October 22 Birthdays in History - October 22 Deaths - October 22 Events
1990 Jonathan William Lipnicki, actor, Jeff Foxworthy Show, Jerry McGuirre
1985 Zac Hanson, Tulsa, Oklahoma, singer, Hansons-MMMMbop
1981 Michael Fishman, born in Long Beach, California, actor, DJ-Roseanne
1979 Eve Chalom, born in Detroit, Michigan, dance skater, & Gates--1995 Nat, Jr. champ
1977 Katrina Bergstrom, Miss North Dakota Teen USA 1996
1975 Melchior Schoenmakers, soccer player, South Carolina Heerenveen
1975 Patrick McHenry, American Politician
1974 Layla Harvest Roberts, Kealakekua HI, playmate, Oct, 1997
1974 Miroslav Satan, Topolcany Slo, NHL left wing, Edmonton Oilers, Sabres
1973 Kathy Butler, Edinburgh Scotld, Canad 3k/5k runner, Olympic-8-92, 96
1973 Ichiro Suzuki, born in Kasugai, Japan, professional baseball player, outfielder, played for the Seattle Mariners and Orix BlueWave
1972 Scott Lachance, Charlottesville, NHL defenseman for the New York Islanders
1972 Tyrone Williams, WLAF/NFL defensive tackle, Chicago Bears, Rhein Fire
1972 Victoria Lagerstrom, Miss Sweden Universe 1997
1971 Amanda Coetzer, born in Hoopstad, South Africa, tennis star, 1996 Australia semi
1971 Anthony "Pig" Miller, NBA forward, Los Angeles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks
1971 Mitchel van der Gaag, Dutch soccer player, PSV, Motherwell
1971 Timothy Christopher Carswell, Christchurch New Zealand, cyclist 1996 Olympics
1970 Coleman Rudolph, NFL defensive end for the New York Giants
1970 Steve Campbell, Buffalo, New York, tennis star
1970 Winston Bogarde, soccer player, Sparta/Ajax
1969 Cuty [Yumi] Suzuki, Kawaguchi Japan, wrestler, Japan
1969 Kevin Carrasco, S P de Macoris, Dominican Republic, pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds
1968 Keith Osik, Port Jefferson, New York, catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates
1968 Shelby Lynne, Quantico, Virginia, country singer, If I Could Bottle This Up
1968 Stephane Quintal, Boucherville, NHL defenseman, Montreal Canadiens
1968 Warry van Wattum, Dutch soccer player, Dordrecht '90, FC Groningen
1966 Blair Hartland, cricketer, New Zealand opener
1966 Valeria Golino, Naples Italy, actress, Rain Man, Little Flames
1965 Marvin Washington, NFL defensive end, New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers
1965 Otis Smith, NFL cornerback for the New York Jets
1963 Brian Boitano, born in Mountainview, California, figure skater 1988 Olympics gold
1963 Cherie Witter, Everett Wash, playmate, February, 1985
1962 Derrick Waldroup, born in Chicago, Illinois, 198 lbs greco-roman wrestler 1996 Olympics
1962 Gayle Stammer, Livermore California, beach volleyballer 1996 Olympics
1961 Barbara Potter, Connecticut, tennis player, changed shirt on Wimbledon Court
1961 Donna Wynd, Auckland New Zealand, 1k sprint cyclist 1996 Olympics
1961 Leonard Marshall, NFL defensive end, New York Giants, New York Jets
1961 Sanath Kaluperuma, cricketer, four Tests for Sri Lanka 1984-88
1959 Todd Graff, New York City, actor, Five Corners, Dominic and Eugene
1958 Bobby Blotzner, rock drummer, Ratt-Round and Round
1958 Hilary Rosen, American Businessman
1956 Marvin Bush, American Celebrity
1955 Bill Condon, American Director
1954 Carla Dunlap, Newark, New Jersey, bodybuilder, Pumping Iron 2
1953 Roy Ristie, Suriname/Netherlands radio host, Apintie, Kankantrie
1952 Jeff Goldblum, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actor, Fly, Jurassic Park, Independence Day
1952 Patti Davis, born in Los Angeles, California, daughter of Nancy Reagan/writer, Bondage
1950 Bill Owens, born in Fort Worth, Texas, politician, Republican party, 40th Governor of Colorado
1949 Manfred Burgsmuller, WLAF kicker for the Rhein Fire
1949 Arsene Wenger, French Coach
1948 John Peterson, U.S., Middleweight 1976 Olympics gold
1948 Mike Hendrick, cricketer, England seam bowler in 30 Tests 1974-81
1947 Edward F. Feighan, born in Lakewood, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1983 - 1993
1947 Lee Meredith, Judith Lee Sauls, River Edge, New Jersey, actress, Producers
1947 Neil Burton Rolnick, composer
1947 Haley Barbour, American Politician
1946 Eddie Brigati, Garfield, New Jersey, rock vocalist, Rascals
1946 Richard Loncraine, director, Missionary, Deep Cover, Bellman and True
1946 Deepak Chopra, born in Punjab, British India, author, speaker, physician, co-founded the Chopra Center, made cameo appearance in movie, 'The Love Guru', 2008
1945 Leslie West, Weinstein, rocker, Mountain-Mississippi Queen
1943 Allen James Coage, New York City, HW judo 1976 Olympics bronze
1943 Catherine Deneuve, born in Paris, actress, Repulsion, Hunger
1943 Paul Zukofsky, born in Brooklyn, New York, violinist, Cappricio
1943 Robert Long, Leverman, Dutch singer and actor, Vroeger Kon je Lachen
1942 Annette Funicello, born in Utica, New York, actress, Mickey Mouse Club
1942 Bobby Fuller, born in Baytown, Texas, rocker, singer, guitarist, most famous single titled, I Fought the Law, written by Sonny Curtis, first top 40 hit, Let Her Dance, influences include The Beatles, Little Richard, Eddie Cochran
1942 Robin John Maconie, composer
1941 Charles Keating, born in London, England, actor, Carl Hutchins-Another World
1939 Joaquim Chissano, president of Mozambique, 1986-
1939 Ray Jones, rock bassist, Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas
1939 Tony Roberts, New York City, actor, Annie Hall, Edge of Night, Lucie Arnaz Show
1938 Christopher Lloyd, Stamford, Connecticut, actor, Taxi, Back to the Future
1938 Derek Jacobi, London, actor, Lanner-Strauss Family, Dead Again
1936 Neville E Alexander, South african, 10 years in Robbeneiland Jail
1936 Bobby Seale, American Activist
1935 Judy Devlin Hashman, 10 time badminton champ, 1957-67
1935 Ann Rule, American Writer
1934 Donald McIntyre, Auckland New Zealand, Bass-Baritone, Wotan-Das Rheingold
1933 Donald Herod Peterson, Winona Mississippi, Col USAF/astronaut, STS-6
1931 Hikaru Hayashi, born in Tokyo, Japan, composer, conductor, pianist, wrote more than 30 operas, over 100 film scores, authored more than 20 books
1929 Dory Previn, Rahway, New Jersey, pop singer, Love Be My Cover
1929 Giorgio Gaslini, composer
1929 Lev Jasjin, Russian soccer player, goalie
1929 Lev Yashin, Russian Athlete
1927 Helenard J "Allan" Hendrickse, leader of South Africa Labour Party
1927 Ray Stern, mother of radio personality Howard Stern
1926 Jan A de Jonge, Dutch historian
1925 Robert Rauschenberg, born in Texas, artist, created "Combines", combinations of non-traditional materials and objects
1923 Pete Pihos, NFL end, Phil Eagles
1922 John Chafee, born in Providence, Rhode Island, Senator-R-Rhode Island 1976 - 1999
1922 John Weidner, war hero
1922 Ton Lensink, Dutch actor, Rituelen
1921 Georges Brassens, French poet/cabaret singer
1920 Harry Potts, soccer star/manager
1920 Mitzi Green, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Little Orphan Annie
1920 Timothy Leary, Harvard professor
1919 Doris Lessing, Kermanshah Iran, novelist, Golden Notebook
1918 Rene de Obaldia, French writer/screenwriter, Fugue Waterloo
1918 Harry Walker, American Athlete
1917 Joan Fontaine, Tokyo, Japan, actress, Gunga Din, Ivanhoe, Rebecca
1916 Michael F Howard, British Major-General, Gold Stick to the Queen
1916 Sid Miller, Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, actor, Donald O'Connor Texaco Show
1915 Harry Hickox, Big Springs, Texas, Herb-Please Don't Eat the Daisies
1913 Annette Rogers, U.S. sprinter, Gold Medal 1932, 1936 Olympics
1913 Bo Dai, last emporer of Vietnam
1913 Patricia "Boots" Mallory, U.S. dancer/actress, Handle With Care
1912 Harry Callahan, American Photographer
1909 Litz Pisk, movement teacher
1908 Helmut Gollwitzer, German theologist/antifascist
1908 John Sutton, Rawalpindi India, actor, Tower of London, Return of Fly
1907 Henriette Wyeth, 1st lady of american art
1907 Jimmy Foxx, baseball home run hitter, 534, Detroit Tigers
1906 Cornelis L "Kees" van Baaren, Dutch composer, Willem Pijper
1906 Sidney Kingsley, U.S. playwright, One in White, Darkness at Noon
1905 Constance Bennett, New York City, actress, Easiest Way, Ladies in Love
1905 Joseph Kosma, composer
1905 Karl Jansky, Czechoslovakia, discoverer, cosmic radio emissions in 1932
1904 Paul Arma, born in Budapest, born Weisshaus Imre, pianist, composer, ethnomusicologist, studied under Bela Bartok, piano soloist with Radio Paris
1903 George Beadle, U.S. biologist, Nobel 1958
1903 Curly Howard, American Actor
1901 Charles Huggins, Canada, U.S. physician
1900 Edward R. Stettinius, U.S., foreign minister, 1944 - 1945, diplomat
1900 James Hall, born in Dallas, Texas, actor, Hell's Angels
1898 Damaso Alonso, Spanish poet, Hijos de la ira
1898 Marcel Mihalovici, composer
1896 Charles Glenn King, biochemist, discovered vitamin C
1891 Fidelio Friedrich Finke, composer
1887 John Reed, journalist who reported on Mexican, Russian revolutions
1885 Giovanni Martinelli, Montagnana Italy, opera singer, New York Met
1885 Lothar Windsperger, composer
1883 Adolf A Joffe, Russian revolutionary/writer, Brest-Litovsk
1883 Viktor Jacobi, composer
1880 Joe Carr, Ohio, NFL hall of famer/NFL president, 1921-39
1877 Thaddaus Robl, German bicylist, world record
1876 Karl B Adam, German theologist, Christ our Brother
1870 Ivan Bunin, Russia, poet and novelist, Gentleman from SF-Nobel 1933
1870 Lord Alfred Douglas, British
1870 Alfred Douglas, English Poet
1847 Jacobus Herculas [Uncle Koos] de la Rey, South African politician
1845 Sarah Bernhardt, born in France, actress, Camille, Queen Elizabeth
1838 Carl Fuchs, composer
1832 August Labitzky, composer
1832 Leopold Damrosch, composer
1826 Guglielmo Quarenghi, composer
1818 Leconte de Lisle, writer
1811 Franz Liszt, Raiding Hungary, romantic composer/virtuoso pianist
1810 Henry Bohlen, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1809 Federico Ricci, composer
1790 Jan Ackersdijk, Dutch political economist
1766 Hans CE Freiherr von Gagern, German advisor to Dutch king
1765 Daniel Steibelt, composer
1761 Johann Christian Gottlob Eidenbenz, composer
1752 Ambrogio Minoja, composer
1746 James Northcote, English Artist
1740 Philip Francis, English Politician
1737 Vincenzo Manfredini, composer
1698 Nicola Bonifacio Logroscino, composer
1689 Joao V, Rei Fidelissimo, king of Portugal, 1706-50
1686 Georg Balthasar Schott, composer