September 30 Birthdays in History - September 30 Deaths - September 30 Events
1992 Marina CAK Windsor, granddaughter of English prince Edward
1982 Lacey Chabert, actress, Party of Five
1981 Dominique Moceanu, born in California, gymnast, World-silver-95, Olympics gold 96
1980 Stacey Storey, Eagle River Alaska, Miss America-Alaska 1996
1980 Martina Hingis, born in Kosice, Slovakia, tennis star, 1997 Australia/US/Wimb
1977 Maia Brewton, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Margaret-Lime Street
1976 Adita Linares, born in Miami, Florida, spanish actress, Clueless, Cookie
1972 Cedric Saunders, NFL tight end, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Scotland Claymores
1972 Jamal Anderson, NFL running back for the Atlanta Falcons
1972 Troy Dumas, NFL linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs
1971 Brentson Buckner, NFL defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1971 Jenna Elfman, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Townies, Dharma and Greg
1971 Ron Collins, WLAF tackle for the Frankfurt Galaxy
1970 Eric Piatkowski, NBA guard and forward for the Los Angeles Clippers
1967 Nadine Handford, born in Adelaide, Australia, golfer, 1993 T77 Alpine Australia Ladies
1967 Yorkis Perez, Bajos de Haina, Dominican Republic, pitcher for the Florida Marlins
1964 Michael McKay, Australian rower 1996 Olympics
1964 Stephen N Frick, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut
1964 Trey Anastasio, born in Fort Worth, Texas, singer, multi-instrumentalist, member of Phish rock band, ranked 73rd on 'Rolling Stone' 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time
1963 Cristina Marsillach, born in Madrid, Spain, actress, Barocco
1963 Ed Drakich, Windsor Ontario, volleyball player 1996 Olympics
1962 Dave Magadan, born in Tampa, Florida, 1st baseman, New York Mets, Chicago Cubs
1962 Frank Rijkaard, Surinam/Dutch soccer star, Ajax, AC Milan
1962 George Jamison, NFL linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs
1961 Chandrakant Pandit, Indian cricket wicket-keeper, late 80's
1961 Crystal Bernard, Garland, Texas, actress, Amy-It's a Living, Helen-Wings
1961 Eric Stoltz, actor, Anaconda, Pulp Fiction, Mask
1960 Susan Keith, actress, Shana Vochek-Loving
1960 Blanche Lincoln, American Politician
1959 Basia Trzetrzelevska, Poland, jazz singer, Time and Life
1959 Hans Werdekker, Dutch soccer player, Ajax, RKC/Amsterdam Admirals
1959 Kim Bauer, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, LPGA golfer, 1993 Minnesota LPGA Classic-30th
1958 Christopher Cass, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, actor, Jack Forbes-Loving
1958 Marty Stuart, Philadelphia, country singer, Hillbilly Rock
1958 Nona Garson, equestrian show jumper 1996 Olympics
1958 Rodwell Biggie Tembo Marasha, musician
1957 Fran Drescher, Queens, New York, actress, Cadillac Man, Nanny
1957 Gladys Portugues, New York City, Mrs. Jean-Claude Van Damme/actress, It's Alive 3
1957 William Christian, Washington D.C., actor, Derek Frye-All My Children
1956 Maria Esmeralda, Belgian princess/daughter of Leopold III/Lilian Baels
1955 Frankie Kennedy, born in Belfast, Ireland, Irish flute player, tin whistle player, co-founder of the band Altan
1954 Barry Williams, born in Santa Monica, California, actor, Greg-Brady Bunch
1954 Calvin Levels, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Knightwatch
1954 Patrice Rushen, born in Los Angeles, California, rock vocalist
1954 Silvia Chivas, Cuba, 100m/4x100m runner 1972 Olympics bronze
1953 Deborah Allen, born in Memphis, Tennessee, country singer, Jim Stafford Show
1952 Darrell Hair, cricketer, Australian Test umpire since 1993-94
1952 Frank Zincavage, rocker, Romeo Void
1952 Jack Wild, actor, theater, stage, Academy Award nominee at age 16 for role of Artful Dodger in film production of 'Oliver!', favorite subject, teen magazines
1951 Catie Ball, U.S., 100 m breast stroke swimmer, Olympic-4X4 gold-1968
1951 Nicholas Yermakov, U.S., sci-fi author, Epiphany, Jehad, Clique
1950 Victoria Tennant, born in London, England, All of Me, Chiefs, Winds of War
1949 Michel Tognini, Vincennes France, astronaut, Soyuz TM-15, sk: STS-93
1948 Shakti Gawain, author, personal development expert, environmentalist, wrote series of successful books, including 'Creative Visualization' and 'Creating True Prosperity', books have sold over 10 million copies, co-founder, New World Library Publishing Company
1947 Marc Bolan, born in London, England, rock vocalist, T-Rex-Bang a Gong
1947 Rula Lenska, St. Neots England, actress, Friends from Europe are here
1946 Paul Sheahan, cricketer, dashing Australian Test batsman 1967-74
1946 Sylvia Peterson, U.S. vocalist, Chiffons-He's So Fine
1946 Claude Vorilhon, French Celebrity
1943 Jody Powell, press mouthpiece, Jimmy Carter
1943 Marilyn McCoo, born in Jersey City, New Jersey, host/singer, Solid Gold, 5th Dimension
1942 Dewey Martin, born in Canada, rock vocalist and drummer, Buffalo Springfield
1942 Frankie Lymon, New York City, rocker, & Teenagers-Why do Fools Fall in Love
1942 Gus Dudgeon, British pop producer, Joan Armatrading, David Bowie
1942 Sture Pettersson, Sweden, cyclist, Silver Medal 1968 Olympics
1941 Paul Bremer, American Statesman
1940 Harry Winston Jerome, Sask Canada, 100m runner 1964 Olympics bronze
1939 Len Cariou, Winnipeg Manitoba, actor, Four Seasons-Sherry
1939 Piet M Blauw, Dutch MP, VVD
1938 Salvatore Michael Caruana, Massachusetts, criminal, FBI Most Wanted List
1937 Jurek Becker, born in Lodz, Poland, writer, film author, German Democratic Republic dissident, survived ghetto in Lodz, wrote 'Jacob the Liar'
1937 Valentin Vasil'yevich Sil'vestrov, composer
1936 Butler Derrick, born in Springfield, Massachusetts, Representative-D-South Carolina 1975 - 1995
1936 Jim Sasser, born in Memphis, Tennessee, Senator-D-Tennessee, 1977 - 1995
1936 Jim Sasser, American Politician
1935 Jill Corey, Avonmore, Pennsylvania, singer, Your Hit Parade
1935 Johnny Mathis, SF, voclaist, Chances Are, 12th of Never
1934 Freddie King, Gilmer, Texas, blues singer, Hideaway
1933 Mars Zakirovich Rafikov, Russian cosmonaut
1932 Shintaro Ishihara, Japanese Politician
1931 Angie Dickinson, Kulm ND, actress, Police Woman
1931 Ray Willsey, Regina Sask, WLAF def coordinator, Frankfurt, Scotland
1930 Ben Cooper, Hartford, Connecticut, actor, Rose Tattoo, Outcast, Arizona Raiders
1929 Dorothee Solle-Nipperdey, German theologist, Politicial Nightprayer
1929 Dorothee Solle, German Theologian
1928 Elie Wiesel, Romania, author, Souls on Fire, Nazi hunter, Nobel 1986
1927 W. S. Merwin, American Poet
1926 Peder Holm, composer
1926 Robin Roberts, pitcher, Phillies, Won 28 in 1952
1925 Gwyn A Williams, historian/socialist
1924 Charles Quinlivan, born in Jersey City, New Jersey, actor, 7 Guns to Mesa
1924 Truman Capote, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, author, In Cold Blood
1922 Allan Rae, cricketer, prolific WI opening batsman 1948-53
1921 Deborah Kerr, born in Helensburg, Scotland, television, stage, film actress, in 'The King and I', 'From Here to Eternity'
1921 Eileen Zhang Ailing Chang, writer
1920 Donald Keech, entrepreneur
1920 Ghazar Saryan, composer
1919 Patricia Neway, born in Brooklyn, New York, soprano, Consul, Maria Golovia
1919 Richard Selwyn Francis Schiling, professor of occupational health
1917 Chung Hee Park, general/president of S Korea, 1961-79, assassinated
1917 Yuri "Petrovich" Lyubimov, U.S.S.R., director, Taganka
1915 Lester Garfield Maddox, Gov-D-Ga, restaurant owner
1914 Robert J. Morris, born in Jersey City, New Jersey, lawyer, served New York State Assembly committee investigating Communist activities, credited for efforts attributed to Senator Joseph McCarthy
1912 Kenny Baker, radio singer and actor, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back
1912 Oliver Charles Anderson, novelist
1908 David Oistrakh, born in Odessa, Russia, violinist and professor, Moscow Conservatory
1908 Edzard H Schaper, German/Swiss sailor/UP-correspondent/antifascist
1907 Arnold Elston, composer
1906 Eamonn O Gallagher, composer
1906 John I M Stewart, British detective writer, Comedy of Terrors
1906 Michael John Innes Mackintosh Stewart Innes, writer
1905 Michael Powell, English director/screen writer/producer, Red Shoes
1905 Nevill Francis Mott, physicist
1905 Ralph Forbes, born in London, England, actor, Romeo and Juliet, Daniel Boone
1905 Savitri Devi, French Writer
1904 Frank Lawton, born in London, England, actor, Devil Doll, Invisible Ray
1902 Piet[er J] "Piet" Lieftinck, Dutch minister of Finance, 1945-52
1900 Otto Roesch, paleontologist
1899 Hendrik Marsman, Dutch poet/writer/critic
1898 Johannes Rontgen, composer
1898 Renee Adoree, French/U.S. singer and actress, Tfolies-Bergere, Mr. Wu
1897 Lil Dagover, Marta-Maria Lillits, Pati Java, actress, Spiders
1895 Lewis Milestone, Russian Director
1894 Dirk J Bush, Dutch/US mathematician, Concise History of Mathematics
1883 Robert H Lightfoot, English theologist/exegetist, St. John's Gospel
1882 George Bancroft, born in Philadelphia, actor, Underworld, wife of Octavia Brooke
1880 Henri G Casadesus, French altviolist/composer, Viola d'amour
1879 Ernst Isler, composer
1879 Henry Casadesus, composer
1876 Katherine Griffith, born in San Francisco, California, actress, Pollyanna, Fast Company
1871 John Fabricius, Netherlands/English stageauthor, Ring of Prophet
1871 Ruben Mattias Liljefors, composer
1870 Jean Perrin, France, physicist, studied Brownian motion, Nobel 1926
1869 Ernest Jones, cricket pace bowler, marvellous Australia at turn of century
1863 Reinhard Scheer, German Admiral, WW I
1862 Georgy Eduardovich Konyus, composer
1857 Hermann Sudermann, German writer, Honor, That Ehre, Frau Sorge
1856 Andrejs Jurjans, composer
1852 Charles Villiers Stanford, Irish organist/composer
1847 Wilhelmina E. Drucker, Dutch feminist
1840 Johan Severin Svendsen, composer
1833 Ferdinand von Saar, writer
1832 Frederick Sleigh "Bobs" Roberts, British Governor of Natal, Ireland-Boer war
1827 Carlo A Alfieri, Italian MP, Liberal
1827 Kenner Garrard, Major General Union Army
1824 Peter Milne, composer
1808 Lambertus GC Ledeboer, Dutch vicar, Folies-old Calvinist communities
1805 Samuel Peter Heintzelman, Major General Union volunteers
1752 Justin Heinrich Knecht, composer
1743 Jeronymo Francisco de Lima, composer
1715 Etienne B de Condillac, French philosopher, sensualism/Cours d'etudes
1685 Gunther Jacob Wenceslaus, composer
1622 Johann Sebastiani, composer
1207 Rumi, born in Balkh, Khorasan, now Afghanistan, Mawlana, Mawlawi, poet, theologian, wrote, the six books of the Masnavi, influenced Persian literature