October 24 Birthdays in History - October 24 Deaths - October 24 Events
1988 Daniel Shalikar, actor, Honey I Blew Up the Kids
1988 Joshua Shalikar, actor, Honey I Blew Up the Kids
1985 Wayne Rooney, English Athlete
1979 Amanda Aardsma, Miss Colorado Teen USA 1997
1976 Yanda Nossiter, Sydney NSW Australia, canoeist 1996 Olympics
1975 Corey Dillon, HB for the Cincinnati Bengals
1974 Alexander PGR duke of Ulster, son of English prince Richard
1974 Nathan Parks, tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs
1973 Kenny Holmes, defensive end for the Tennessee Oilers
1972 Eric Sutton, CFL cornerback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
1972 Louis Michael Anthony Sassin, Boston, rocker, 4 Fun-Unbelievable Fun
1972 Natasha Ann Courter, Davenport Iowa, Miss America-Iowa 1997
1972 Pat Williams, defensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills
1972 Ruxandra Dragomir, Pitesti Rom, tennis star, 1996 Bournemouth doubles
1972 Susan Barnett, Miss Pennsylvania USA 1996
1972 T J Cunningham, NFL safety for the Seattle Seahawks
1972 Tom Fletcher, NFL defensive safety for the Seattle Seahawks
1971 Aaron Bailey, NFL wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts
1971 Mike Verstegen, NFL guard for the New Orleans Saints
1971 Caprice Bourret, born in Whittier, California, lingerie model, actress, businesswoman, appeared on television's 'The Surreal Life', Wonderbra model
1970 Alonza Bevan, London, bassist/tabla, Kula Shaker
1970 Lamont Hollinquest, NFL linebacker, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1970 Todd Riech, Polson Montana, javelin thrower
1970 Walter Dunson, NFL running back/kicker returner for the Arizona Cardinals
1969 Arthur Rhodes, Waco Texas, pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles
1969 Kelvin Pritchett, NFL defensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1969 Morena Corwin, Seoul, Korea, playmate, Sep, 1992
1968 Adrian Dale, cricketer, prolific Glamorgan and England A batsman
1968 Francisco Claver, Spain, tennis star
1968 Ken Ryan, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies
1967 Ian Bishop, cricketer, West Indian fast bowler
1967 Jacqueline McKenzie, Australian Actress
1966 F P Santangelo, Livonia, Michigan, outfielder for the Montreal Expos
1966 Shawn Lee, NFL defensive tackle for the San Diego Chargers
1965 Donald Frank, NFL cornerback for the Minnesota Vikings
1965 Vernice Smith, NFL guard, Washington Redskins, St. Louis Rams
1964 Griffin O'Neal, actor, April Fools Day, Wraith
1964 Patrick Hunter, NFL cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals
1962 B D Wong, born in San Francisco, California, actor, Freshman, Mystery Date
1962 Jay Novacek, NFL tight end for the Dallas Cowboys
1961 Rafael Belliard, Pueblo Nuevo, Dominican Republic, infielder, Atlanta Braves
1961 Russell Swanson, Sydney NSW, Australasia golfer
1961 Susan Leigh Still, Augusta, Georgia, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut, STS-83, 94
1961 Mary Bono, American Politician
1960 Carolien de Windt, Suriname/Dutch singer, Mai Tai
1960 Ian Baker-Finch, Nambour Queensland, PGA golfer, 1991 British Open
1958 Mathilde Santing, Dutch rock singer, Breast and Brow
1955 Ghulam Parkar, cricketer, Indian batsman vs. England 1982
1954 Doug Davidson, born in Glendale, California, actor, Paul Williams-Young and Restless
1954 Mike Rounds, born in Huron, South Dakota, politician, Republican, 31st Governor of South Dakota, Member of the South Dakota Senate from the 24th district
1954 Brad Sherman, born in Los Angeles, California, politician, Democratic party, U.S. House of Representatives from California's 27th district
1953 Billy Thomas, Ft. Meyers, Florida, singer, McBride and Ride-I Count on You
1953 James di Donato, twin who swam the butterfly 406 miles
1953 Jonathan di Donato, twin who swam the butterfly 406 miles
1953 Steven Hatfill, American Scientist
1951 Todd Crespi, Frankfurt Germany, actor, Magician
1950 Terry Buffin, rock drummer, British Lions
1948 Dale "Buffin" Griffin, rock drummer, Mott The Hoople
1948 Kweisi Mfume, born in Baltimore, Maryland, Representative-D-Maryland 1987 - 1996, CEO NAACP
1947 Edgar Broughton, born in Warwick, England, founder, progressive rock group, The Edgar Broughton Band, 1968
1947 Kevin Kline, St. Louis, actor, Sophie's Choice, Big Chill
1946 Jerry Edmonton, Canada, rock drummer, Steppenwolf
1944 Ted Templeman, born in Santa Cruz, musician, record producer, guitarist, vocalist, drummer, produced 'The Doobie Brothers' for Warner Brothers, 'Montrose', Carly Simon's 'Another Passenger', Van Halen's first album
1943 Jose Serrano, born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Representative-D-New York 1990 -
1941 Frank AM Aendenboom, Flemish actor, Lion of Flanders
1940 David Sainsbury, English billionaire/founder, Dutch Soc-Dem
1940 F Murray Abraham, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actor, Amadeus, Mad Man
1939 F. Murray Abraham, American Actor
1938 Fred E Finn, born in San Francisco, California, pianist, Mickie Finn's
1937 Miguel Angel Coria, composer
1936 Annelien Kappeyne van de Coppello, Dutch politican, VVD
1936 Bill Wyman, England, rocker, Rolling Stones-Under My Thumb
1936 David Nelson, New York City, actor, Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
1934 Arvind Apte, cricketer, brother of Madhav Scored 8 and 7 in one Test
1934 Margie Masters, LPGA golfer
1932 Stephen Covey, American Businessman
1932 Adrian Mitchell, born in North London, English playwright, poet, children's author, voice for British anti-authoritarian Left
1931 Sofiya Asgatovna Gubaydulina, composer
1930 Big Bopper, JP Richardson, Sabine Pass, Texas, vocalist, Chantiily Lace
1930 Johan Galtung, Norway, polemologist, Meaning of Nonviolence
1930 Raj Bagri, Indies/British merchant in metal
1929 George H Crumb, Charleston, West Virginia, composer, Pulitzer 1968-Echoes of Time
1929 James Brosnan, baseball player/writer, Long Season
1929 George Crumb, American Composer
1928 Gabriel Laub, Polish writer
1928 Ken Hough, cricketer, New Zealand pace bowler in two Tests vs. England 1959
1927 Renato de Grandis, composer
1926 Y A Tittle, AAFC/NFL quarterback, Baltimore, SF, New York Giants, MVP 1963
1925 Jayaaram N Reddy, South African politician/banker
1925 Ken "Slasher" Mackay, cricketer, exciting Aussie all-rounder
1925 Luciano Berio, born in Oneglia, Italy, composer, Chemins
1924 Jose Casanovas, composer
1924 Piet Roozenburg, World champ checker player, 1948 . . 55
1923 Denise Levertov, American poet/essayist, Joy Beneath the Skin
1923 Reed van Delft, Hendrika M Schwartz, actress, Golden draagkoets
1920 Louise H "Lous" Hensen, actress, Medea, Uncle Wanja
1917 Marshall Goldberg, NFL halfback, Chicago Cardinals
1916 Bob Kane, American Artist
1915 Jean Vallerand, composer
1915 Tito Gobbi, Italian baritone, Figaro-Barber of Seville
1913 Molly Mary Hyde, cricketer
1911 Clarence M Kelley, FBI head
1911 Sonny Terry, born in North Carolina, blind blues musician, played harmonica, collaborated with Woodie Guthrie, Moses Asch, played with Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry and His Night, cast in Finian's Rainbow
1908 John Alwyne Kitching, zoologist
1906 Marie-Louise von Motesiczky, painter
1905 Elizabeth Poston, composer
1904 Moss Hart, born in Bronx, New York, playwright, You Can't Take it With You, Act 1
1900 Elizabeth Hill, teacher of Salvonic languages
1900 Karl Otto Runolfsson, composer
1899 Ferhat Abbas, Algerian pharmacist/MP chairman, 1962-63
1897 Lazar Weiner, composer
1896 Jack Warner, born in London, England, actor, Christmas Carol
1892 Kurt Huber, German philosopher/resistance fighter
1891 Geertruida M W "Truus" Bakker, Dutch actress, The Two Orphans
1891 Rafael L Trujillo Molina, president/dictator of Dom Rep, 1930-61
1890 Chicago Mainbocher, uniform designer, Red Cross, Girl Scouts, Waves
1890 Kathleen Lockhart Manning, composer
1887 Victoria von Battenberg, wife of Spanish king Alfonso
1886 Delmira Augustini, Uruguayan poet, El Libro Blanco
1885 Ernest Claes, Belgian author, Saints from Zichem
1882 Imre Emmerich Kalman, Hungarian composer, Czardasfurstin
1882 Sybil Thorndike, England, actress, Saint Joan
1881 Paulus B Barth, Swiss painter/lithographer
1878 Hermann Claudius, German folk poet, Meister Bertram
1877 Pavel Grigor'yevich, composer
1877 Rika H E Hopper, Dutch actress, Anastasia
1869 Lodewijk Scharpe, Flemish literature historian
1867 Franco Leoni, composer
1863 Manuel Manrique de Lara y Berry, composer
1854 Hendrik W. Bakhuis Roozeboom, chemist, Heterogenen Gleichgewichte
1844 Karl Lueger, anti semitic mayor of Vienna
1842 Josef Nesvera, composer
1830 Belva Bennett Lockwood, attorney, 1st lady to argue in Supreme Court
1830 Belva Lockwood, American Lawyer
1811 Ferdinand Hiller, German pianist/ composer and conductor
1808 Ernst Friedrich Richter, composer
1796 August vs. Platen, writer
1794 Friedrich B Freiherr von Gagern, German/Dutch army commandant
1789 Jean C Baud, Governor-General of Dutch-Indies, 1834-6
1789 Ramon Carnicer y Batlle, composer
1788 Sarah Josepha Hale, author, Mary Had a Little Lamb
1739 Anna Amalia of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, duchess of Saxony-Weimar
1632 Antony van Leeuwenhoek, Hol, naturalist, Philosophical Transactions
1607 John Lievensz, painter/etcher/wood carver