June 30 Deaths in History - June 30 Birthdays - June 30 Events
2007 Ingmar Bergman, dies in Sweden, at 89
2007 Michelangelo Antonioni, dies in Rome, Italy, at 94
2003 Robert McCloskey, writer/illustrator, Make Way for Ducklings, dies at 78
2003 Buddy Hackett, American Comedian
2001 Joe Henderson, American Musician
1996 Hugh Henry Home Popham, aviator/writer/poet, dies at 76
1996 Margaux Hemingway, model/actress (Lipstick), commits suicide at 41
1996 Michael Parkin, journalist, dies at 74
1996 Norman Aldridge, biochemical toxicologist, dies at 76
1995 Barney Simon, theatre director/writer, dies at 63
1995 Gale Gordon, comedian (Our Miss Brooks, Here's Lucy), dies at 89
1995 Georgi Timofeyevich Beregovoi, U.S.S.R., cosmonaut (Soyuz 3), dies at 74
1995 Phyllis Hyman, Phyllis Linda Hyman, soul singer, songwriter, actress, jazz, soul, rhythm and blues, disco genres, first solo Top Ten Hit, 'Can't We Fall In Love Again', received Tony-nomination for Broadway musical, Sophisticated Ladies, dies from suicide at 45
1995 Sicco Mansholt, President Commission of Europe (1972-1973), dies
1995 Jorge Peixinho, pianist, conductor, composer, studied with Pierre Boulez, founder, Lisbon Contemporary Music Group, dies in Lisbon, Portugal
1994 Nicholas Warner, test Pilot, dies at 51
1993 George "Spanky" McFarland, child actor (Our Gang), dies at age 65
1992 Doug Delauder, entertainer, dies
1992 Jim Alaimo, vocalist, dies after heart surgery at 53
1992 Nico Booken, director (Jewish Labor Social), dies
1987 Federico Mompou, composer, dies at 94
1987 King Donovan, actor and director (Enforcer, Perfect Furlough), dies
1985 James Dewar, inventor (Twinkie), dies
1984 Lillian Hellman, playwright, (Little Foxes), dies at 79
1983 Bo Gentry, songwriter/producer, dies
1983 Mary Livingstone, Sadye Marks, Comedienne, (Jack Benny), dies at 77
1980 Virginia Brown Faire, actress (Lonesome Trail, Temptress), dies
1979 Alfons Vranckx, Belgian politician, dies at 72
1974 Alberta King, mother of Martin Luther King, Jr., assassinated in church
1973 Elmer Layden, one of Notre Dame's legendary 4-horsemen, died
1971 Viktor Ivanovich Patsayev, U.S.S.R., cosmonaut, Soyuz 11, dies at 38
1971 Georgi T Dobrovolsky, Odessa, cosmonaut (Soyuz 11), dies at 43
1971 Vladislav Nikolayevich Volkov, cosmonaut (Soyuz 7, 11), dies at 35
1969 Jan Evangelista Zelinka, composer, dies at 76
1968 John Gough, actor (Circus Kid, 2 for Tonight), dies at 73
1965 Bessie Barriscale, actress (Plain Jane, Show Folks), dies
1962 Caspar Neher, German set designer/librettist, dies at 65
1961 Lee de Forest, inventor of the electron Tube, dies at 87
1960 Clarence Cameron White, composer, dies at 79
1959 Lazare Saminsky, composer, dies at 76
1958 Alois Blommaert, Flemish literary (De Heikeuters), dies at 45
1953 Elsa Beskow, (Maartman), Swedish author (children's book), dies at 79
1948 Karl Wolfskehl, writer, dies at 78
1946 Michael Zadora, composer, dies at 64
1942 Arnoldus J H Aerts, Dutch bishop of New-Guinea, executed at 62
1938 Milan Rakic, Serbian poet (Nove Pesme), dies at 61
1935 William Brockwell, cricket (British all-rounder in 7 Tests 1893-99), dies
1934 Ernst Rohm, German staff member, executed at 46
1934 Gregor Strasser, German pharmacist/NSDAP-leader, murdered at 42
1934 Karl Ernst, German SA-leader, murdered
1934 Kurt von Schleiger, German chancellor (1932-33), murdered at 52
1924 Jacob Israel de Haan, Dutch poet and writer (Pypelyntjes), dies at 42
1923 Claude Antoine Terrasse, composer, dies at 56
1919 John W. S. Raleigh, British physicist (Nobel 1904), dies at 76
1914 Bai Long, White Wolf, Chinese Robin Hood/crowd leader, dies
1905 John Hay, U.S. politician, dies
1899 Jon Helgason, Icelandic poet (Ur Landsudri), dies
1898 Otto von Bismarck, German Leader
1890 Samuel Parkman Tuckerman, composer, dies at 71
1889 Eugenio Terziani, composer, dies at 64
1882 Charles J Guiteau, assassin (President Garfield), hanged
1862 Richard Griffith, U.S. Confederate Brigadier-General, dies in battle at 48
1839 Johan O Wallin, Swedish poet/archbishop (Dead Angel), dies
1819 Ernst Ludwig Gerber, composer, dies at 72
1817 Abraham Gottlob Werner, German geologist
1792 Francesco Antonio Rosetti, composer, dies
1771 Thomas Gray, English Poet
1685 Archibald Campbell, Scottish politician, beheaded at about 55
1666 Adam Krieger, German composer, dies at 32
1666 Alexander Brome, British poet
1662 Johannes C Verspronck, portrait painter, buried at about 64
1655 Jacob Boonen, South Netherlands clergyman/lawyer, dies at 81
1649 Simon Vouet, French painter
1538 Charles van Egmond, duke of Gelre/earl of Zutphen, dies at 70
1520 Montezuma II, the last Aztec emperor, killed
1109 Alfonso VI, (imperator totius Hispaniae), king of Leon, dies