May 25 Deaths in History - May 25 Birthdays - May 25 Events
2007 Charles Nelson Reilly, dies in Beverly Hills, California, of complications of pneumonia, at 76
2006 Otto Zykan, composer, pianist, student, Vienna Music Academy, wrote operas 'Kunst kommt von Gonnen', 'Auszahlreim', dies in Sachsendorf, Austria
2005 Graham Kennedy, Australian Entertainer
2003 Sloan Wilson, American Novelist
2001 Alberto Korda, Cuban Photographer
1997 Muhammad Fadhel, Prime Minister of Iraq 1953 - 1954, dies
1996 Bernard Charles Sendall, deputy director general of ITA, dies at 83
1996 Buck, dog (Married with Children), dies at 13
1996 David W. Howe, test pilot, dies at 77
1996 Enid Kathleen Hutchinson, adult educationalist, dies at 86
1996 John Morrison, politician/landowner, dies at 89
1996 Laurence Marks, journalist, dies at 67
1996 Renzo de Felice, historian, dies at 67
1995 Dany Robin, actress (Follow the Boys, Topaz, Julietta), dies at 68
1995 Dick Curless, singer/songwriter, dies at 63
1994 Eric Gale, guitarist, dies at 55
1993 Dan Seymour, actor (Bombs over Burma, Intrigue, Watusi), dies at 78
1993 Louise Tazewell, entertainer, dies at 93
1992 Danny Biasone, persuaded NBA to use 24 second clock, dies at 83
1992 Johan B. W. Polak, publisher/publicist (Bloom of Decadence), dies at 63
1992 Marshall Thompson, U.S. actor (To Hell and Back), dies at 66
1992 Nancy Walker, actress (Ida Morgenstein-Rhoda), dies of cancer at 71
1992 Philip C Habib, U.S. diplomat (Middle-East/Asia), dies at 72
1992 Viktor Grishin, hardline soviet communist, dies at 78, dies
1991 Dorothy Davis Bostwick, entertainer, dies
1990 Vic Tayback, actor (Mel-Alice), dies of a heart attack at 60
1986 Chester Bowles, U.S. senator/ambassador, dies at 85
1985 Harold Hecht, choreographer, dies at 77 of cancer
1985 Robert Nathan, U.S. writer/poet (Portrait of Jennie), dies at 91
1984 Piet Ketting, Dutch pianist/conductor/composer, dies at 79
1983 Sydney Box, academy award producer, dies at 76
1982 Larry J Blake, actor (Earth vs the Flying Saucers), dies at 68
1981 Rosa Ponselle, U.S. singer (Metropolitan Opera), dies at 84
1981 Roy Brown, rocker, dies at 55 of a heart attack
1981 Roy James Brown, U.S. boxer/singer (Good rockin' tonight), dies at 55
1974 Donald Crisp, actor and director (Beloved Brat, Dawn Patrol), dies at 91
1974 Pam Morrison, wife of Door's vocalist Jim, dies of drug overdose
1971 Jo Etha Collier, young black woman killed by 3 whites in Drew Miss
1971 Mark Brunswick, composer, dies at 69
1971 Terence De Marney, actor (Case Thomas-Johnny Ringo), dies at 62
1968 Charles K Feldman, Gould, producer (Casino Royale), dies at 63
1968 George KFW von Kuchler, German marshal (Netherlands 1940), dies at 86
1965 Sonny Boy Williamson, Aleck Miller, blues player, dies at 65
1964 Vasily Andreyevich Zolotaryov, composer, dies at 92
1954 Robert Capa, American Photographer
1949 Simon H Spoor, intelligence officer/general (WW II), dies at 47
1948 Jacques Feyder, actor and director (kermesse heroique), dies at 59
1948 Witold Pilecki, Polish Soldier
1946 Patty Smith Hill, songwriter (Happy Birthday To You), dies at 78
1937 Henry O Tanner, artist, dies
1936 Jan Levoslav Bella, composer, dies at 92
1934 Gustav Theodore Holst, English composer (Ode to Death), dies at 59
1926 Symon Petlyura, leader of Ukraine (pogroms), assassinated at 47
1924 Theodore Morse, composer, dies at 51
1919 Madame C J Walker, wealthy cosmetics manufacturer, dies at 51
1917 Leon Felix Augustin Joseph Vasseur, composer, dies at 72
1914 Paolo Giorza, composer, dies at 81
1899 Marie-Rosalie "Rosa" Bonheur, French painter, dies at 68
1895 Ahmed Djevdet Pasja, Turkish minister of Justice, dies at 73
1862 Johann N Nestroy, Australia actor (Einmal Keine Sorgen Haben), dies at 60
1849 Andreas Michiels, Dutch military Governor of West Sumatra, dies in battle at 52
1826 Christian Friedrich Ruppe, composer, dies at 72
1805 William Paley, English Theologian
1765 Pierre-Joseph Le Blan, composer, dies at 53
1681 Pedro Calderon de la Barca, writer, dramatist, Spanish Golden Age, works include, 'La vida es sueno', or, 'Life is a Dream', dies at 81
1555 Gemma Frisius, Frisian geographer/astronomer, dies at 46
1510 Georges d'Amboise, French cardinal/viceroy in North Italy, dies at 49
1261 Alexander IV, Rinaldo dei conti di Segni, Pope (1254-61), dies
1125 Hendrik V, last Salische German king, dies
1085 Gregory VII, Ildebrando, Pope (1073-85), dies
1085 Pope Gregory VII, Pope
946 Edmund the Older, king of Wessex/England (939-46), dies
709 Aldhelmus of Ealdhelm, English abbot/bishop/poet/saint, dies at about 69
615 Boniface IV, Pope (608-15), dies