November 11 Deaths in History - November 11 Birthdays - November 11 Events
2004 Yasser Arafat, PLO leader/former terrorist, dies at 64
1999 Mary Kay Bergman, cartoon voice, South Park, dies at 38
1996 Helen Rosenthal, Teacher/health administrator, dies at 47
1995 Charles Scribner, Jr., publisher, dies at 74
1995 Cornelie Coposu, politician, dies at 79
1995 Kenneth Goldstein, folklorist/enthomusicologist, dies at 68
1994 Elizabeth Lefanu Maconchy, English composer (My Dark Heart), dies at 87
1994 Ernest Clark, actor (Pope Must Die, Gandhi), dies at 82
1994 Frances Tustin, child Psychologist, dies at 81
1994 Pedro Zamora, aIDS Activist, dies at 22
1993 Erskine Hawkins, U.S. trumpeter/composer (After Hours), dies at 79
1993 Harry R "Rob" Haldeman, White House chief of staff (Nixon), dies at 67
1992 Aleksandr Yakovlevich Petrushenko, cosmonaut, dies at 50
1992 Giulio C Argan, Italian art critic/mayor of Rome, dies
1987 L. T. Coggeshall, medical scientist and Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare 1956 - 1958, dies at 86
1987 Nico Slothouwer, poet (Liefdesstratenplan), commits suicide at 30
1986 Roger C Carmel, actor (Mudd-Star Trek, Mothers-in-Law), dies at 54
1984 Martin Luther King Sr, U.S. vicar/father of MLK, Jr., dies at 84
1976 Alexander Calder, U.S. sculptor, dies at 78
1975 Marty May, (Fireball Fun For All), dies at 79
1974 Alfonso Leng, composer, dies at 80
1974 Jane Ace, comedian (Easy Aces), dies at 74
1973 Stringbean, David Akeman, banjoist/comedian (Hee Haw), dies at 58
1972 Berry Oakley, U.S. rock bassist (Allman Bro), dies in car crash at 24
1971 A. P. Herbert, British novelist, humorist, playwright and activist at age 81
1969 Frank Newburg, actor (Homemaker), dies at 83
1968 Jeanne Demessieux, composer, dies at 47
1967 Harry Seymour, composer/actor (Tenderfoot), dies of heart attack at 76
1967 Jordan Whitfield, actor (Swamp Fox), dies of heart attack at 50
1965 Gaston Glass, actor (Opening Your Eyes), dies after long illness at 65
1964 Edward Steuermann, composer, dies at 72
1964 H[enry] Beam Piper, U.S., sci-fi author (4 Day Planet), dies at 60
1962 Joseph Allen, Jr., actor (All Women Have Secrets), dies at 44
1962 Rene Coty, President of France, dies at 80
1958 Andre Bazin, French Critic
1956 Victor Young, orchestra leader (Milton Berle Show), dies at 56
1955 John Loudon, Dutch minister of Foreign affairs (1913-18), dies at 87
1954 John Rosamund Johnson, composer, dies at 81
1947 Martin Dibelius, German theologist (That Drawer Jahwes), dies at 64
1945 Jerome Kern, U.S. composer (Sally, Leave it to Jane), dies at 60
1942 Anton H Blaauw, botanist (Perception of the Lichtes), dies at 60
1942 Hector Abbas, actor and director (Rosa Lynd Company), dies at 58
1936 Edward German, composer, dies at 74
1929 Mieczyslaw Soltys, composer, dies at 66
1918 Victor Adler, Austrian neurologist/foreign minister, dies
1917 Liliuokalani, last queen of Hawaii (1891-93), dies from a stroke at 79
1912 Joseph Wieniawski, composer, dies at 75
1912 Jose Canalejas Y Mendez, premier Spain, murdered
1907 Henry Gadsby, composer, dies at 64
1901 Antonio Zamara, composer, dies at 72
1895 Julius Tausch, composer, dies at 68
1886 Paul Bert, French Scientist
1880 Lucretia Mott, U.S. quaker (1st Woman's Rights Convention), dies
1861 Pedro V van Alcantara, king of Portugal (1853-61), dies at 24
1855 Soren A Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher/theologist, dies at 42
1841 Catherine McAuley, founder, the Sisters of Mercy, established 12 foundations in Ireland, 2 in England, inherited fortune from father, used money to care for, educate, homeless women and children, dies at her House of Mercy
1831 Nat Turner, former slave, led a violent insurrection, hanged in VA
1810 Johann Zoffany, British? painter, dies at 77
1810 Johann/John Zoffany, German painter (Tribuna degl' Uffizi), dies at 77
1772 John Mauritius Quinkhard, portrait painter, dies at 84
1755 Johan van de Bergh, Leids regent, dies at 91
1641 Ferdinand van Austrian, cardinal of Spain, dies
1638 Cornelis Cornelisz, "of Haarlem", painter, dies at about 76
1528 Lucas van Prague, Czechoslovakian leader of Bohemian Brothers, dies at about 68
1331 Stefanus VIII Uros III Decanski, king of Serbia (1322-31), dies
1154 Sancho I, king of Portugal, dies
1150 Hartbert, bishop of Utrecht (1140-50), dies
826 Theodorus Studites, Byzantine theologist/poet/saint, dies
511 Clovis, king of Salische France/founder of Merovingische, dies at 45
397 Martinus, (St. Maarten), Roman bishop of Tours, dies at about 81
307 Flavius Valerius Severus, compassionate emperor of Rome (306-07), dies