September 28 Birthdays in History - September 28 Deaths - September 28 Events
1991 Saffron LeBon, London, daughter of Simon and Yasmon
1987 Hilary Duff, born in Houston, Texas, actress, appeared in 'A Cinderella Story', singer, sold over 13 million albums, which include, 'Metamorphosis', 'Hilary Duff', 'Dignity'
1981 Vincent Kartheiser, actor, Hairy Bird, Alaska, Untamed Heart
1979 Anndi Lynn McAfee, actress, Ice Cream Man, Conagher
1979 Bam Margera, born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, professional skateboarder, appeared in 'Viva La Bam' MTV television show and 'Jackass' movies
1978 Marzena Godecki, actress, Ocean Girl
1978 Nestaea Sealy, Miss Bahamas Universe 1997
1975 Karan Ashley Jackson, Odessa, Texas, actress, Aisha-Mighty Power Rangers
1975 Mandy Barnett, country singer, Maybe, Rainy Days
1972 Cathy Caverzasio, born in Switzerland, tennis star
1972 Dena Querubin, Waterford, New Jersey, Miss America-New Jersey 1996
1972 Greg Ivy, NFL punter for the Atlanta Falcons
1971 Chad May, NFL/WLAF quarterback, Minnesota Vikings, Frankfurt Galaxy
1971 David Weightman, Australian rower 1996 Olympics
1971 Janet Evans, born in Placentia, California, competitive swimmer, 1988 Olympics gold-medal winner, freestyle, seven World records, five Olympic medals
1971 Marcus Spears, NFL/WLAF guard and tackle, Chicago Bears, Amsterdam Admirals
1971 Matthew Elliott, cricketer, Australian Test opening batsman vs. WI 1996
1970 Kimiko Date, Kyoto Japan, tennis star, 1996 Japan Open
1970 Mira Sorvino, born in Tenafly, New Jersey, actress, Quiz Show, Norma Jean and Marilyn
1969 Jack O'Keffe, Waterbury CT, Australasia golfer
1969 L Janusz Hooker, Australian rower 1996 Olympics
1968 Bess Singh, Lennart Bes, Dutch pop drummer, Burma Shop-Hippies
1968 Carre Otis, born in San Francisco, California, actress, Wild Orchid
1968 Jerry Evans, NFL tight end for the Denver Broncos
1968 Jock Climie, CFL slot back, Montreal Alouettes
1968 Vanessa Vadim, Paris, daughter of Jane Fonda/actress, Last Party
1968 Mika Hakkinen, born in Vantaa, Finland, racing driver, Formula One World Champion, seven times world champion
1968 Naomi Watts, born in Shoreham, England, British-Australian actress, films include 'Mulholland Drive', 'King Kong'
1967 Darion Conner, NFL linebacker for the Carolina Panthers
1967 Jake Reed, NFL wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings
1967 Jason Dungjen, born in Detroit, Michigan, pairs skaters 1994 Olympics
1967 Moon Unit Zappa, rocker, Valley Girl, Frank's daughter
1967 Oswald Drawdy, Hampton, South Carolina, Canadian Tour golfer, 1987 South Carolina Amateur
1966 Erno Das, lighting tech/gaffer, Spiegels, Lovely Liza
1966 Kevin Baker, Montreal, Canadian Tour golfer, Manitoba Amateur-1988
1966 Scott Adams, NFL offensive linesman for the Chicago Bears
1965 Brigitte Rouan, Toulon France, director/actress, Outremer
1964 Janeane Garofalo, born in New Jersey, comedienne, SNL, Truth about Cats and Dogs
1964 Susan Walters, Georgia, actress, Lorna-Loving, Mary Beth-Dear John
1963 Johnny Earl Dawkins, Jr., NBA guard, Spurs, Charlotte Hornets
1963 Philip Greenspun, American Scientist
1962 Anne-Marie Fox, born in Los Angeles, California, playmate, Feb, 1982
1962 Irving Fryar, NFL wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins
1962 Laurie Rinker-Graham, Stuart, Florida, LPGA golfer, 1986 LPGA Corning
1962 Luis Enrique, spanish singer, Luces del Alma
1962 S C Grant, British Lieutenant-General
1962 Thomas Mork, Denmark, actor, Krystalbarnet, Bryggeren
1961 Anne White, Charleston, West Virginia, tennis, Wore spandex in '85 Wimbledon
1961 Ed Vosberg, born in Tucson, Arizona, pitcher for the Texas Rangers
1961 Michael-James Wixted, born in Santa Monica, California, actor, Smith Family
1961 Yordanka Donkova, Bulgaria, 100 m hurdler, world record
1960 Derek James, Durban South Africa, Canadian Tour golfer, 1994 Infiniti
1960 Gus Logie, cricketer, WI batsman 1983-91, great fielder
1960 Jennifer Rush, singer and songwriter, Destiny, Ring of Ice
1960 Tom Byrum, Onida, South Dakota, Nike golfer, 1994 NIKE Panama City Beach-4th
1959 Angela Groothuizen, Dutch singer, Dolly Dots
1959 Billy Montana, Country/Western performer, No Yesterday, Angelia
1959 Todd Worrell, Arcadia California, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers
1958 Angella Issajenko, Jamaica, 4X100m relayer 1984 Olympics silver
1958 Lory Del Santo, Verona Italy, Miss Italy, 1980
1958 Med Lucart, rock musician, Wall of Voodoo
1957 Alannah Currie, Auckland New Zealand, rock xylophone/vocalist, Thompson Twins
1957 Marc Duret, actor, Dobermann, Hatred, Big Blue
1954 George Lynch, rock guitarist, Lynch Mob-Wicked Sensations
1954 Steve Largent, NFL wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks
1953 Jim Diamond, Scotish singer and songwriter, I Should Have Known Better
1952 Sylvia Kristel, Netherlands, actress, Emmanuelle, Priv School for Girls
1951 Christian Marlowe, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Bram-Highcliffe Manor
1951 Dave Rajsich, pitcher, New York Yankees
1951 Silvia Dionisio, Rome, Italy, actress, Riavanti Marsh!, Amici Miei
1950 John Sayles, born in Schenetady, New York, actor, Brother from Another Planet
1950 Paul Burgess, British drummer, 10cc-Not Alone
1947 Gillian Rose, philosopher and writer
1947 Harold Dow, Hackensack, New Jersey, news correspondent, CBS, 48 Hours
1947 Jeffrey Jones, born in Buffalo, New York, actor, Beetlejuice, Ferris Bueller
1947 Peter Hope-Evans, British singer/harmonicaist, Family
1947 Lyndon Harrison, born in Britain, Baron Harrison, life peer, House of Lords, Member of the European Parliament 1989 - 1999
1946 Fiona Lewis, Westcliff England, actress, Stunts, Lisztomania
1946 Helen Shapiro, Bethnal Green London, rock vocalist, Culture Club
1946 Herbert Jefferson, Jr., born in Jersey City, New Jersey, actor, Battlestar Galactica
1946 Larry Breeding, Winchester, Illinois, actor, Who's Watching the Kids?
1946 Majid Khan, cricketer, great Pakistani batsman 1964-82
1946 Peter Egan, actor, Bean, Chariots of Fire
1945 Conny Van Dyke, Nassawadox, Virginia, actress, Framed, Hell's Angels '69
1945 Marielle Goitschel, Ste Maxime France, alpine skier, Olympics gold 64
1944 Matthew Cowles, soap actor, Eban Japes-Loving, Billy in 'All My Children'
1943 Gertrud "Traudl" Hecher, Austria, downhill skier 1960 Olympics bronze
1943 J T Walsh, actor, Col Frank Bach-Dark Skies
1943 Joel Higgins, Bloomington, Illinois, actor, Salvage 1, Silver Spoons
1943 Lou Piniella, outfielder/manager, New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners
1943 Mike Kreidler, Representative-D-Washington 1993 - 1995
1943 Nick St. Nicholas, Hamburg Germany, rock bassist, Steppenwolf
1943 Susanne Jagd, Denmark, actress, Between the Sheets, Tinderbox
1942 Grant "Mudcat" Jackson, pitcher, 1972 New York Yankees, Phillies
1941 Charley Taylor, NFL wide receiver/running back, Washington Redskin
1940 Alekander Sergeyevich Ivanchenkov, U.S.S.R., cosmonaut, Soyuz 29/31, T-6
1940 Aleksandr Y. Kalery, Russian cosmonaut
1940 George Greenstein, author, Secret of a Jewish Baker
1938 Ben E[arl] King, Nelson, North Carolina, singer, Stand by Me
1937 Colin Berry, professor, morbid anatomist
1937 Edward Applebaum, composer
1936 Robert Hogan, New York City, actor, Peyton Place, Operation Petticoat
1936 Robert Wolders, Rotterdam Holland, actor, Erik Hunter-Laredo
1936 Sherwood Boehlert, born in Utica, New York, Representative-R-New York 1983 - 2007
1935 Bruce Crampton, Sydney Australia, PGA golfer, 1961 Milwaukee Open
1935 Heather Sears, born in London, England, actress, Room at the Top
1935 Koko Taylor, Cora Walton, U.S. vocalist, Queen of the Blues
1934 Brigitte Bardot, born in Paris, France, sex kitten, And God Created Women
1933 Madeleine M Kunin, born in Switzerland, Gov-D-Vt, 1st Jewish Governor of Vermont
1932 Michael G[reatrex] Coney, Canada, sci-fi author, Cat Karina
1931 John E. Gilmore, tenor Saxophonist
1930 Robin Buchanan, CEO, NHS Supplies Auth, Wessex Regional Health Auth
1930 Tommy Collins, Leonard Sipes, country singer, Don't Growl
1930 Ugo Gregoretti, Rome, Italy, actor, Rogopag, Common Sense of Modesty
1929 Marilyn Clark, Spokane, Washington, actress, House of Party Beach
1929 Nigel Althaus, British government broker
1929 Nikolay Ryzhkov, Premier of U.S.S.R., 1985-1991
1929 Lata Mangeshkar, Indian Musician
1928 Naphtali Kupferberg, singer, Fugs
1927 Thomas J J Altizer, Massachusetts, U.S. Radical theologian, God is Dead
1926 Jerry Clower, Amite County Mississippi, country comedian, Nashville on Road
1925 Arnold Stang, Massachusetts, comedian/actor, Broadside, Milton Berle, Top Cat
1925 Frank Latimore, Kline, Darien, Connecticut, actor, Patton, Breakin Up
1925 Seymour Cray, inventor, Cray I computer
1924 Antonio Jacinto, Portuguese West Africa, Angolan poet
1924 Marcello Mastroianni, Rome, Italy, actor, 8, La Dolce Vita
1923 Duke of Buccleuch, British large landowner/art collector
1923 Fred Robbins, born in Baltimore, Maryland, DJ, Coke Time with Eddie Fisher, Robbins Nest
1923 William Windom, New York City, actor, Farmer's Daughter, Murder She Wrote
1922 Frederik JW "Fried" Lowensteyn, Stephan Styrmarck, lawyer
1922 Joe Silver, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Mr I Magination, Fay
1922 Phyllis Friend, chief nursing officer, DHSS
1921 Ilhan Usmanbas, composer
1919 Lenn Hjortzberg, Karlskrona Sweden, director, Persona, Devil's Eye
1919 Tom Harmon, Rensselaer Indiana, sportscaster/NFL tailback, Heisman
1917 Michael [George] Somes, England, dancer, Royal Ballet
1917 Vaclav Kaslik, Czechoslovakia, opera composer and conductor
1916 Francis Cockfield, born in Horsham, England, born Francis Arthur Cockfield, Baron Cockfield of Dover in the County of Kent, politician, Conservative Party, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
1916 Peter Finch, London, actor, Network, Windom's Way, Raid on Entebbe
1915 Julius Rosenberg, New York City, 1st U.S. civilian executed for espionage
1914 Harold Taylor, Canada, educator, Art and the Future
1914 Jim Boyd, country/western performer
1914 James Scarlett, born in England, born James Richard Scarlett, 8th Baron Abinger, Lord Abinger, politician, Royal Artillery Lieutenant-Colonel, Deputy Lieutenant for Essex
1913 Alice Marble, Beckworth California, tennis player, U.S. Open 1936, 1938-40
1913 Edith Mary Ellis Peters Pargeter, author
1913 Vivian Fine, born in Chicago, Illinois, composer, Women in the Garden
1913 Ellis Peters, British Author
1911 Henry Ellsworth Vines, Jr., tennis, U.S. Open 1931, 32, golfer
1910 Diosdado Macapagal, Philippines president, 1961-65
1910 Fran Lee, New York City, actress, Ms Wong-Major Dell Conway
1909 Al Capp, Alfred Gerald Caplin, New Haven, Connecticut, cartoonist, Li'l Abner
1909 Wiesje Bouwmeester, Dutch actress, Doodzonde
1909 Stephen Spender, English Poet
1908 Marin Goleminov, composer
1907 Glen "Turk" Edwards, NFL tackle, Boston/Washington Redskins
1907 Heikki Savolainen, Finland, pommel horse gymnast 1948 Olympics gold
1907 Ida Turay, Budapest, actress, Deryne, Ida Regenye
1907 John Prickett, teacher/ecumenist
1905 Max Schmeling, Germany, world heavyweight boxing champ, 1930-32
1905 William Northam, Austria, yachtsman 1964 Olympic gold
1904 Hendrik J Hofstra, Dutch minister of Finance, PvdA
1902 Ed Sullivan, TV variety show host/gossip columnist, Ed Sullivan Show
1901 Friedrichs, mathematician
1901 Lily Bouwmeester, Dutch actress/comedienne, Pygmalion
1901 William Samuel Paley, born in Chicago, Illinois, president and CEO of CBS, 1928-90
1901 William S. Paley, American Businessman
1897 Muchtar Auesow, writer
1895 Charles Petrie, Liverpool, historian
1895 Dave Franklin, New York City, composer, Hop-a-long Cassidy
1895 Lawton Whitey Witt, outfielder, New York Yankees, 1922-25
1895 Wallace K Harrison, Worcester Massachusetts, U.S. architect, UN, Lincoln Center
1893 Marie V Felix, prince of Luxemburg/Bourbon-Parma
1892 Edmond Thieffry, Belgian WW I pilot/air pioneer
1892 Elmer Rice, New York City, playwright/director/novelist, Pulitzer-Street Scene
1892 Ruth Stonehouse, born in Denver, Colorado, film director, silent era film actress, directed films 'The Winning Pair', 'Tacky Sue's Romance'
1889 Carlos I FLMVMRGGXF of Assisi JS, king of Portugal
1889 D P "Dad" Carter, baritone, Chuck Wagon Gang
1889 Octavus L "Octave" van Aerschot, Dutch violinist and actor, Hippie
1888 Herman McNeile, Cornwall England, soldier/novelist, Bull-Dog Drummond
1887 Avery Brundage, born in Detroit, Michigan, CEO, International Olympic Committee, 1952-72
1885 Wilbur 'Lefty' Good, pitcher, New York Yankees, 1905
1882 Eugenio d' Ors y Rovira, Barcelona Spain, essayist/philosopher
1882 Jack Fournier, 2nd baseman, 1917-18 New York Yankees
1881 Henry Geehl, composer
1881 Pedro De Cordoba, New York City, actor, Mexican Hayride, Before I Hang
1880 Ralph Edward Flanders, Barnet VT, Sen-VT
1879 Benjamin Christensen, Viborg Denmark, actor, Barnet, Mockery
1877 Stanner E V Taylor, born in St. Louis, Missouri, director and writer, Lucky Jim, Ramona
1873 Julian Lowell Coolidge, Massachusetts, mathematician, Study-Segre school
1873 Waclaw Rawicz, Berent, Warsaw Poland, biologist/writer
1872 Lena Ashwell, England, actress/theatrical manager, Kingsway
1872 Tom Terriss, born in London, England, director, His Buddy's Wife, Sumuru
1871 Pietro Badoglio, Italy, general/Libya Governor, 1928 - 1933, Prime Minister of Italy, 1943 - 1944
1870 Florent Schmitt, Blamont France, composer, Fredegonde, Salome
1864 Barry E Odell Pain, English writer, Punch
1863 Charles, Lisbon Portugal, king, 1889-1908
1861 Pedro De Cordoba, New York City, actor, Club Havana, Swamp Fire, Saboteur
1856 Edward Herbert Thompson, Massachusetts, archaeologist, Mayan civilization
1856 Kate Douglas Wiggins, author, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
1855 Thomas F Tout, London, historian, Manchester school of historiography
1854 Adam Sedgwick, Norwich England, English zoologist, Peripatus
1852 John [Denton Pinkstone] French, Earl of Ypres/British field marshall
1852 [Ferdinand-Frederic-]Henri Moissan, Paris, France, chemist, Nobel 1906
1851 Henry Arthur Jones, English playwright, Judah
1849 Dudley Allen Sargent, U.S., physician/educator, Harvard U gymnasium
1844 Michael Hertz, composer
1844 Robert Stout, Shetland Islands Scotland, New Zealand prime minister, 1884-87
1841 Georges Clemenceau, France, PM, 1906-09, 17-20, defended Dreyfuss
1840 Alexander Swift "Sandie" Pendleton, Lt-colonel Confederate Army
1840 Rudolf Baumbach, Thuringia [Germany], writer of student drinking songs
1839 Frances E C Willard, New York, founder, Woman's Christian Temperance Union
1839 Frances E. Willard, American Activist
1833 James Deering Fessenden, Major General Union volunteers
1828 Friedrich A Lange, Prussia, philosopher/socialist, Neo-Kantianism
1825 Rafael Nunez, Colombia, 3 times president, 188?..94
1824 Alfred Gilpin Jones, Weymouth NS, lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia, 1900 - 1906
1824 Francis Turner Palgrave, Eng, poet, Golden Treasury, Professor, Oxford
1820 Freidrich Engels, German social philosopher
1819 Jacob G de Hoop Scheffer, Dutch vicar/theologist
1813 Anton Wallerstein, composer
1811 Friedrich Hecker, Baden, German revolutionary republican politician
1807 Arnold Henry Guyot, born in Switzerland, U.S. geologist, geographer, and meteorologist
1803 Prosper Merimee, Paris, France, playwright, Carmen
1793 Denis A Affre, archbishop of Paris, 1840-48
1793 Denis-Auguste Affre, Franc, archbishop/opponent of King Louis-Philippe
1789 Richard Bright, England, physician, Bright's Disease/nephritis
1785 David Walker, Wilmington, North Carolina, abolitionist, Appeal to Colored Citizens
1780 Elie Decazes, France, Bourbon Restoration political figure
1761 Budan de Boislaurent, mathematician
1748 Johann Michael Demmler, composer
1746 William Jones, born in London, England, British Orientalist/jurist
1735 August Henry Fitzroy, 3rd duke of Grafton/English premier
1705 Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland, England, corrupt politician, Chiswick
1705 Johann Peter Kellner, composer
1698 Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis, born in France, mathematician and astronomer
1681 Johann Mattheson, Hamburg Germany, composer
1679 Mihael Omerza, composer
1612 Michel Anguier, French sculptor
1605 Boulliau, mathematician
1596 Vredius, Olivier de Wree, Flemish historian/poet/mayor
1573 Caravaggio, Italy, painter
1493 Agnolo Firenzuola, Giovannini, Italian monk, Golden Donkey