October 3 Birthdays in History - October 3 Deaths - October 3 Events
1993 Lindsay Fabes, actor, Charlie Winthrop-Another World
1984 Ashlee Simpson, born in Waco, Texas, singer, songwriter, actress, appeared on 'The Ashlee Simpson Show' reality series, successful album titled, 'Autobiography'
1979 Shannyn Sossamon, American Musician
1976 Kirsi Haenninen, ice hockey defenseman, Finland, 1998 Olympics
1976 Nate Johnson, born in Seattle, Washington canoe alternate for 1996 Olympics
1976 Seann William Scott, American Actor
1973 Angelica Gavaldon, born in El Centro, California, tennis star, 1995 quarter Australia
1973 Neve Campbell, actress, Party of 5, Scream
1972 Christian Peter, defensive tackle for the New York Giants
1972 Denny Vaughn, orchestra leader, Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour
1972 Michael Nylander, born in Stockholm, Sweden, NHL center for the Calgary Flames
1972 Sandy Martinez, Villa Mella, Dominican Republic, catcher for the Toronto Blue Jays
1971 Reggie Givens, CFL linebacker for the Toronto Argonauts
1970 Justine Sowry, Australian field hockey goalie 1996 Olympics
1970 Manny Martinez, San Pedro DE, outfielder for the Seattle Mariners
1970 Roger Bailey, born in Chattahoochee, Florida, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies
1970 Tyji Armstrong, NFL tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1969 Carl Thomas, NBA guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers
1969 Eddie Sutter, NFL linebacker, Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons
1969 Mike Saunders, CFL running back for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
1969 Shane Butterworth, actor, Timmy-Bad News Bears
1969 Stephen Scahill, Featherston New Zealand, Australasia golfer
1969 Travis Hill, NFL linebacker for the Carolina Panthers
1969 Gwen Stefani, born in Fullerton, California, singer, fashion designer, leader of band, No Doubt, named Billboard's 37th Hot 100 artist of the decade
1968 Greg Foster, born in Oakland, California, professional basketball player, center-power forward, played for the Chicago Bulls, Utah Jazz
1968 Marco Roelofsen, soccer player, South Carolina Heerenveen
1966 Darrin Fletcher, Elmhurst, Illinois, catcher for the Montreal Expos
1966 Frank Hannon, rock guitarist, Tesla-Psychotic Supper
1964 Clive Owen, born in Coventry, England, appearance in film, 'Closer', won Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor
1963 Dan Goldie, Sioux City IO, tennis star
1963 Patrick Flatley, Ontario, right winger, New York Islanders, 4 Gold Medals 1998 Olympics
1962 Rick Todd, Toronto, Canadian Tour golfer, 1992 Ben Hogan Dakota
1962 Tommy Lee, Greece, drummer, Motley Crue, wed H Locklear/Pam Anderson
1960 Cinzia De Ponti, Fiordeponti, Pescara Italy, Miss Italy 1979
1959 Carmen Russo, Genoa Italy, Miss Teenage Italy, 1972
1959 Frederick Stephen Couples, born in Seattle, Washington, PGA golfer, 1983 Kemper Open
1959 Jack Wagner, rocker/actor, General Hospital, Melrose Place
1958 Karen Morton Palmdale California, playmate, Jul, 1978
1956 Hart Bochner, Toronto, actor, Aron-East of Eden, Supergirl, Die Hard
1956 Peter Frechette, Warwick, Rhode Island, actor, Paint it Black, George-Profiler
1955 Angela Molina, born in Madrid, Spain, actress, Streets of Gold, Half of Heaven
1954 Dennis Eckersley, born in Oakland California, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals
1954 Stevie Ray Vaughan, born in Dallas, Texas, guitarist, Sky is Crying, Texas Flood
1954 Al Sharpton, born in Brooklyn, New York, African American Baptist minister, civil rights activist, 2004 candidate for President, host of 'Keepin' It Real' radio show
1952 Gary Troup, cricketer, New Zealand lefty pace bowler in 15 Tests 1976-86
1951 Dave Winfield, baseball outfielder, New York Yankees, Blue Jays, Twins
1951 Jack Grondin, rock drummer, .38 Special
1951 Kathryn D Sullivan, Paterson, New Jersey, PhD/astronaut, STS-41-G, 28, 31, 45
1950 Laureen Ford, born in Gympie, Queensland, golfer, 1992 Alpine Australia Ladies
1950 Pamela Hensley, born in Glendale California, actress, Buck Rogers in 25th Century
1950 Ronnie Laws, U.S. saxophonist/guitarist, Earth, Wind and Fire
1949 Yekaterina Aleksandrowna Ivanova, Russian cosmonaut, Soyuz T-15A
1948 Allyson Schwartz, American Politician
1947 7th earl of Bradford, English large landowner/multi-millionaire
1947 Lindsey Buckingham, rocker, Fleetwood Mac-Rumours, Tusk
1947 John Perry Barlow, American Writer
1946 Bob Dotson, born in St. Louis, Missouri, newscaster, Primetime Sunday
1946 Tristan Keuris, born in Amersfoort, Netherlands, composer, taught composition in Utrecht, Amsterdam, works include 'Saxophone Quartet Concerto'
1945 Kay Baxter, Woodsfield Ohio, Best Bodybuilder in World, 1983-85
1945 Viktor Saneyev, U.S.S.R., triple jumper, Olympic-3 gold/1 silv-1968-80
1944 Roy Horn, Las Vegas entertainer, Siegfried and Roy
1943 Jeff Bingaman, born in El Paso, Texas, Senator-D-New Mexico 1983 -
1941 Chubby Checker, Ernest Evans, Philadelphia, rock vocalist, Twist
1940 Alan O'Day, born in Hollywood, California, rocker
1940 Jean Ratelle, NHL center, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins
1940 Mike Troy, U.S. swimmer, Olympics-2 gold-1960
1938 Dave Obey, born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, Representative-D-Wisconsin 1969 -
1938 Eddie Cochran, Oklahoma City, rock vocalist and guitarist, C'Mon Everybody
1938 David Obey, American Politician
1937 Boldizsar Csiky, composer
1937 Eli Jacobs, baseball owner for the Baltimore Orioles
1936 Steve Reich, New York City, composer
1935 Abdon Pamich, Italy, 50K walker 1964 Olympic gold
1935 Charles M. Duke, Jr., born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Brigadier General USAF and astronaut, Apollo 16
1934 Benjamin Boretz, composer
1934 Harold Ralph Henning, Johannesburg South Africa, PGA golfer, 1966 Texas Open
1934 Madlyn Rhue, Washington D.C., actress, Bracken's World, Executive Suite
1933 Neale A Fraser, tennis champ, U.S. Open-1959
1930 David Mayer Epstein, composer
1928 Christian d'Oriola, France, foils, Gold Medals 1952, 1956 Olympics
1928 Erik Bruhn, Copenhagen Denmark, dancer, NNationalatl Ballet of Canada
1928 Shridath Surendranath "Sonny" Ramphal, Guyanese Secretary-General, 1975-
1926 Marques Haynes, NBA player, World's Greatest Dribbler, Globetrotters
1925 Gore Vidal, born in West Point, New York, author, Myra Breckinridge, Lincoln
1925 W Howard Baker, English publisher
1923 Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, Lwow Poland, conductor, Die Zauberflote
1922 Marcel van Thienen, composer
1921 Ray Lindwall, cricketer, Australian fast bowler and St. George full-back
1919 Boyd Bradfield Upchurch, John Boyd, U.S., sci-fi author, IQ Merchant
1919 Walter Gieseler, composer
1916 Angeles Alvarino Deleira, biologist/oceanographer/writer
1916 James Alfred Wight Herriot, veterinarian/novelist
1914 Nel Rose, Dutch dance teacher
1911 Michael Hordern, Hertfordshire England, actor, Friar Domingo-Shogun
1904 Charles Pedersen, UK, biochemist, Nobel 1987
1902 Arturo da Costa e Silva, marshal/president of Brazil, 1967-69
1900 Jay Irving, New York City, cartoonist, Draw Me a Laugh
1900 Thomas Wolfe, American novelist, Look Homeward Angel
1899 Gertrude Berg, Harlem New York City, actress, Molly Goldberg-Goldbergs
1897 Josephine "Mama Jo" Riley Matthews, midwife, SC
1897 Louis Aragon, French poet and writer, Feu de joie, Lesson poetes
1895 Kurt Schumacher, co-founder/president West German SDP
1893 Frantisek Picha, composer
1890 Henry Hull, born in Louisville, Kentucky, actor, Tobacco Rd, Boys Town, High Sierra
1889 Cv Ossietzky, writer
1888 Carl von Ossietzky, Germany, journalist/pacifist, Nobel 1935
1888 Claud Allister, born in London, England, actor, Bulldog Drummond
1888 Roy Webb, born in New York City, New York, composer, arranger for over 200 films, Academy Award nominee, wrote fight song 'Roar, Lion, Roar'
1886 Henri Alain-Fournier, French novelist, Great Adventure
1882 Gunther von Kluge, German Field Marshal
1881 Ludomir Michal Rogowski, composer
1880 Warner Oland, Umea Sweden, actor, Jazz Singer, Charlie Chan
1872 Edward Faber Schneider, composer
1871 Stijn Streuvels, Frank Lateur, Flemish writer, De Valschaard
1866 Learmont Drysdale, composer
1865 Johannes IJWJ Eilerts de Haan, Dutch sea officer, Lucie R, Suriname
1862 John Briggs, cricketer, mighty England all-rounder late 19th century
1860 Annie EF Horniman, England, theater owner, Abbey Theatre, Dublin
1859 Elenora Duse, Italy, actress, Hedda Gabler
1858 Eleonora Duse, Italian Actress
1856 Timothy Thomas Fortune, American Writer
1854 William Crawford Gorgas, U.S., Surgeon-Gen, help cure yellow fever
1844 Patrick Manson, "Father of tropical medicine"
1834 Vilem Blodek, composer
1828 Woldemar Bargiel, composer
1814 Mikhail Yurevich Lermontov, Russian poet and writer, Demon and other poems
1807 Heinrich Panofka, composer
1804 Townsend Harris, 1st Western consul to reside in Japan
1803 John Gorrie, inventor, cold-air process of refrigeration
1800 George Bancroft, historian, Hall of Fame
1792 Cipriani Potter, composer
1789 Francis Hoyt Gregory, Rear Admiral Union Navy
1761 Dirk earl van Hogendorp, general/Dutch minister of War
1733 Francois Krafft, composer
1728 Charles G Chevalier d'Eon de Beaumont, French spy/transvestite
1720 Johann P Uz, German poet, Lyrische Poem
1713 Antoine Dauvergne, composer
1647 Johannes Voet, Dutch lawyer
1631 Sebastian Anton Scherer, composer
1605 Li Tzu-ch'eng, Chinese revolutionary, dethroned last Ming emperor
1573 Entonius Walaeus, Dutch calvinist theologist