May 26 Deaths in History - May 26 Birthdays - May 26 Events
2008 Sydney Pollack, dies in California, of stomach cancer, at 73
2003 Kathleen Winsor, American Author
2001 Anne Haney, character actress, Mrs. Doubtfire, dies at 67
1997 Manfred Von Ardenne, German scientific pioneer, dies at 90
1996 Halka Grossman, resistance fighter/politician, dies at 76
1995 Isadore "Friz" Freling, cartoon director (Sylvester), dies at 88
1995 Ron Weatherburn, jazz pianist, dies at 61
1995 Severn Darden, comedian (Second City), dies at 65
1994 George Wildman Ball, under minister of Foreign affairs, dies at 84
1994 Sonny Sharrock, U.S. free-jazz guitarist, dies at 53
1994 Warren Harding "Sonny" Sharrock, jazz Guitarist, dies at 53
1993 Carleton Morse, radio dramatist (One Man's Family), dies at 91
1993 Cor de Great, pianist/conductor/composer (Vernissage), dies at 78
1993 Marvin Young, producer/child actor (Player), dies at 90
1992 Danny Biasone, basketball innovator (24-second clock), dies at 83
1991 Tom Cassidy, anchor (CNN), dies of AIDs at 41
1991 Tom Eyen, playwright (Dreamgirls), dies of cardiac arrest at 50
1979 George Brent, actor (Baby Face, Dark Victory, 42nd St), dies at 75
1977 Jim Boles, actor (Kraft Music Hall, One Man's Family), dies at 63
1977 William Powell, rocker (O'Jays), dies of cancer at 35
1976 Martin Heidegger, German philosopher (Holzweg), dies at 86
1974 Kitty Gordon, entertainer, dies at 96
1974 Stewart Alsop, columnist and political analyst, worked for Saturday Evening Post and Newsweek, dies
1973 Jacques Lipchitz, U.S. cubist sculptor, dies at 81
1971 John Longden, actor (Man From Interpol), dies at 70
1969 Kathryn Minner, entertainer, dies of heart attack at 77
1968 William E "Little Willie" John, U.S. R&B-singer (Fever), dies at 30)
1967 Antoon Spinoy, Belgian politician, dies at 60
1967 George E Stone, actor (5 Star Final, Front Page), dies at 64
1966 Don Castle, actor (Motor Patrol, Born to Speed), dies at 47
1966 Neal Dodd, actor (Only Women, You Belong to Me), dies at 86
1963 Sharon Lynn, actress (Way Out West, Big Broadcast), dies at 53
1959 Ed Walsh, baseball pitcher (1.82 ERA), dies at 78
1959 Joe Kelly, TV host (Quiz Kids), dies at 57
1958 Francis Carco(pino), French author/critic (L'homme traque), dies at 71
1956 Al Simmons, outfielder (A's)/lifetime batting avg of .334, dies at 54
1954 Franz Pfemfert, writer, dies at 74
1952 Damaso Alonso, Spanish linguistic/poet (Hombrey Dios), dies at 55
1951 Lincoln Ellsworth, artic explorer, dies at 71
1950 Antonina Neshdanova, Russian soprano (Bolshoi Theater), dies
1946 Friedrich A H von Waldeck, monarch of Waldeck, dies
1943 Edsel Ford, owner (Ford Motor Company), dies at 49
1939 Charles H Mayo, U.S. surgeon/co-founder (Mayo Clinic), dies at 74
1939 Cornelis J Cutters, supreme commander of Navy (1910-18), dies
1933 Jimmie Rodgers, country singer, dies at 35
1926 S V Petlura, Ukrainain ataman, assassinated by Shalom Schwarzbard
1924 Johann Heinrich Beck, composer, dies at 67
1924 Victor Herbert, Irish/US cellist/ composer and conductor, dies at 65
1912 Jan Blockx, Belgian opera composer (Bride of the Sea), dies at 61
1908 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Indies theologist (Ahmadiyya motion), dies at 69
1905 Alphonse de Rothschild, French banker, dies
1891 Frederick Bowen Jewson, composer, dies at 67
1883 Abd el-Kader, Algerian sultan/religious ruler, dies at about 74
1880 John Curwen, composer, dies at 63
1876 Frantisek Palacky, Czechoslovakian historian/MP, dies at 77
1873 August Conradi, composer, dies at 51
1871 Aime Maillart, composer, dies at 54
1868 Michael Barrett, Irish nationalist, last British public execution
1864 Ch Sealsfield, writer, dies at 71
1832 Francois-Louis Perne, composer, dies at 59
1831 Georg Hermes, German philosopher/theologist (Hermenianen), dies
1818 Michael A Barclay de Tolly, Russian Field Marshal/War Minister, dies
1753 Willem Maurits, earl of Nassau/Governor of Zeeuws-Flanders, dies
1703 Samuel Pepys, English marine expert (Diary)/composer, dies at 70
1685 Karel, monarch of Palts, dies
1648 Vincent Voiture, French Poet
1609 Cornelis Claesz, mapmaker, buried
1595 Philippus Nerius, Filippo Neri, Italian merchant/saint, dies at 79
1512 Bajezid II, governor of Amasja/8th sultan of Turkey, dies
1421 Mohammed I, sultan of Turkey (1413-21), dies
735 Beda Venerabilis, English speaking church historian, dies at about 62
604 605? Augustinus van Canterbury, bishop/apostle of England, dies