September 25 Birthdays in History - September 25 Deaths - September 25 Events
1978 Laura Nicholls, Kitchener Ontario, 50m swimmer 1996 Olympics
1976 Chauncey Billups, NBA guard for the Boston Celtics
1974 Brigette Wilson, actress, Mortal Kombat, Billy Madison, Save by Bell
1973 Bridgette LeAnn Wilson, Gold Beach Oregon, Miss Teen USA 1990
1973 Melonie McGarrah, Rogers Arkansas, Miss America-Arkansas 1997
1973 Tijani Babangida, soccer player, Roda JC
1973 Bridgette Wilson, American Actress
1972 Kevin Mason, CFL quarterback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
1972 Nikole Viola, Miss USA-Louisiana 1997
1971 John Lynch, NFL safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1971 Tony Harrison, WLAF receiver for the Frankfurt Galaxy
1970 Curtis Buckley, NFL safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1970 Damon Pieri, NFL safety for the Carolina Panthers
1970 Doug Pelfrey, NFL kicker for the Cincinnati Bengals
1970 Kerri Kendall, born in San Diego, California, playmate, Sep, 1990
1970 Shannon Jones, WLAF linebacker for the Scottish Claymores
1970 Dean Ween, American Musician
1969 Catherine Zeta Jones, Swansea Wales, actress, Christopher Columbus
1969 David Weathers, Lawrencburg, Tennessee, pitcher, Florida Marlins, New York Yankees
1969 Hansie Cronje, cricket captain, solid South African batsman
1969 Michae Wright, WLAF cornerback, Barcelona Dragons
1969 Catherine Zeta-Jones, Welsh Actress
1968 Johan Friso, prince of Orange-Nassau, Netherlands
1968 Reggie Jefferson, Tallahassee, Florida, 1st baseman, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Seattle, Boston
1968 Will Smith, actor/rapper, Men In Black, Indepedence Day, Fresh Prince
1967 Lezlie Lund, Tolna ND, Miss ND-America 1991
1966 Elizabeth "Liz" Tchou, Medford, New Jersey, field hockey defender 1996 Olympics
1966 Todd Philcox, NFL quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1965 Fresh Prince, Will Smith, rapper, Parents Just Don't Understand
1965 Scottie Pippen, Hamburg Ak, basket forward, Bulls, Gold Medals 1992, 1996 Olympics
1965 Scottie Pippen, NBA forward, Chicago Bulls
1964 Bryan Tooley, Eugene Ore, kayak alternate for 1996 Olympics
1963 Keely Shaye Smith, correspondent, Unsolved Mysteries
1962 Rajiv Kulkarni, cricketer, Indian Test pace bowler 1986-87
1962 Aida Turturro, American Actress
1961 Heather Locklear, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Stacy-T J Hooker, Sammy Jo-Dynasty
1961 Tim Zoehrer, cricketer, Aussie keeper, and occasional WA leggie
1959 Andy Waller, cricketer, big-hitting Zimbabwe batsman-1992 World Cup
1958 Michael Madsen, Chicago, actor, Reservoir Dogs, Straight Talk
1957 Rupert Haselden, journalist/Screenwriter
1955 Adelmo "Zucchero" Fornaciari, Italian R&B-singer, Senza una Donna
1955 Steven Severin, British pop bassist, Siouxsie and Banshees-Wild Thing
1952 Christopher Reeve, New York City, actor, Superman, Somewhere in Time
1952 Tommy Norden, New York City, actor, Flipper
1952 Gloria Jean Watkins, born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, born Gloria Jean Watkins, author, feminist, focus on race, class, gender, wrote, 'Ain't I a Woman? : Black Women and Feminism'
1951 Bob McAdoo, NBA forward and center, Buffalo Braves, Los Angeles Lakers
1951 Burleigh Drummond, rocker, Ambrosia
1951 Mark Hamill, born in Oakland California, actor, Luke Skywalker-Star Wars
1951 Pedro Almodovar, Spain, director/screenwriter, Kika, Matador
1949 Anson Williams, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Potsie-Happy Days
1949 Inshan Ali, cricketer, big-spinning WI chinaman bowler 1971-77
1949 Jerry Costello, born in East St. Louis, Illinois, Representative-D-Illinois 1988 -
1949 Mimi Kennedy, born in Rochester, New York, actress, Spencer, 3 girls 3, Under 1 Roof
1949 Burton Richardson, American Entertainer
1949 Jerry Costello, American Politician
1947 Cheryl Tiegs, born in Minnesota, model, Sports Illustrated
1947 John Fiddler, born in England, rock vocalist and guitarist, British Lions
1946 Bishan Bedi, cricketer, mighty Indian slow left-armer 1966-79
1946 Felicity Kendal, Indies/British actress, Shakespeare Wallah
1946 Gilmer Bryan Morgan, Wewoka, Oklahoma, PGA golfer, 1977 BC Open
1945 Kathleen Brown, state treasurer, D-Calif, 1991-
1945 Owen "Onnie" McIntyre, Scotland, guitarist, Average White Band
1945 Reynold Henry Weidenaar, composer
1945 Dee Dee Warwick, American Musician
1944 Eugenia Zukerman, Cambridge Ms, flutist/novelist, Deceptive Cadence
1944 Grayson Shillingford, cricket bowler, WI 1969-71, 7 Tests 15 wickets
1944 Michael Douglas, born in New Jersey, actor, Coma, Wall St, Jewel of the Nile
1943 Gary Alexander, Tennessee, rock vocalist and guitarist, Association
1943 John Locke, rock keyboardist, Spirit-I Got A Line on You
1943 Robert Walden, New York City, actor, Joe Rossi-Lou Grant, New Doctors
1943 Robert M. Gates, American Politician
1942 John Taylor, jazz pianist
1942 Michael Stephen, born in England, politician, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament for Shoreham from 1992 until 1997
1942 Peter Petherick, cricketer, New Zealand slow lefty 1976-77, hat-trick on debut
1941 Vivian Stern, director, Nacros
1940 Timothy Severin, author/explorer
1939 David S. Mann, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1993 - 1995
1939 Joseph "Jesse" Russell, U.S. singer, Slip Sliding Away
1939 Leon Britain, vice president, Commission of European Communities
1937 Michael Gibbs, jazz composer
1936 Edward Jones, U.K. military rep to NATO
1936 Juliet Prowse, Bombay India, actress/dancer, Who Killed Teddy Bear
1936 Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes, bluesman
1934 John S Bull, Memphis Tennessee, astronaut
1934 Struther Arnott, professor, St. Andrew University
1933 Adolfo Suarez Gonzalez, premier of Spain, 1976-81
1933 Erik Darling, born in Baltimore, Maryland, rocker, Rooftop Singers
1933 Ian Tyson, born in British Columbia, Canada, singer, songwriter, guitarist, song 'Four Strong Winds' chosen as greatest Canadian song of all time, in Canada's Country Music Hall of Fame
1932 Andrew Gardner, British broadcaster
1932 Daphne Swallow, commandant/director, WRNS
1932 Glenn Herbert Gould, born in Toronto, Canada, pianist, sued Steinway Piano
1932 Glenn Gould, Canadian Musician
1932 Charles Stanley, born in Dry Fork, Virginia, senior pastor, founder of In Touch Ministries, created globally syndicated religious broadcasts, appearing in 500 radio stations, 300 television stations, in 49 languages
1931 Barbara Walters, born in Boston, Massachusetts, newscaster, Today, 20/20, ABC-TV
1931 Patrick WIlliam Walker, British astrologer
1929 John Rutherford, cricketer, one Test for Australia 1956
1929 Ronnie Barker, British comedian, 2 Ronnies
1928 Hendrika G "Tine" de Vries, actress, Seaman's Wife
1927 Carl Braun, basketball player for the New York Knicks
1927 Colin Rex Davis, Weybridge England, conductor, New York Met 1967-71
1926 Aldo Ray, Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania, actor, God's Little Acre, Green Beret
1926 John Ericson, Dusseldorf Germany, actor, Sam Bolt-Honey West
1926 Sergei Filatov, U.S.S.R., equestrian dressage 1960 Olympics gold
1925 Silvana Pampanini, Rome, Italy, actress, Day in Court, Island Sinner
1925 William Edgar Mitchell, physicist
1924 Norman Ayrton, opera director, Royal Shakespearean Academy - UK
1923 Sam Rivers, American Musician
1922 John Farr, born in Nottingham, England, Sir John Arnold Farr, politician, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament for Harborough 1959 - 1992, served with Royal Navy during World War II
1921 Remy C, de Kerckhove, Flemish poet
1921 Robert Muldoon, premier New Zealand, 1975-84, chairman, IMF
1920 Sergey Bondarchuk, Belozerka Ukraine, director, War and Peace
1918 Phil Rizzuto, born in Brooklyn, New York, Major League Baseball player, shortstop for the New York Yankees
1916 Tolia Nikiprowetzsy, composer
1914 Frederick William Sternfield, musicologist
1913 David Hunt, British diplomat/quiz winner
1911 Lionel Henry Nowak, composer
1909 Florizel A Glasspole, governor-general of Jamaica, 1973-91
1908 Eugen Suchon, composer
1907 Jan Felderhof, composer
1907 Phyllis Pearsall-Gross, British Geographer, A to Z Map Company
1907 Robert Bresson, France, director, Pickpocket, Mouchette
1906 Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich, St. Petersburg Russia, composer
1906 Jaroslav Jezek, composer
1906 Madeleine Bourdouxhe, writer
1906 Phyllis Pearsall, painter/writer
1906 Dimitri Shostakovich, Russian Composer
1906 Franklin Garrett, American Historian
1905 Nahman Avigad, Israeli archaeologist, Discovering Jerusalem
1905 Red Smith, Green Bay Wisconsin, sportscaster/columnist, Fight Talk
1903 John Everett Allen, U.S. businessman
1903 Mark Rothko, Marcus Rothkovich, U.S., painter, Green on Blue
1902 Ernst von Salomon, German writer, Kette Der Tausend Kraniche
1902 Jeno Takacs, born in Cinfalva, Hungary, composer, studied with Joseph Marx, Paul Weigarten, professor of piano, composition at University of Manila in the Philippines, gave concerts in China, Japan, Hong Kong
1897 Otto AP Furst von Bismarck-Schonhausen, German diplomat/politician
1897 Teddy Hart, New York City, actor, 3 Men on a Horse
1897 William Faulkner, Mississippi, author, Sound and Fury-Nobel 1949
1896 Elsa Triolet, writer
1896 Roberto Gerhard, composer
1896 Sandro Pertini, president Italy
1889 George Douglas Howard Cole, socialist/novelist
1887 May Sutton Bundy, U.S., 1st U.S. woman to win Wimbledon, U.S. 1904
1886 Jesus Guridi, composer
1886 John Howard Lawson, scriptwriter/playwright
1884 Cornelis "Kees" Boeke, Dutch educationalist
1881 Lu Xun, Chinese Author
1879 Luis da Costa, composer
1877 Plutarco Elias Calles, Mexican revolutionary, president, 1924-28
1872 Charles Blake Cochran, impresario
1869 Rudolf Otto, German Theologian
1866 Thomas Hunt Morgan, U.S., biologist, Nobel-1933
1862 Leon Boellmann, French organist/composer, Variations Symphoniques
1862 William Morris Hughes, Australian Politician
1858 Emmeline Pankhurst-Goulden, English feminist
1852 Cornelis J Snijders, supreme commander of Dutch Navy, 1910-18
1852 Gestur Palsson, Iceland writer, Verdandi, Ritsafn
1852 Hans Vaihinger, German philosopher, Nietzsche Philosophy
1846 Vladimir Koppen, Russian/German meteorologist
1839 Karl A von Zittel, German geologist/paleontologist, Libya
1839 Mina JPR Kruseman, writer/feminist
1832 William Le Baron Jenney, U.S., architect/"father of skyscraper"
1830 Karl Klindworth, pianist/conductor
1829 William Michael Rossetti, civil servant
1823 Thomas John Wood, Major General Union volunteers
1822 Adolph Wilhelm August Friedrich von Steinwehr, Brigadier General, Union
1805 Henry P. Scholte, Dutch / U.S. vicar and founder, Pella colony in Iowa
1798 Henri Scheffer, painter
1798 JBAL Leonce Elie de Beaumont, French mine engineer/geologist
1793 Felicia Dorothea Hermans, poet
1785 George Frederic Pinto, composer
1766 Armand-Emmanuel, duc de Richelieu, French PM, 1815-18, 1820-21
1752 Carl Stenborg, composer
1744 Frederik Willem II, king of Prussia, 1786-97
1741 Vaclav Pichl, composer
1734 Louis RE prince de Rohan-Guemene, French archbishop of Straatsburg
1729 Christian G Heyne, German archaeologist
1725 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, designed and built 1st automobile
1718 Louis E of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, Thick Duke, Austrian duke
1714 Jean-Benoit Leclair, composer
1683 Jean-Philippe Rameau, Dijon France, composer, Traite, baptized
1657 Imre Thokoly, Hungary, patriot, opposed Habsburg rule
1644 Olaus Romer, Denmark, 1st to accurately measured speed of light
1627 Jacques-Benigne Bossuet, theologist
1612 Mark Zuesius Boxhorn, Dutch historian
1599 Francesco Borromini, Swiss Architect
1593 Matthew Merian, the Elder, engraver/bookseller