November 9 Birthdays in History - November 9 Deaths - November 9 Events
1996 Cheyenne Pyle, California, youngest heart transplant patient, 90 minutes old
1984 Delta Goodrem, Australian Actress
1977 Patricia Campbell, Pennsylvania, Miss Teen USA, 1996-2nd place
1976 Laura Csortan, Miss Universe-Congeniality, Australia, 1997
1974 Dah-ve Chodan, actress, Tia-Uncle Buck
1974 Traci Toguchi, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Miss America-Hawaii 1996
1974 Alessandro Del Piero, Italian Athlete
1973 Fred Lindberg, Australian baseball pitcher 1996 Olympics
1973 Nick Lachey, American Musician
1972 Laxmi Poruri, Guntur India, tennis star, 1994 Futures-College Park
1972 Mark Fields, NFL linebacker for the New Orleans Saints
1972 Ron Rice, NFL cornerback and safety, Detroit Lions
1972 Victoria Keil, Miss Universe-Cook Islands 1996
1971 David Robert Duval, born in Jacksonville, Florida, PGA golfer, 1995 Bob Hope
1971 Jimmy Hitchcock, NFL cornerback for the New England Patriots
1971 Michael Barber, NFL linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks
1971 Steve Rhem, NFL wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints
1971 Big Punisher, also known as Big Pun and Christopher Rios, American Musician
1970 Bill Guerin, Wilbraham, Massachusetts, NHL right wing, New Jersey Devils, Oilers
1970 Chad Ogea, Lake Charles, Louisiana, pitcher, Cleveland Indians
1970 Chantal Brunner, Wellington, New Zealand, long jumper 1996 Olympics
1970 Melanie Roche, Australian softball pitcher 1996 Olympics bronze
1969 Angel Miranda, Arecieo Puerto Rico, pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers
1969 Pepa, rocker, Salt 'n' Pepa-Shake Ya Thang
1968 David Jones, WLAF tight end for the Amsterdam Admirals
1968 Jeff Brady, NFL linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings
1967 Scott Bianco, Kamloops BC, 90 kg freestyle wrestler 1996 Olympics
1966 Stefan Edberg, born in Vastervik, Sweden, professional tennis player, ranked number one in the World in singles and doubles tennis
1966 Virgil Robertson, CFL defensive end for the BC Lions
1965 Todd Gill, Cardinal, NHL defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs
1965 Bryn Terfel, Welsh Musician
1964 John Joseph Thomas, Arcadia California, actor, Young Dan'l Boone
1964 Leah Pells, Vancouver BC, 1.5k runner 1996 Olympics
1963 Anthony Bowie, NBA guard, New York Knicks, Orlando Magic
1961 Jill Dando, British Journalist
1959 Karin Mundinger, born in Toronto, Canada, LPGA golfer, 1985 Singapore Open-2nd
1959 Tony Phillips, born in Atlanta, Georgia, outfielder, Chicago White Sox
1954 Dennis Stratton, born in London, England, rock guitarist, Iron Maiden
1952 Sherrod Brown, born in Mansfield, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1993 - 2007, Senator-D-Ohio 2007 -
1951 Hetty de Boer-Jongkind, founder, Vakvereniging Medical Astrology
1951 Lou Ferrigno, born in Brooklyn, New York, body builder/actor, Incredible Hulk
1948 Alan Gratzer, Syracuse, New York, rock drummer, Reo Speedwagon
1948 Bille August, director, Best Intentions, Twist and Shout
1948 Sharon Stouder, U.S., 100m butterfly swimmer 1964 Olympic gold
1945 Roger Lee Jones, West Virginia, child molester, FBI Most Wanted List
1944 Bill Hendon, born in Asheville, North Carolina, Representative-R-North Carolina 1981 - 1983 and 1985 - 1987
1944 Phil May, born in Wortley, England, artist, caricaturist, drawings published in The Bulletin, St. Stephens Review, The Graphic, regular staff member of Punch
1943 John Shepherd, cricketer, WI all-rounder 1969-71, later in South Africa
1943 Lee Graziano, born in Chicago, Illinois, rock drummer, American Breed
1942 Stuart Lipton, English real estate developer/multi-millionaire
1942 Thomas Daniel Weiskopf, Massillon, Ohio, PGA golfer, British Open 1973
1942 Jack Carroll, Canadian Politician
1941 Tom Fogerty, Berkeley Cal, rocker, Creedence Clearwater Revival
1940 Sergio Cervetti, composer
1937 Roger McCough, British poet
1937 Roger McGough, British Poet
1936 Bob Graham, Sen-D Florida
1936 Mary Travers, born in Louisville, Kentucky, folk singer, Peter Paul and Mary
1935 Bob Gibson, Cardinal pitcher, Cy Young/NL MVP 1968
1934 Carl Sagan, Brooklyn, astronomer/author/professor, Cosmos, Broca's Brain
1934 Ingvar Carlsson, Prime Minister of Sweden, 1986 - 1991, 1994 - 1996
1934 Ronald Harwood, Horwitz, South African playwright, Dresser
1932 Carl Perkins, singer, Blue Suede Shoes
1932 Marian Christy, Ridgefield, Connecticut, author, Invasions of Privacy
1931 Tommy Greenhough, cricketer, English leg-spinner in 4 Tests 1959-60
1931 Whitey Herzog, baseball manager for the St. Louis Cardinals
1930 Charlie Jones, Ft. Smith, Arkansas, sportscaster, Almost Anything Goes
1929 Alexandra Nikolayevna Pakhmutova, composer
1929 Severn Darden, actor, Luv, President's Analyst, Saturday the 14th
1928 Anne Sexton, Newton Massachusetts, poet, Live or Die; Pulitzer 1967
1928 Wim Bosboom, Dutch radio/TV host
1927 Carel W. H. Boshoff, South African head, Broederbond/Volkswag
1926 Hugh Leonard, born in Dublin, Ireland, writer, winner, Jacob's Award, for 'Wuthering Heights', wrote Sunday Independent column 'The Curmudgeon'
1924 Robert Frank, Swiss Photographer
1924 Joy Page, American Actress
1923 Alice [Davis] Coachman, born in Albany, Georgia, high jumper, Gold Medal 1948 Olympics
1923 Dorothy Dandridge, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress/singer/dancer, Porgy and Bess
1921 Ivo Rudolph Jarosy, film scholar/exhibitor
1921 Silvio O. Conte, born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Representative-R-Massachusetts 1959 - 1991
1921 Viktor Chukarin, U.S.S.R., gymnast, Gold Medals 1952, 1956 Olympics
1918 Florence Chadwick, born in San Diego, California, swimmer, Hall of Fame 1970
1918 Howard Shanet, born in Brooklyn, New York, conductor, Night of the Tropics
1918 Spiro Theodore Agnew, R, 39th Vice President, 1968-75, crook
1918 Spiro T. Agnew, American Politician
1915 Sargent Shriver, Maryland, Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, 1972, directed Peace Corp
1914 Colin Gray, born in Christchurch, New Zealand, fighter ace in World War II, recipient of the Distinguished Service Award, fought Battle of France, Battle of Britain, Channel Front
1913 Hedy Lamarr, born in Vienna, Austria, actress, Ecstacy, Samson and Delilah
1913 Thelma Hulbert, English painter, Le Sacre du Printemps
1911 Harriet Freezer, Dutch journalist/author
1910 Carroll Quigley, American Writer
1909 Hendrik van Randwijk, Dutch author/founder, Vrij Netherland
1909 Robert Douglas, Finlayson, Bletchley England, actor, Adv of Don Juan
1908 Kay Thompson, American Author
1907 Burrill Phillips, Omaha Nebraska, composer, Play Ball
1907 Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, prince
1906 Arthur Rudolph, rocket engineer
1905 Erika Mann, German/US author, Other Germany, daughter of Thomas Mann
1903 Leon-Etienne Duval, archbishop/Cardinal
1902 Anthony Asquith, British director, Carrington V C, Court martial,
1901 John Norrie McArthur, malariologist/microscopist
1898 Owen Barfield, philosopher of language
1897 Ronald G. W. Norrish, British chemist, Nobel 1967
1895 Mae Marsh, Madrid, New Mexico, silent film actress, Birth of a Nation
1892 Erich Auerbach, born in Berlin, Germany, German writer and educator
1891 Clifton Webb, Webb Parmelee Hollenbeck, Indianapolis, actor, Laura
1889 Snub Pollard, Melbourne Australi, actor, Don't Shove, Arizona Days
1888 Jean Monnet, French economist/EG-pioneer/chairman, EGKS
1887 Gertrude Astor, Lakewood, Ohio, actress, Carnival Lady
1887 Muriel Aked, Bingley England actress, Happiest Days of Your Life
1886 Ed Wynn, Isaiah Edwin Leopold, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, comedian, Ed Wynn Show
1885 Hermann Weyl, German Mathematician
1884 Hector Abbas, actor and director, Rosa Lynd Company
1883 Edna May Oliver, Nutter, Malden, Massachusetts, actress, Little Women
1882 Joe Hardstaff Sr, cricketer, "Hotstuff" in 1907-08 MCC tour of Australia
1880 Rudolph Karel, composer
1877 Allama Iqbal, Pakistani poet/philosopher
1877 Jesus Castillo, composer
1877 Sergei U.S. Aleksi, patriarch of Russian-orthodox church
1871 Florence Sabin, scientist/1st woman to graduate from Johns Hopkins
1869 Marie Dressler, Leila M Koerber, Ontario, actress, Caught Short
1868 Andrea d' Angeli, composer
1868 Emmanuel K de Bom, Flemish author, Wrakken
1854 Joseph Miroslav Weber, composer
1850 Lewis Lewin, Germany, toxicologist/father of psychopharmacologist
1841 Edward VII, king of England, 1901 - 1910
1837 Alfred Holmes, composer
1837 Gerrit Jan van Heek, textile factory/politician
1835 Davorin Jenko, composer
1835 Emile Gaboriau, author, father of French detective novels
1835 Jean-Theodore Radoux, composer
1825 Ambrose Powell Hill, Lieutenant General, Confederate 3rd Army Corp
1823 William Henry Forney, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1821 Jean-Baptiste Theodore Weckerlin, composer
1820 Matthias de Vries, Dutch linguist, spelling
1818 Ivan Turgenev, Russia, novelist/poet/playwright, Fathers and Sons,
1817 Edward Richard Sprigg Canby, Major General Union volunteers
1812 Paul Abadie, French master builder, renovated Notre Dame
1810 Thomas Bragg, Attorney General, Confederacy
1809 Albert Taylor Bledsoe, Assistant Secretary War, Confederacy
1802 Elijah P Lovejoy, American newspaper publisher/abolitionist
1795 Walter Geikie, Scottish painter
1760 Henri-Philippe Gerard, composer
1732 Julie de Lespinasse, French Author
1731 Benjamin Banneker, Ellicott, Maryland, black mathematician/surveyor, Washington D.C.
1721 Mark Akenside, English Poet
1710 Reynier de Klerk, governor-general of Dutch-Indies, baptized
1697 Claudio Casciolini, composer
1664 Johannes Speth, composer
1656 Paul Aler, French jesuit/poet, Gradus ad Parnassum
1541 Menso Alting, Dutch reformed vicar/theologist
1414 Albrecht III Achilles, elector of Brandenburg