1902 Carlo Levi, Italy, painter/novelist, Of Fear and Freedom
1902 Georges Poulet, French/Belgian critic, Temps Humain
1901 Genevieve Tobin, actress, Zaza, Great Gambini, Uncertain Lady
1901 Mildred Harris, Cheyenne, Wyoming, actress, No No Nannette
1899 Gustave Reese, composer
1898 C[live] S[taples] Lewis, UK, sci-fi author, Silver Chair
1898 Rod La Rocque, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Our Modern Maidens
1898 C. S. Lewis, English Author
1897 Emiel van Hemeldonck, Belgian writer, Little Emperor
1896 Philip L Carret, Lynn Massachusetts, CEO, Pioneer Fund
1896 Rod, erique, La Rocque, La Tour, western actor, Beau Bandit
1895 Busby Berkeley, born in Los Angeles, California, choreographer
1895 Lodovico Rocca, composer
1895 William V S Tubman, Whig, 17th Liberian president, 1943-70
1894 Yakima Canutt, Enos Edward, Colfax, Washington, actor/dir, Texas Terror
1891 Julius Raab, Austrian union chancellor, 1953-61
1891 Richard Frank Donovan, composer
1874 Antonio Egas Moniz, Portugal, lobotomist, Nobel 1949
1872 Anna Bahr-von Mildenburg, Austrian soprano/director
1870 Andre Lichtenberger, French sociologist/writer, Le petit roi
1870 Harry Graham, cricketer, 107 on Test debut Australia vs. England 1893
1866 Waldemar von Baussnern, composer
1863 Spyridon Filiskos Samaras, composer
1863 Sofert H Koorders, Dutch botanist, Java
1862 Friedrich Klose, composer
1856 Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, German Chancellor/premier Prussia
1852 Paul Joseph Guillaume Hillemacher, composer
1849 Ambrose Fleming, inventor, diode
1839 Ludwig Anzengruber, Austrian playwright, Der Schandfleck
1838 Aeneas Mackay, Baron/Dutch minister of interior/Colonies
1834 Thomas Edward Greenfield Ransom, Major General Union volunteers
1833 Louis Douglass Watkins, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1832 Louisa May Alcott, Germantown, Pennsylvania, author, Little Women
1818 George Brown, Canada, publisher, Toronto Globe, PM, L, 1858
1816 Carl Binder, composer
1815 Stephen Augustus Hurlbut, Major General Union volunteers
1811 Wendell Phillips, women's suffrage/antislavery/prison reformer
1803 Christian Doppler, Austrian physicist, Doppler effect
1802 Wilhelm Hauff, writer
1799 Amos Bronson Alcott, U.S. educator/poet, Concord Days
1797 Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti, composer
1781 Andres Bello, Venezuela poet/diplomat/scholar, Silvas Americanas
1770 Peter Hansel, composer
1761 Fridolin Weber, composer
1729 Charles Thomson, American Public Servant
1727 Ezra Stiles, American Clergyman
1627 John Ray, English Environmentalist
1330 Louis van Male, Count of Flanders/Nevers/Rethel
1229 Louis II, the Stern, ruler, upper Baveria