October 2 Birthdays in History - October 2 Deaths - October 2 Events
1991 Beau Grayson, son of country singer Tanya Tucker
1986 Camilla Belle, American Actress
1978 Ayumi Hamasaki, also known as "Ayu" by her fans, Japanese Musician
1974 Anthony Johnson, NBA guard for the Sacramento Kings
1974 Ricky Bell, cornerback for the Chicago Bears
1973 Bret Hudson, NSW Australia, gymnast 1996 Olympics
1973 Dalida Chammai, Miss Lebanon Universe 1997
1972 Aaron McKie, NBA guard, Portland Trail Blazers, Philadelphia 76ers
1972 Adrian Van Troost, fast cricket bowler, Somerset and Holland
1972 Patricia Gauani, Miss USA-Delaware 1997
1972 Rafael Carmona, Rio Piedras Puerto Rico, pitcher for the Seattle Mariners
1972 Tara Dawn Holland, Overland Park Kansas, Miss America 1997
1972 Torey Hunter, CFL defensive back, Montreal Alouettes
1971 Jair Lynch, Amherst Massachusetts, gymnast, 1996 Olympics silver
1971 Steve McLaughlin, NFL kicker for the Atlanta Falcons
1971 Tiffany [Renee Darwich], Norwalk Cal, singer, I Think We're Alone Now
1970 Eddie Guardado, Stockton California, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins
1970 Kelly Ripa, actress, Hayley Vaughan-All My Children
1969 Marcus Robertson, NFL safety/cornerback, Houston/Tenn Oilers
1969 Matthew Walbeck, Sacramento California, catcher for the Minnesota Twins
1968 Craig Kanada, born in Portland, Oregon, Nike golfer, 1994 NIKE South Carolina Classic-3rd
1968 Glen Wesley, Red Deer, NHL defenseman, Hartford Whalers
1968 Jana Novotna, Czechoslovakia, tennis star, 1995 Australia/Wimbledon doubles
1968 Mark James Crear, SF, 110m hurdler, 1996 Olympics silver
1967 Thomas Muster, born in Leibnitz, Austria, tennis star, 1995 French Open
1966 Yokozuna, Rodney Anoia, wrestler, WWF/NJPW/AWA, Wild Samoan Kokina
1965 Darren Cahill, Australia, tennis star
1965 Francesca Dellera, Cervellera, Rome, Italy, actress, Capriccio
1965 Jill Powell, born in Jacksonville, Florida, actress, Marcy-As The World Turns
1965 Robert Goff, NFL defensive tackle for the New Orleans Saints
1965 Roger Dube, hockey forward, Team France 1998
1965 Tom Moody, cricket batsman, Australian 1989-92 Ton in 26 minutes
1964 Michael Brooks, NFL linebacker for the New York Giants
1964 Sheila Echols, born in Memphis, Tennessee, 4x100m runner 1988 Olympics gold
1964 Sherry Arnett, born in St. Louis, Missouri, playmate, Jan, 1986
1963 Libby Wilson, Brisbane Qld, golfer, 1988 - Singapore Open
1962 Esai Morales, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Bad Boys, La Bamba
1962 Mark Rypien, quarterback for the St. Louis Rams
1961 Alan Wells, cricketer, England Test batsman vs. WI in one Test 1995
1961 Pablo Arraya, Argentina, tennis star
1961 Robbie Nevil, rocker, A Place Like This
1960 Django Bates, born in Beckenham, England, jazz musician, founder, Human Chain, plays tenor horn, keyboards, piano
1960 Glenn Anderson, Vancouver, NHL right wing for the Edmonton Oilers
1957 John Neuman Cook, born in Toledo, Ohio, PGA golfer, 1981 Bing Crosby
1957 Kimberly Herrin, born in Santa Barbara, California, playmate, March, 1981
1956 Freddie Jackson, U.S. R&B singer and songwriter, Rock Me Tonight
1956 Murphy Morobe, South Afr UDF leader, spent 3 years in Robbeneiland Jail
1955 Gary Streeter, born in Hampshire, England, educated at King's College London, Member of Parliament for South West Devon
1955 Kathryn Morrison Long Beach, California, playmate, May, 1978
1955 Philip Oakey, Sheffield, rock vocalist, Human Leauge-Only Human
1954 Greg Jennings, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, country singer, Restless Heart-Wheels
1954 Lani O'Grady, Walnut Creek California, actress, Mary-8 is Enough
1954 Lorraine Bracco, Brooklyn, actress, Someone to Watch Over Me, Dream Team
1952 George Meegen, England, walked 19,019 miles from Argentina to Alaska
1952 John Otway, born in Buckinghamshire, England, unsuccessful singer, built large cult following based on underdog persona
1951 Romina Power, born in Los Angeles, California, daughter of Tyrone Power/actress, Justine
1951 Sting, Gordon Sumner, rock vocalist, Police-Roxanne, actor, Dune
1950 Michael Rutherford, English pop bassist, Genesis-Silent Sun
1950 Persis Khambatta, Bombay India, actress, Star Trek, Megaforce
1949 Lorraine Bracco, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, actress
1949 Richard Hell, Richard Myers, Lexington, Kentucky, rock bassist, Television
1948 Avery Brooks, born in Evansville, Indiana, actor, Spenser for Hire, Deep Space 9
1948 Chris LeDoux, Biloxi Mississippi, country singer, Ridin' for a Fall
1948 Donna Karan, Forest Hills, New York, fashion designer, Coty Award-1977
1948 Robert Anderson, cricketer, New Zealand batsman 1976-78
1948 Trevor Brooking, English soccer player
1947 Ward Churchill, American Educator
1946 Jo-el Sonnier, Rayne, Louisiana, country singer, Louisiana
1946 Roger Jett, Cumberland Maryland, actor, Smithereens
1945 Don McLean, New Rochelle, New York, singer and songwriter, American Pie, Vincent
1945 Frank Tejeda, born in San Antonio, Texas, Representative-D-Texas 1993 - 1997
1945 Neil Frances Tennant, rocker, Pet Shop Boy-West End Girl
1945 Vladimir Ivanovich Kozlov, cosmonaut
1944 Peter Hobson, headmaster, Giggleswick School
1944 Vernor [Steffen] Vinge, U.S., sci-fi author, Witling, True Names
1943 Anna Ford, British broadcaster/actress, Secret Policeman's Ball
1943 Henri Szeps, born in Lausanne, Switzerland, actor, Mother and Son
1940 Lord Davies, chairman, Welsh National Opera
1939 B K Kunderan, cricketer, Indian keeper-batsman of 60's
1939 Yuri Nikolayevich Glazkov, U.S.S.R., cosmonaut, Soyuz 24
1938 Rex Reed, Ft. Worth, Texas, movie critic/actor, Myra Breckinridge
1936 Ian McLachlan, cricketer, Cambridge and S Australia bat, later Liberal MP
1936 Johnnie Cochran, attorney, O. J. Simpson defense attorney
1936 Roger Sainsbury, bishop of Barking
1935 Peter Frankl, born in Hungary, pianist, performs classical music, Romantic period, early Modern, recorded the complete solo piano music of Debussy, performed with world class orchestras throughout America and Europe
1935 Robert H Lawrence, born in Chicago, Illinois, USAF/astronaut
1934 Duncan Thompson, keeper, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
1934 Geoff Millman, cricketer, England wicket-keeper in 6 Tests 1961-62
1934 Richard Scott, British high court judge
1933 Dimiter Khristov, composer
1933 Phill Niblock, born in Anderson, Indiana, composer, videographer, filmmaker, director, avente-garde music foundation, Experimental Media
1932 Maury Wills, baseball shortstop, Los Angeles Dodgers, NL MVP 1962
1930 J M Ghorpade, cricketer, 8 Tests for India 1952-59 with little impact
1929 John Zochonis, British multi-millionaire soap magnate
1929 Kenneth Leighton, composer
1929 Moses Gunn, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actor, Amityville II, Good Times, Shaft
1928 Anthony Tippett, British chief of Fleet Support
1928 Clay Felker, St. Louis, journalist, New York Herald Tribune, Esquire
1928 George Emmett McFarland, Dallas, act, Spanky-Our Gang/Little Rascals
1928 James Porter, CEO, Commonwealth Institute
1928 Robin Duthie, CEO, Britoil
1926 Jan Morris, travel writer, Among the Cities, Hong Kong, Journeys
1925 Brian Dilton, British lord justice of appeal
1924 Sam Wainwright, deputy chairman, British Post Office
1923 Jack Dellal, English immovables-goedbezitter/multi-millionaire
1922 Thomas T Nkobi, South Africa ANC-leader, Alexandra-bus boycott 1957
1922 Wolfhart U Pannenberg, German theologist, Gingham Girl
1921 A Scott Crossfield, U.S. Test pilot, XS-1
1921 Robert Runcie, Kennedy, Liverpool England, Archbishop of Canterbury
1920 William Cramond, psychiatrist/vice-chancellor, Stirling University
1919 Geoffrey Luttrell, Lord-Lt of Somerset
1919 Shirley Clarke, film director
1917 Francis Jackson, organist and master of Music/York minister
1917 William Marshall III, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Blacula, Honky
1915 Robert Russell "Chubby" Wise, musician
1914 Albe Vidakovic, composer
1914 Bengt Viktor Johansson, composer
1914 Charles Drake, Bayside New York City, actor, Air Force, Glenn Miller Story
1913 Vivian Ridler, printer, Oxford University
1912 Eric Wilson, VC/British Lieutenant Colonel
1911 Stuart Rose, designer, British Post Office
1907 Alexander Robertus, organic chemist
1907 Alexander Todd, born in Scotland, born Alexander Robertus Todd, Baron Todd, biochemist, Nobel-Prize for Chemistry for structure and synthesis of nucleotides, nucleosides, nucleotide coenzymes
1907 William Marshall, producer/director/actor/singer, Blackmail
1906 John Humphreys Whitfield, scholar of Italian language and literature
1904 Dermot Boyle, marshal, RAF
1904 Godfrey Baseley, radio executive
1904 Graham Greene, English journalist, 3rd Man
1904 Shi Lal Bahadur Shastri, India premier, 1964-66
1904 [Henry] Graham Greene, England, prolific novelist, Brighton Rock
1902 Dick Ket, Dutch painter/cartoonist
1902 Leopold Figl, premier of Austria
1901 Christopher Clarkson, test Pilot
1901 [Ignatius] Roy [D] Campbell, South African poet, Flowering Rifle
1896 Fjodor I Panfjorov, Russian author, Volga
1896 Fritz Eberhard, Hellmut Rauschenplat, W-German lawyer/resistor, Law
1895 Bud Abbott, Asbury Pk, New Jersey, comedian, Abbott and Costello
1895 Louis Lebeer, Dutch art historian
1893 Leroy B Shield, U.S. pianist/producer/composer, Laurel and Hardy
1891 H V Porter, basketball pioneer, created fan shape backboard
1890 Groucho Marx, born in New York City, comedian, Marx Bros, 'You Bet Your Life'
1886 Pieter "Pierre" Balledux, stage manager/Dutch resistance fighter
1885 Ruth Bryan Rohde, U.S., Rep, minister to Denmark
1881 Fred Barlow, composer
1880 George Alexander Russell, composer
1879 Wallace Stevens, born in Reading, Pennsylvania, poet, Ideas of Order
1878 Francois C Schlumberger, French physicist
1875 Henry Fevrier, composer
1873 Pelham Warner, cricketer, England 1898-1912, later notable official
1871 Cordell Hull, U.S. Secretary of State, 1933 - 1944, lowered tariffs, Nobel 1945
1869 Mahatma Karamchand Ghandi, Porbandar Kathiawad India, pacifist
1869 Mohandas Gandhi, Indian Leader
1866 Charles de Souzy Ricketts, artist
1857 Marthinus T Steyn, President of Orange-Free state, 1896-1902
1852 William Ramsay, chemist
1851 Ferdinand Foch, France, responsible for Allies winning WW I
1847 Paul Ludwig Hans von Beneckendorf und Hindenburg, German president
1847 Paul von Hindenburg, German Soldier
1839 Hans Thoma, born in Bernau, Germany, painter, style reminiscent of the Pre-Raphaelites, works include 'Eve in Paradise', at the Frankfurt Museum
1835 Louis A Ranvier, French anatomist/historian
1832 Edward Burnett Tylor, English anthropologist
1832 Julius von Sachs, botanist/naturalist
1827 Edmund Jackson Davis, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1822 Joannes Kappeyne van de Coppello, Dutch Internal minister, 1877-79
1821 Alexander Peter "Old Straight" Stewart, Lieutenant General Confederate Army
1819 George Washington Getty, Major General Union Army
1817 Gunnar Wennerberg, composer
1809 Anton Emil Titl, composer
1800 Nat Turner, Virginia, leader of major slave rebellion, 1831
1792 Philip Cipriani Hambley Potter, pianist/composer
1756 Jacob van Strij, Dutch cartoonist/graphic artist
1756 Josef Jawurek, composer
1752 Samuel Story, Dutch Admiral, Battle at Kamperduin
1737 Francis Hopkinson, U.S., writer/lawyer, design Stars and Stripes
1737 Franz Schneider, composer
1718 Elizabeth Montagu, British Writer
1715 Peter II, czar of Russia, 1727-30
1704 Frantisek Ignac Antonin Tuma, composer
1646 Guillaume Poitevin, composer
1619 Gedeon Tallemant des Reaux, French author, Historiettes
1595 Jacob Louys, Flemish engraver
1452 King Richard III, of England, 1483-85