September 29 Birthdays in History - September 29 Deaths - September 29 Events
2008 Emma Tallulah Behn, born in Lommedalen, Oslo, Norway
1988 Emily Evelyn Chase, daughter of Jayni and Chevy
1978 Mandy Groff, Miss Nebraska Teen USA 1996
1978 Mohini Bhardwaj, Philadelphia, gymnast alternate for 1996 Olympics
1975 Heather Pease, Monterey California, synchronized swimmer, 1996 Olympics gold
1974 Danielle DuClos, actress, Midnight Run, Zits
1972 Butler By'not'e, NFL running back for the Carolina Panthers
1972 Jorgen Jonsson, hockey forward, Team Sweden 1998
1972 Trent Zenkewicz, NFL defensive tackle for the Atlanta Falcons
1971 Adrion Smith, CFL cornerback for the Toronto Argonauts
1971 Derrick Davis, WLAF cornerback for the Amsterdam Admirals
1971 Donald Smith, CFL cornerback for the Toronto Argonauts
1971 Jay Kearney, WLAF receiver for the Frankfurt Galaxy
1971 Ray Buchanan, NFL center for the Indianapolis Colts
1971 Mackenzie Crook, English Actor
1970 Chris Mims, NFL defensive end for the San Diego Chargers
1970 Danny de Supervise, soccer player, FC Volendam
1970 Derrick Oden, NFL linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles
1970 Emily Lloyd, born in London, England, actress, Wish You Were Here, In Country
1970 Joseph Hudson, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox
1970 Luke Bodensteiner, Iowa City Iowa, cross country skier 1994 Olympics
1970 Natasha Gregson Wagner, actress, Dark Horse, SFW, Robert's daughter
1970 Nicolas Pereira, Salto Uruguay, tennis pro
1970 Tina Fischer, Bad Nauheim Germany, golfer, European Amat champ 1994
1969 Erika Eleniak, born in Glendale California, playmate, Jul, 1989, actress, Baywatch
1969 Kelly Robbins, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, LPGA golfer, 1995 McDonald's LPGA
1968 Luke Goss, rocker, Bros-I Owe You Nothing
1968 Matt Goss, rocker, Bros-I Owe You Nothing
1967 Dave Silvestri, born in St. Louis, Missouri, infielder, New York Yankees, Montreal Expos
1966 Hersey Hawkins, NBA guard, Seattle Supersonics, Olympic-bronze-1988
1966 Jason Gould, son of Barbra Striesand and Elliot Gould
1966 Jill Whelan, Oakland Cal, actress, Vicki-Love Boat, Young and Restless
1966 Ken Norton, Jr., NFL linebacker, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers
1966 Rudy Poeschek, Kamloops, NHL right wing, Tampa Bay Lightning
1965 Fora van Leijenhorst, Curacaos/Netherlands dancer, Josephine
1965 Trent Yawney, Hudson Bay, NHL defenseman for the Calgary Flames
1964 Brad Lohaus, NBA forward and center for the New York Knicks
1964 John Tucker, Windsor, NHL right wing, Tampa Bay Lightning
1964 Julie Peterson, Havre de Grace, Maryland, playmate, Feb, 1987
1963 Les Claypool, U.S. funk metal singer/bassist, Primus-Suck on This
1961 Tom Sizemore, American Actor
1960 John MacBeth Paxson, NBA Guard, Chicago Bulls
1960 Leslie Graves, Silver City, New Mexico, actress, Capitol
1960 Rob Deer, MLB Outfielder, Milw Brewers
1960 Wendy White, born in Atlanta, Georgia, tennis player
1959 Leslie Graves, Silver City, New Mexico, actress, Brenda-Capitol, Death Wish 2
1957 Andrew "Dice" Clay, Silverstien, comedian, Adv of Ford Fairlane
1957 Chris Broad, cricketer, prolific England opening batsman 1984-89
1957 Craig Lefferts, born in Munich, West Germany, professional baseball player, played for Chicago Cubs, relief pitcher, pitching coach for Vancouver Canadians
1957 Mari Wilson, born in Neasden, England, singer, influenced by early 1960s pop music songs
1957 Tim Flannery, DJ/MLB player for the San Diego Padres
1956 James Donald Halsell, Jr., Monroe, Louisiana, astronaut, STS-65, 74, 83, 94
1956 Sebastian Coe, born in Chiswick, England, politician, Conservative party, former athlete, Olympic gold medalist 1980 and 1984, considered greatest middle distance runner ever
1955 Ken Weatherwax, actor, Pugsley-Addams Family
1955 Mark Mitchell, actor, Larger than Life, Lift Off, Ground Zero
1955 Vicki Fergon, Palo Alto California, LPGA golfer, 1979 Lady Stroh's
1955 Ann Bancroft, born in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, author, teacher, adventurer, Arctic and Antarctic explorer, National Women's Hall of Fame inductee
1955 Gwen Ifill, American Journalist
1954 Cindy Morgan, Cichorski, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Tron
1954 Stephen Platt, editor, New Statesman and Society
1953 Drake Hogestyn, Ft. Wayne Indiana, actor, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers
1953 Jean-Claude Lauzon, Montreal, director and writer, Leola, Night Zoo
1953 Warren Cromartie, born in Miami Beach, Florida, professional baseball player, outfielder, first baseman, played with the Kansas City Royals, Montreal Expos
1952 Monika Zehrt, born in East Germany, 400m runner, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1951 David Murray, cricketer, WI wicket-keeper
1949 Steve Busby, born in Burbank, California, baseball player, sportscaster, starting pitcher, played for Major League Baseball team Kansas City Royals
1949 Tony Hoty, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Ransom, Paper
1948 Bryant Gumbel, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, sportscaster/TV host, Today Show
1948 John M. McHugh, born in Watertown, New York, Representative-R-New York 1993 -
1948 Mark Farner, Michigan, guitar/vocalist, Grand Funk Railroad-Locomotion
1948 Mike Pinear, rock guitarist, Iron Butterfly
1948 Viktor Krovopouskov, U.S.S.R., sabres, Gold Medal 1976, 1980 Olympics
1948 John M. McHugh, American Politician
1947 Altie Taylor, soccer star
1947 Jon Snow, British TV journalist, Channel 4
1947 R J Evans, FBA, historian
1946 Alasdair Fraser, QC/director, Public Prosecutions for N Ireland
1946 Nick Taylor, singer/guitarist, Bloodrock
1946 Patricia Hodge, actress, Heat of the Day, Shell Seekers, Sunset
1945 Kyriacos Sfetsas, composer
1945 Nadezhda Chizova, U.S.S.R., shot putter, Olympic-gold/silv/bronze-68/72/76
1945 Sarah Tyacke, Keeper of British Public Records
1944 Mike Post, composer, Rockford Files, Hill St. Blues, Magnum PI
1944 Tommy Boyce, songwriter, Boyce and Hart, Monkees
1944 Torben Jensen, Denmark, actor, Taxa, Hayfever, Watch Me Fly, Guldregn
1943 Lech Walesa, born in Popowo, Poland, leads Polish Solidarity, Nobel 1983
1943 Peter Rigby, CEO, Specialist Computer Holdings
1942 Donna Corcoran, Quincy Massachusetts, actress, Man Without a Star
1942 Ian McShane, Blackburn England, actor, Roots, Bare Essence
1942 Jean-Luc Ponty, France, fusion violinist, Frank Zappa
1942 Madeline Kahn, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety
1942 Rajinder Goel, cricketer, slow lefty who didn't play for India
1942 Steve Tesich, screenwriter/playwright
1942 Bill Nelson,born in Miami, Florida, Representative-D-Florida 1979 - 1991, Senator-D-Florida 2001 -, astronaut, STS-61C
1942 Bill Nelson, American Politician
1942 Donna Leon, American Author
1941 Colin Niven, Headmaster, Alleyn's School
1941 David Steele, cricketer, England batsman, courageous vs. Lillee 1975
1941 Don Nix, U.S. saxophonist, Last Night
1941 Kermit Zarley, born in Seattle, Washington, PGA golfer, 1970 Canadian Open
1940 Jimmy Knapp, trade unionist
1940 John Dawes, born in Chapel of Ease, Wales, rugby union player, rugby coach, captain for The Barbarians, British and Irish Lions, Wales
1940 Mike Eischeid, NFL punter for the Oakland Raiders
1939 Eberhard Koellner, born in East Germany, cosmonaut, Soyuz 31 backup
1939 Larry Linville, Ojai California, actor, Frank Burns-M*A*S*H, Blue Movie
1939 Tommy Boyce, songwriter, Boyce and Hart
1938 H N L Keswick CEO, Matheson and Company
1938 Henry Keswick, British financier/merchant, Hong Kong
1938 Mike McCormick, MLB Pitcher, San Francisco Giants, Cy Young 1967
1938 Wim Kok, NVV/FNV-chairman/Dutch soc-dem party-premier, 1994-
1937 Alice Mahon, born in Halifax, England, trade unionist, politician, Labor Party, Member of Parliament for Halifax 1987 - 2005
1937 R B Heywood, director, British Antarctic Survey
1936 Michael Partridge, British civil servant
1936 Mylene Demongeot, Nice France, actress, 3 Murderesses
1936 Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Statesman
1935 Jerry Lee Lewis, born in Feriday, Louisiana, country singer, Whole Lotta Shakin'
1934 Lance Gibbs, cricketer, prolific West Indian off-spinner, 309 wickets
1934 Lindsay Kline, cricketer, Australian chinaman bowler Hat-trick 1957
1933 Samora Machel, president Mocambique, 1975-86
1932 Canon Paul Oestreicher, CEO, British section, Amnesty International
1932 Jeremy Isaacs, general director, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
1932 Mary Moon, Headmistress, Manchester High School for Girls
1932 Peter Stormonth Darling, CEO, Mercury Asset Management Group
1932 Robert Benton, Texas, writer and director, Kramer vs Kramer
1932 Ronald B Kitaj, US/British painter/graphic artist, pop art
1931 Anita Ekberg, Malmo Sweden, actress, La Dolce Vita, Miss Sweden, 1950
1931 E S Orr Ewing, Lord-Lieutenant of Wigtown
1931 Eddie Barth, Philadelphia, actor, Shaft, Simon and Simon
1931 James Watson Cronin, nuclear physicist
1931 Joseph M. McDade, born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Representative-R-Pennsylvania 1963 - 1999
1931 James Cronin, American Physicist
1930 Colin Dexter, born in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England, author, crime writer of 13 detective novels and 33 episode television series featuring fictional character Detective Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse, portrayed by John Thaw
1930 Morag Timbury, director, Central Public Health Laboratory
1930 Peter Miller, CEO, Lloyd's of London
1930 Ramnath Kenny, cricketer, batted in 5 Tests for India in 1950's
1930 Richard Bonynge, Sydney Australia, conductor, Australia Orchestra Sydney 1976
1929 Murray McLaggan, British Lord-Lieutenant, Mid Glamorgan
1928 Ankie [Johanna A Hoving-]Peypers, Dutch author and poet
1928 Eric Lubbock, born in England, born Eric Lubbock, Lord Avebury, 4th Baron Avebury, politician, Liberal Party, Member of Parliament for Orpington
1927 Adhemar Ferreira da Silva, born in Brazil, triple jumper, Gold Medals 1952, 1956 Olympics
1926 Phyllis Taylor, educationist
1925 John Balcombe, Lord Chief Justice of Appeal
1925 John Tower, born in Houston, Texas, Senator-R-Texas 1961 - 1985
1925 Paul MacCready, engineer/inventor, 1st man-powered aircraft
1925 Trevor Hughes, water engineer
1924 David Atkinson, British air marshal
1924 Steve Forrest, Huntsville, Texas, actor, Ben-Dallas, SWAT
1923 Ellen Malcolm, painter
1923 O A "Bum" Phillips, football coach, Houston Oilers/New Orlean Saints
1923 Bum Phillips, American Coach
1922 Lizabeth Scott, Scranton, Pennsylvania, actress, Dark City, Desert Fury
1921 Miklos Jancso, Vac Hungry, director, Muzsika, Aube, Pacifist
1920 Sergei F Bondarchuk, director/actor, Boris Godunov, Step, Otello
1920 Vaclav Neummann, conductor
1920 Peter D. Mitchell, British Scientist
1919 Masao Takemoto, Japan, gymnast 1960 Olympics gold
1918 Don Castle, Texas, actor, Born to Speed, Tombstone, Motor Patrol
1918 Harold Laurence Walters, composer
1916 Carl Ronald Giles, cartoonist
1916 Minao Shibata, composer
1916 Trevor Howard, born in England, actor, Mutiny on Bounty, Ryan's Daughter
1915 Ann Nagel, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Don Winslow of the Navy
1915 Brenda Marshall, Philippines, actress, Sea Hawk, Paris After Dark
1913 Silvio Piola, soccer star
1913 Stanley E Kramer, New York City, producer/director, Inherit the Wind
1912 Lukas Ammann, Basel, actor, Day of Anger, Class Reunion, Palace Hotel
1912 Michelangelo Antonioni, born in Ferrara, Italy, Italian modernist film director, 'Blow-up', 'Red Desert'
1911 Reginald Victor Jones, CH, FRS natural philosopher
1910 Virginia Bruce, actress, Action in Arabia
1909 Andrew Herron, Moderator, General Assembly of Church of Scotland
1908 Greer Garson, born in North Ireland, actress, Pride and Prejudice, Chips
1908 James Norman Dalrymple Anderson, lawyer
1907 Gene Autry, Tioga, Texas, cowpoke/singer/actor/owner, California Angels
1907 Michael Shepley, Plymouth England, actor, Dick and the Duchess
1907 Richard Harkness, Artesian, South Dakota, newscaster, Story of the Week, NBC
1905 Francis Joseph Quinn, academic
1904 Dorothy Emmet, philosopher
1903 Karl August Andersen, composer
1903 Ted de Corsia, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Police Chief Hegedorn-Steve Canyon
1901 Enrico Fermi, born in Rome, U.S. physicist, gone fission/fermium, Nobel-1938
1899 Billy Butlin, South Africa, holiday camp promoter,
1899 Jolie Gabor, mother of Magda, Zsa Zsa, and Eva
1895 Joseph Banks Rhine, Penn, parapsychologist, Extra-Sensory Perception
1895 Louise Granville, Sydney Australia, entertainer
1894 Franco Capuana, composer
1893 Fabien Sevitzky, Vishny Volotchok Russia, conductor, Philadelphia Orchestra
1893 Phillip Tead, Somerville Massachusetts, actor, Lightnin', Fighting Blade
1891 Gerda Bjorne, Varmland Sweden, actress, Familjen Bjork, Hemsoborna
1890 Maria Matos, Lisbon Portugal, actress, Menina da Radio
1887 Billy Bevan, Orange Australia, actor, White Sin
1884 Boris Asafiev, composer
1881 Ludwig von Mises, Austrian economist and philosopher
1879 Joaquin Nin y Castellanos, composer
1867 Philip Kleintjes, people's rights leader
1864 Miguel de Unamuno Jugo, Bilbao Spain, philosopher, Ensayos, Teatro
1864 Miguel de Unamuno, Spanish Educator
1863 Franz Zorell, German RC exegetist/lexicographer
1863 Hugo Haase, German SPD-German parliament/revolutionary
1858 Leopoldo Mugnone, composer
1857 Conrad T van Deventer, lawyer/2nd-Member of parliament
1855 Michele Esposito, composer
1854 Martin Pluddemann, composer
1849 Ladislao Joseph Philip Paul Zavrtal, composer
1848 Caroline Ardelia Yale, U.S., educated deaf
1838 Henry Hobson Richardson, St. James, Louisiana, Romanesque revival architect
1831 John McAlister Schofield, Major General Union volunteers
1830 John Parker Hawkins, Major General Union Army
1829 Bradley Tyler Johnson, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1829 Giles Alexander Smith, Major General Union volunteers
1815 Andreas Aschenbach, German painter/engraver
1812 Gopel, mathematician
1810 Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, London, novelist
1810 Elizabeth Gaskell, British Novelist
1803 Charles-Francois Sturm, French mathematician, Sturm's Theorem
1794 William Michael Rooke, composer
1778 Catherine McAuley, born in Dublin, Ireland, founder, the Sisters of Mercy, established 12 foundations in Ireland, 2 in England, inherited fortune from father, used money to care for, educate, homeless women and children
1758 Horatio Nelson, Burnham Thorpe Britain, naval hero, Trafalgar
1758 Lord Nelson, British Soldier
1753 Johann Gottfried Schict, composer
1746 Ernst Ludwig Gerber, composer
1727 Henry Harington, composer
1725 Robert Clive, English explorer/founder, British empire in India
1725 Robert Clive, founder, British empire in India
1718 Nikita I Panin, Russian earl/diplomat, plot against Peter III
1714 Peter A van de Parra, Governor-General of Netherlands-Indies, 1761-75
1674 Jacques Hotteterre, composer
1654 Vincenz Lubeck, composer
1640 Antoine Coyzevox, French sculptor, baptized
1620 John L baron of Elderen, 63rd prince-bishop of Luik, 1688-94
1583 Johan VIII, the Younger, count of Nassau-Siegen/field marshall
1561 Roomen, mathematician
1547 Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish Novelist
1518 Tintoretto, Italian painter
1511 Michael Servetus, Spain, physician, Christianism Rostituta
1402 Ferdinand, the Saint, Portuguese slave of Fez/saint
1276 Christoffel II, king of Denmark, Handfaestning