April 20 Deaths in History - April 20 Birthdays - April 20 Events
1999 Senor Wences, comedian, Ed Sullivan Show, dies at 103
1996 Cecilia Grace Hunt Reeves Gillie, bBC Executive, dies at 88
1996 Christopher Robin Milne, bookseller, dies at 75
1996 Tran Van Tra, soldier, dies at 77
1995 Milovan Djilas, Yugoslavian politician (1945-54), dies
1995 Sunil Jayasinghe, Sri Lankan wicketkeeper (1979 World Cup), suicide
1995 Tessie O'Shea, entertainer, dies at 81
1994 Jean Carmet, French actor (Merci la Vie, Le Sucre), dies at 72
1993 Cantinflas, Mario Moreno, Mexican actor (Pepe), dies at 81
1992 Benny Hill, comedian (Benny Hill Show), dies of a heart attack at 67
1992 Johnny Shines, Delta blues singer and guitarist, dies at 76
1991 Don[ald] Siegel, U.S. director (Coogan's Bluff/Dirty Harry), dies at 78
1991 Jumjaagiyn Tsedenbal, Mongolian politician, dies
1991 Sean O'Faolain, J Whelan, Irish writer (Nest of Simple), dies at 91
1991 Steve Marriott, English guitarist (Small Faces), dies in a fire at 44
1991 Yumzhagin Tsendenbal, Prime Minister of Mongolia 1952 - 1974, dies
1990 Horst Sinderman, RDA 1st minister (1973-76), dies
1987 Antony Tudor, dancer and choreographer (Amer Ballet Theater) dies at 78
1985 Charles Francis Richter, American Scientist
1984 Mabel Mercer, English/US singer (Fly me to the moon), dies at 84
1983 Jerzy Andrezjewski, writer, dies
1982 Archibald MacLeish, U.S., lawyer/writer (Conquistador), dies at 89
1982 Mimi Boesnach, actress (Wedding of Kloris and Roses), dies at 82
1982 Archibald McLeish, American Poet
1979 Peter Donald, host (Masquerade Party), dies at 60
1977 Bryan Foy, director/writer, dies at 80
1974 Agnes Moorehead, actress (Endora-Bewitched), dies at 67
1974 Mohammed Ayub Khan, premier/president (Pakistan), dies
1973 Robert Armstrong, actor (Fall Guy, Exposed), dies at 82
1971 Cecil Parker, actor (Court Jester, Operation Snafu), dies at 73
1968 Marion Weeks, singer/actress, dies of stroke at 81
1965 Dick Wessel, dies of heart attack on 52nd birthday
1965 Richard Wessell, actor (Carney-Riverboat), dies at 54
1964 August Sander, German Photographer
1962 Arthur Harmat, composer, dies at 76
1962 Jesse G Vincent, engineer designed 1st V-12 engine, dies at 82
1961 Edward J. Hart, Representative-D-New Jersey 1935 - 1955
1956 Jaap Vranken, organist/composer (Stabat mater), dies
1956 Lieven Duvosel, Flemish music composer (Levensschets), dies at 78
1953 Erich Weinert, writer, dies at 62
1947 Christian X, king of Denmark (1912-47), dies at 76
1941 Barend ter Haar, Dutch lawyer, dies in Buchenwald at 49
1935 Juliaan de Vriendt, Flemish painter, dies at 92
1932 Giuseppe Peano, mathematician, dies
1912 Bram Stoker, Irish theater manager/writer (Dracula), dies
1908 Henry Chadwick, sports reporter (baseball), dies at 85
1906 Australian wombat; oldest known marsupial, dies in London Zoo at 26
1902 Frank Richard Stockton, American Writer
1900 Mebel Mercer, popular British singer, dies
1899 Edouard Pailleron, French attorney/comedian, dies at 64
1872 Ljudwit Gaj, Croatian writer/poet (Pjesma iz Zagorja), dies at 62
1869 Johann Carl Gottfried Loewe, composer, dies at 72
1869 Piotr Studzinski, composer, dies at 42
1839 Giuseppe Rossini, father of Italian composer Gioacchino Rossini, dies
1836 Johan I Jozef, monarch of Liechtenstein/Field Marshal, dies at 75
1821 Franz K Achard, German physicist/chemist, dies at 67
1820 Arthur Young, author (Annals of Agriculture), dies
1812 George Clinton, 4th U.S. Vice President, dies at 73 1st Vice President to, die in office
1786 John Goodricke, English deaf and dumb astronomer, dies at 21
1769 Pontiac, indian chief to Ottawa, murdered
1768 Giovanni AC Canaletto, Italian painter/cartoonist (Rialto), dies at 70
1759 Georg Friedrich Handel, buried in Westminster Abbey
1695 Georg Caspar Weckler, composer, dies at 63
1662 Gerard Terborch, the elder, painter, dies
1643 Christoph Demantius, composer, dies at 75
1632 Nicolas Antione, converted to Judiasm, burned at the stake
1534 Elizabeth Barton, St. Magd van Kent, British prophet, dies
1317 Agnes van Montepulciano, Italian mystic/saint, dies
1314 Clement V, Bertrand Got, pope (1305-14) move papacy to Avignon, dies
1164 Victor IV, Ottaviano Montecello, Italian antipope (1159-64), dies