October 25 Birthdays in History - October 25 Deaths - October 25 Events
1980 Ilana Goldfogel, born in Denver, Colorado, pairs skater, & Erik Schulz
1978 Riley Mants, Winnipeg Manitoba, 200m breaststroker 1996 Olympics
1974 Chris Murray, Port Hardy, NHL right wing, Montreal Canadiens
1974 Frank Middleton, guard for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1974 Joanne Black, Miss Universe-Ireland 1996
1973 Joe Angel Acosta, Jr., SD California, PGA golfer, 1995 Greater Milwaukee-3rd
1973 Steve White, defensive end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1972 Leland Taylor, defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens
1971 Jeffrey Prommayon, soccer player, PSV
1971 Laura Chapot, equestrian show jumper 1996 Olympics
1971 Lee Gissendaner, NFL/WLAF receiver, Minnesota Vikings, Scottish Claymores
1971 Midori, born in Osaka, Japan, violinist, prodigy, studied at Julliard, plays the 1734 Buarnerius del Gesu violin
1970 Audra Wilks, Miss USA-Virginia, 1997, Miss Photogenic
1970 Kelvin Ingram, NFL guard for the Seattle Seahawks
1970 Adam Goldberg, American Actor
1970 Chely Wright, American Musician
1969 Corey Harris, NFL cornerback, Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins
1969 Eric Guliford, NFL wide receiver, Carolina Panthers, NO Saints
1969 Josef Beranek, born in Litvinov, Czechoslovakia, NHL center, Vancouver Canucks, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics
1969 Larry Thomas, born in Miami, Florida, pitcher, Chicago White Sox
1969 Mike Pritchard, NFL wide receiver for the Denver Broncos
1968 Corey Miller, NFL linebacker for the New York Giants
1968 Lisa Trusel, Cal, actress, Lizette-Father Murphy, Days of our Lives
1967 Anthony Johnson, NFL fullback, Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers
1967 Kelly Chase, Porcupine Plain California, NHL right wing, Hartford Whalers
1967 Mazhar Hussein, cricketer, UAE batsman World Cup 1996
1966 Wendel Clark, Kelvington, NHL left wing, Toronto, New York Islanders
1965 Derrick Rostagno, born in Los Angeles, California, tennis star
1965 Leigh Ann Mills, Melbourne, Florida, LPGA golfer, 1985 Mazda Champions
1965 Nick Thorpe, rocker, Curiosity Killed the Cat-Keep Your Distance
1965 Steve Decker, Rock Island, Illinois, catcher for the San Francisco Giants
1965 Warren Ayres, cricketer, Victorian right-handed batsman since 1987-88
1964 Barb Broen-Ouellette, born in Edmonton, Alberta, volleyballer 1996 Olympics
1964 Johan de Kock, Dutch soccer player, Roda JC
1964 Melinda McGraw, Nicosa Cyprus, actress, Macenzie-Pursuit Of Happiness
1964 Michael Boatman, Colorado Springs Colo, actor, Carter-Spin City
1964 Pat Swilling, NFL defensive end/linebacker for the Oakland Raiders
1963 Tracy Nelson, California, actress, Glitter, Square Pegs, Father Dowling
1960 Kelli McMullen-Temple, Columbus, Ohio, Canadian equestrian 1996 Olympics
1960 Scott Anthony Haneline, Indianapolis, murderer, FBI Most Wanted List
1960 Tom Eplin, Hayward California, actor, Jake McKinnon-Another World
1958 Dipak Patel, cricketer, in Kenya New Zealand off-spin all-rounder
1958 Kornelia Ender, Halle GDR, swimmer, Olympic-4 gold-1972, 76
1958 Mark Miller, Dayton Ohio, actor, Search for Grace, Love Field
1957 Robbie Macintosh, rock guitarist and vocalist, Pretenders
1957 Nancy Cartwright, American Actress
1956 Matthias Jabs, rock guitarist, Scorpions-Wind of Change
1955 Danny Darwin, Bonham Texas, pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates
1954 Mike Eruzione, Winthrop Massachusetts, jockey player, Gold Medal 1980 Olympics
1953 Mark Will McNulty, Bindwa Zimbabwe, PGA golfer, 1982 Danny Thomas-4th
1953 Muffin Spencer-Devlin, Piqua, Ohio, LPGA golfer, 1985 MasterCard Pro-Am
1951 Ransom Wilson, Tuscaloosa Alabama, flutist, Soliste New York
1950 John Matuszak, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, NFLer, Raiders, actor, Hollywood Beat
1949 Brian Kerwin, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Chisholms, King Kong Lives, Lobo
1949 Walter Hyatt, born in America, musician, singer, songwriter, founder, The Contenders, work includes album 'Some Unfinished Business'
1948 Dan Gable, born in Waterloo, Iowa, 68kg freestyle wrestler, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1948 Dan Issel, NBA coach/player, 27,482 points, Denver Nuggets
1948 Dave Cowens, NBA forward, Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks
1947 Glenn Tipton, rock guitarist, Judas Priest-Breakin' the Law
1946 Peter Lieberson, composer
1945 David Norman Schramm, physicist
1944 Jon Anderson, English rock singer, Yes 'Owner of a Lonely Heart'
1944 Kathy "Taffy" Danoff, Washington D.C., vocalist, Starland Vocal Band
1944 Jon Anderson, British Musician
1944 James Carville, American Lawyer
1943 Roy Lynes, England, rock organist, Status Quo
1943 Selly Fernandes, Curacao poet, Winking with Selly
1941 Anne Tyler, American writer, Accidental Tourist
1941 Bobby Keetch, soccer player/entrepreneur
1941 Helen Reddy, born in Melbourne, Australia, rock vocalist, I Am Woman
1940 Bobby Knight, college basketball coach, Indiana, Gold Medal 1984 Olympics
1938 Bob Webster, born in Berkeley, California, diver, Gold Medals 1960, 1964 Olympics
1936 Alan Smith, cricket wicket-keeper, England1962-63 Aust-New Zealand tour
1935 Russell Luis Schweickart, Neptune, New Jersey, astronaut, Apollo 9
1935 Zdenek Pololanik, composer
1933 Larry J. Hopkins, Representative-R-Kentucky 1979 - 1993
1933 Ron Archer, cricketer, Aussie all-rounder mid-50's
1933 Roy Swetman, cricketer, England wicket-keeper late 50's
1932 Lev Nikolayevich Smirenny, cosmonaut
1931 Annie Giradot, Paris, France, actress, Gypsy, Jacko and Lise
1931 Jay Chiat, American Businessman
1929 Peter Loader, cricketer, England quick in 13 Tests 1954-59, later WA
1929 Peter Ruhmkorf, writer
1929 Roger John Tayler, astrophysicist
1928 Anthony Franciosa, Papaleo, New York City, actor, Jeff-Name of the Game
1928 Jeanne Cooper, Minneapolis, actress, Kay-Young and Restless
1928 Marion Ross, Albert Lea, Minnesota, actress, Marion-Happy Days, Brooklyn Bridge
1927 Barbara Cook, born in Atlanta, Georgia, stage singer and actress, Music Man
1927 Franklin "Bud" Held, javelin world champ, 1949, 51, 53-55
1927 Hedley Keith, cricketer, solid left-handed for South Africa in the 1950's
1927 Lawrence Kohlberg, American Educator
1926 Biff McGuire, New Haven, Connecticut, actor, Serpico, Heart is Lonely Hunter
1926 Galina Vishnevskaya, Leningrad, soprano, Madama Butterfly
1925 Yakov Rylskly, U.S.S.R., sabre team 1956 Olympics bronze
1925 Warren M. Christopher, American diplomat and lawyer
1924 Billy Barty, Millsboro, Pennsylvania, 3'9" actor, Under the Rainbow, Foul Play
1923 Bobby Thomson, home run hitter, Giants win the pennant
1921 Brian Malzard Foss, psychologist
1921 Michael I, King of Romania, 1927-30, 40-47
1914 John Berryman, American poet, Friends and Associates
1914 John Reed King, Atlantic City, New Jersey, TV host, Why?, Let's See
1913 Horace Grant Fletcher, composer
1912 Jack Kent Cooke, NFL team owner for the Washington Redskins
1912 Minnie Pearl, Tennessee, Grand Old Opry, Hee-Haw
1909 Philleo Nash, U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1961-67
1909 Whit Bissel, New York City, actor, Time Machine, General Kirk-Time Tunnel
1902 Henry Commager, Pittsburgh, Steele historian
1902 Henry Steele Commager, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, historian, Atlas of Civil War
1898 Sidney van den Bergh, Dutch businessman/politician
1895 Levi Eshkol, Sjkolnik, Israeli Prime Minister, MWP, 1963-69
1889 Abel Gance, French film pioneer/actor, Napoleon, J'accuse
1889 Smokey Joe Wood, American Athlete
1888 Francois Pauwels, Dutch writer/attorney
1888 Richard E. Byrd, American Explorer
1887 Willem CN Andriessen, Dutch composer/pianist, Beethoven
1884 Eduardo Barrios, Chile, novelist, The Love-Crazed Boy
1882 Heinrich Max Ludwig, composer
1881 Pablo Picasso, born in Malaga, Spain, artist, 3 Dancers, Guernica
1879 Jean Rogister, composer
1879 Mayhew Lake, composer
1878 Nico van Suchtelen, Dutch publisher
1877 Henry Norris Russell, astronomer, Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
1869 August Otto Halm, composer
1869 John Heisman, pioneering football coach/trophy namesake
1866 Georg Alfred Schumann, composer
1864 Alexander Tikhonovich Gretsjaninow, Russian/US composer, Snow White
1859 Stephanie H [Lapidoth-]Swarth, Dutch author, Lonely Flowers
1843 Gleb Uspensky, Russia, author, Power of the Soil
1838 Georges Alexandre-Cesar-Leopold Bizet, France, composer, Carmen
1838 Georges Bizet, French Composer
1825 Johann Baptist Strauss, the younger, Austria, composer, Waltz King
1819 Zachariah Cantey Deas, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1818 Pavel Melnikov, Russian historian/author, V Lesach
1815 Ernesto Camillo Sivori, composer
1815 Philipp Fahrbach, composer
1814 Louis CPR van Orleans, French duke of Nemours
1811 Evariste Galois, French revolutionary/mathematician, Theory of G
1806 Max Stirner, Johann C Schmidt, German philosopher, Der Einzige
1803 Maria van Ackere-Doolaeghe, Flemish poet, Daisies
1800 Thomas Babington Macaulay, England, poet and historian, Ivry, Naaseby
1795 John P. Kennedy, American Soldier
1790 Robert Stirling, Scottish Inventor
1780 Philip Hone, American Politician
1772 Corneille Vander Planken, composer
1767 Willem F Roell, Dutch Internal minister
1759 Baron Grenville, Whig, British Prime Minister, 1806-07
1735 James Beattie, Scotland, poet/philosopher, Essay on Truth
1721 Pierre Talon, composer
1716 Petronio Maria Pio Sgabazzi, composer
1709 Georg Gebel, composer
1709 John Wagenaar, Amsterdam merchant/historian, baptised
1692 Elisabeth Farnese, princess of Parma/queen of Spain
1576 Thomas Weelkes, composer
1528 Seerp Galama, Dutch nobleman/soldier/politician
1510 Rene/Renata de France, duchess of Ferara/daughter of Louis XII
1360 Louis, founder of house of Anjou