November 5 Birthdays in History - November 5 Deaths - November 5 Events
1977 Tuula Puputti, ice hockey goalie, Finland, 1998 Olympics
1974 Conrad Hamilton, cornerback for the New York Giants
1974 Jerry Stackhouse, NBA guard and forward, Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia 76ers
1973 Alexei Yashin, NHL forward, Team Russia, Ottawa, Silver Medal 1998 Olympics
1973 Alexei Yashin, Sverdlovsk Rus, NHL center, Ottawa Senators
1973 James Collins, NBA guard for the Los Angeles Clippers
1973 Johnny Damon, Ft. Riley, Kansas, outfielder for the Kansas City Royals
1973 Johnny Damon, outfielder for the Kansas City Royals
1973 Kate Anderson, Australian 1.5k/3k/5k runner 1996 Olympics
1973 Rupert Grant, NFL fullback for the New England Patriots
1972 Tracy Greene, NFL tight end for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1971 Corin "Corky" Nemec, Little Rock, actor, Tucker, Parker Lewis
1971 Erick Walder, Mobile Alabama, triple jumper
1971 Sergei Berezin, Voskrensensk Rus, NHL forward, Team Russia, Silver Medal 1998 Olympics
1971 Todd Collins, NFL quarterback for the Buffalo Bills
1971 Corin Nemec, American Actor
1970 Javier Lopez, Ponce Puerto Rico, catcher, Atlanta Braves
1970 Ryan Wetnight, NFL tight end for the Chicago Bears
1969 Jennifer Guthrie, Willimantic Conn, actress, Dawn-General Hospital
1968 Bob Dahl, NFL guard and tackle for the Cleveland Browns
1968 Cary Blanchard, NFL kicker for the Indianapolis Colts
1968 Chris Gray, Perth, Washington, Australasia golfer
1968 Malcolm Frank, CFL cornerback for the Edmonton Eskimos
1967 Frank Pollack, NFL tackle for the San Francisco 49ers
1967 Grant Leury, Melbourne VIC Australia, canoeist 1996 Olympics
1967 Percy Snow, WLAF linebacker for the Rhein Fire
1967 Steve Wagner, Philadelphia, field hockey goalkeeper 1996 Olympics
1965 Famke Janssen, born in Amstelveen, Holland, actress, fashion model, appeared in 'X-Men' movies, 'GoldenEye', and 'Nip/Tuck' television show
1963 Andrea McArdle, Philadelphia, actress, Annie
1963 Hans Gilhaus, soccer player, Vitesse
1963 Tatum O'Neal, LA Cal, Mrs. John McEnroe, Paper Moon, Little Darlings
1962 Brian Wheat, rock bassist, Tesla-Psychotic Supper
1961 Charles O Hobaugh, Bar Harbor ME, Captain USMC/astronaut
1960 Mark West, NBA center, Detroit Pistons
1960 Rene Froger, Dutch singer, Everything Can Make a Man Happy
1959 Bryan Adams, born in Vancouver, Canada, singer, Heaven
1958 Robert Patrick, American Actor
1957 David Moyse, Adelaide Australia, rock vocalist, Air Supply
1957 Jon-Erik Hexum, Tenafly, New Jersey, actor, Voyager, Cover-up
1956 Mike Score, Liverpool England, rock guitarist, Flock Of Seagulls
1956 Rob Fisher, Bath England, rock keyboardist, Naked Eyes
1954 Jeff Sachs, American Economist
1954 Jeffrey Sachs, born in Detroit, Michigan, Jeffrey David Sachs, economist, founder, co-President of the Millennium Promise Alliance to end extreme poverty and hunger, Senior Advisor to the Global Poverty Project
1953 Joyce Maynard, American Writer
1952 Bill Walton, NBA center, Portland Trailblazers, Boston Celtics
1951 Cindy Brooks, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, playmate, April, 1985
1951 Stuart Havelock Hollingdale, anthropologist
1950 Debbie Massey, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, LPGA golfer, 1979 Wheeling Classic
1948 Peter Hammill, English singer and songwriter, Patient
1947 Oleg Antropov, U.S.S.R., volleyball player, Gold Medal 1968 Olympics
1947 Peter Noone, rocker, Herman-Herman's Hermits-Silhouttes
1946 Gram Paarson, Cecil Connor, Winter Haven, Florida, rocker, Byrds
1946 Herman Brood, Dutch painter/singer/pianist, Sleepin' Bird
1946 Patricia K Kuhl, speech and hearing scientist
1943 Sam Shepard, Illinois, actor and playwright, Frances, Crimes of the Heart
1942 Elke Sommer, Elke Schletz, Berlin Germany, actress, Oscar
1941 Patricia Harty, Washington D.C., actress, Occasional Wife, Blondie
1941 Art Garfunkel, New York City, singer and actor, Sounds of Silence, Carnal Knowledge
1940 Ted Kulongoski, American Politician
1939 Ken Walter, South African cricket pace bowler, 1961-62 series vs. New Zealand
1938 Chris Robinson, Florida, actor, Stanley, General Hospital, Another World
1935 Dick Davalos, Bronx, actor, Jeff-The Americans
1935 Jerry Amper Dadap, composer
1935 John Nicholas Maw, composer
1935 Lester Piggott, British jockey, 11 time champ
1934 Nick Smith, born in Addison, Michigan, Representative-R-Michigan 1993 - 2005
1934 Victor Argo, American Actor
1932 Arthur L Liman, New York City, trial lawyer, Oliver North
1931 Ike Turner, born in Mississippi, American musician, bandleader, record producer, talent scout, Grammy Award winner
1930 Herb Edelman, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Good Guys, Strike Force, 9 to 5
1930 Frank Adams, British Mathematician
1929 Ottmar MA Fraai, Curacaos/Dutch tenor
1927 Robert Abernethy, born in Geneva, Switzerland, Newscaster, NBC News Encore
1926 Leo Derksen, Dutch journalist, Telegraph/Sunday Newspaper
1924 Ivan Rezak, composer
1923 Ian Arthur Hoyle Munro, medical journalist
1921 Gyorgy Cziffra, Hungarian/French pianist, Chopin/Liszt
1920 Douglass North, American Economist
1919 Myron Floren, Webster, South Dakota, accordionist, Lawrence Welk Show
1917 Claus Adam, born in America, composer, cellist, teacher, performed with Julliard String Quartet 1955 - 1974, composed music for a string trio and cello concerto
1917 Jacob Everaers, office clerk/resistance fighter
1916 Len Wilkinson, cricketer, England leg-spinner just before WW II
1915 Moe Biller, New York City, labor union officer, AFL-CIO, Postal Workers
1914 Henri J de Koster, Dutch Minister of Defense, 1971-73
1913 John McGiver, New York City, actor, Patty Duke Show, Jimmy Stewart Show
1913 Vivien Leigh, Gone With Wind, Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn
1912 Natalie Schaeffer, Rumson, New Jersey, actress, Lovey Howell-Gilligan's Island
1911 Roy Rogers, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, cowboy, Happy Trails, Roy Rogers Show
1906 George Lowthian Trevelyan, designer/visionary
1905 George Bissett, cricketer, successful South African quick in 1927-28
1905 Joel McCrea, South Pasadena, California, actor, Marshal-Wichita Town
1902 Strom Thurmond, born in Edgefield, South Carolina, Senator-R-South Carolina 1956 - 2003, Governor South Carolina 1947 - 1951
1901 Eddie Paynter, cricketer, England batting hero in Bodyline series
1899 Forrest Lewis, actor, Monster of Piedras Blancas
1895 Walter Gieseking, German pianist/composer
1895 Charles MacArthur, American Playwright
1894 Eugen Zador, Bataszek, Hungary, Hungarian/American composer, Diana
1894 Henri E J A de Page, Belgian private law scholar
1893 Raymond Loewy, U.S. industrial designer
1891 Bert McGirr, cricketer, played in New Zealand's 1st Test series
1891 Earle "Greasy" Neale, NFL coach for the Philadelphia Eagles
1891 Mary Dorna, Dutch author
1887 Oscar Bossaert, Belgium, chocolate manufacturer/Minister of Middenstand
1887 Paul Wittgenstein, Vienna Austria, left hand specialist pianist
1885 Will Durant, U.S., author/historian, Story of Civilization
1884 James Elroy Flecker, English poet/dramatist, Hassan
1876 Raymond Duchamp-Villon, cubist sculptor, Head of Baudeaire
1866 Daniel Protheroe, composer
1857 Ida Tarbell, muckraker, Standard Oil was very unhappy
1855 Eugene V Debs, labor organizer, Socialist presidential candidate
1855 Leon P Teisserenc de Bort, French meteorologist, stratosphere
1855 Eugene V. Debs, American Politician
1850 Ella Wheeler Wilcox, American Writer
1849 Rui Barbosa, Brazil, statesman/jurist/essayist/civil liberties
1841 Alexander Sergeyevich Famintsin, composer
1832 William Woods Averell, Major General Union Army
1825 Julius H [Szamvald] Stahel, Major General Union volunteers
1819 Josef Rudolf Zavrtal, composer
1818 Benjamin Franklin Butler, Major General Union volunteers
1798 Carolina F L duchess of Berry, daughter of crown prince of Naples
1779 Washington Allston, U.S. painter/author
1770 Etienne P de Senancour, French author, Obermann
1764 Pieter Nieuwland, Dutch scientist, Newton
1757 Joseph Anderson, American Politician
1666 Attilio Ariosti, composer
1654 Christian Liebe, composer
1613 Isaac de Benserade, French Poet
1605 Thomas Shepard, American Clergyman
1563 Anna van Nassau, daughter of prince Willem I/Anna of Saksen
1549 Philippe du Plessis, France, author
1534 Joachim Camerarius, German botanist/physician, horticulture catalog
1494 Hans Sachs, composer