November 19 Deaths in History - November 19 Birthdays - November 19 Events
2008 John Michael Hayes, dies in New Hampshire, of natural causes, at 89
2007 Kevin DuBrow, singer, lead vocalist, Quiet Riot, heavy metal band 1973 - 2007, dies in Las Vegas, Nevada at age 52
2004 Terry Melcher, record producer, Kokomo, dies at 62
2001 Marcelle Ferron, Canadian Artist
1999 Alexander Liberman, American Designer
1998 Alan J. Pakula, "director, producer", All the President's Men, dies at 70
1998 Tetsuya Ted Fujita, scientist, rated the strength of tornados, dies at 78
1997 Christina Corrigan, obese girl (680 lbs), dies at 13
1997 Durlyn Eddmonds, murderer, executed at 45
1997 Frank Joseph Kofsky, teacher/writer, dies at 62
1997 Walter Stewart, murderer, executed at 42
1996 Denis Jenkinson, journalist, dies at 74
1996 Edward Kassner, music publisher, dies at 76
1996 Ian Powell Bancroft, civil servant, dies at 73
1996 Krishnarao Shiva Shelvankar, journalist/diplomat, dies at 90
1995 Gwen Swire, socila worker, dies at 61
1995 Martha Hill, modern dancer/teacher, dies at 94
1995 Shirley Bergeron, singer and guitarist, dies at 62
1994 Cab Calloway, singer (Minnie the Moocha), dies at 87
1994 Cabell "Cab" Calloway, musician, dies at 86
1994 Dedrick Gobert, U.S. actor (Boyz 'n the Hood), shot to death at 22
1994 Julian Gustave Symons, writer, dies at 82
1994 Julian Symons, Br detective writer (Death's Darkest Face), dies at 82
1994 Li Yuan Artist-chia, dies at 65
1993 Dorothy Revier, actress (Sally on the Subway), dies at 89
1993 Kenneth Burke, philosopher, literary theorist, Agnostic, awarded Guggenheim Fellowship 1935, music critic for 'The Nation', editor, 'The Dial' literary magazine, attended Columbia University, dies of heart failure at his home in Andover, New Jersey
1992 Bobby Russell, song writer (Honey, Little Green Apples), dies at 52
1992 Diane Varsi, actress (Allison-Peyton Place, Bloody Mama), dies at 54
1992 Dorothy Walker Bush, mother of President George Bush, dies at 91
1991 Reggie Nalder, actor (Mark of Devil), dies of bone cancer at 80
1988 Christine Onassis, heiress, dies of heart failure at 37
1985 Stepin Fetchit, Lincoln Penny, 1st black star, dies of pneumonia 83
1984 George Aiken, Governor of Vermont 1937 - 1941, Senator-R-Vermont, 1941 - 1975, dies at 92
1983 Peter Coffield, Ill, actor (Kevin-W E B), dies at 37
1982 Erving Goffman, U.S., sociologist (Asylums), dies at 60
1981 Griffiths Mxenge, South Afr's anti-apartheid advocate, murdered
1976 Basil Spence, Scottish Architect
1971 Bill Stern, sportscaster (Saturday Night Fights), dies at 64
1963 Carmen Amaya, Spanish flamenco dancer, dies at about 50
1960 Phyllis Haver, actress (Don Juan), commits suicide at 61
1959 Edward C Tolman, U.S. psychologist (behaviorism), dies
1959 Gerard J Arbous, actor/publicist (Bohemian Amsterdam), dies at 83
1956 Francis L Sullivan, actor (Joan of Arc, Winslow Boy), dies at 53
1954 F Henri Berr, French occurence philosopher (L'hymne la vie), dies
1950 Thomas Wood, composer, dies at 57
1949 James Ensor, Flemish painter/etcher (Oestereetster), dies at 89
1943 Andre Antoine, French stage manager (Theatre Antoine), dies at 85
1942 Edouard Combe, composer, dies at 76
1942 Bruno Schulz, Polish Novelist
1936 Buenaventura Durruti, Spanish anarchists army leader, dies in battle
1933 Enrique Jose Varona, Cuban sociologist/vice-president, dies at 84
1932 Marie MJ Poupelet, French sculptor/poster artist, dies
1931 Frederic Cliffe, composer, dies at 74
1931 Xu Zhimo, Roman Poet
1929 Arthur H Mann, English composer (Church of England Hymnal), dies
1928 Achille Simonetti, composer, dies at 71
1924 Lee Stack, British sirdar in Egypt, governer-general of Sudan, murdered
1923 French Netscher, author/journalist (In 3rd Chamber), dies at 59
1915 Joe Hill, Labor leader/songwriter, executed for murder
1915 Solomon Schechter, theologist, dies at about 64
1911 Ramon Caceres, President (Dominican Republic), murdered
1908 Albert Dietrich, composer, dies at 79
1899 [Maria] Catharina Beersmans, Belgian actress (Medea), dies at 55
1887 Emma Lazarus, U.S. poet ("Give us your tired and poor"), dies in New York at 38
1880 Bernard de Hair, vicar/poet/church historian, dies at 74
1854 Alberich Zwyssig, composer, dies at 46
1850 Richard Mentor Johnson, American Politician
1828 Franz P Schubert, Austria composer (That Schone Mullerin), dies at 31
1828 Franz Schubert, Austrian Composer
1825 Jan Vaclav Hugo Vorisek, composer, dies at 34
1804 Pietro Alessandro Guglieli, Italian opera composer, dies at 75
1798 Theobald W. Tone, Irish nationalist, dies
1795 Thomas Linley, composer, dies at 62
1785 Bernard de Bury, composer, dies at 65
1719 Jean Deutz, minster of Heemskerk/merchant/Amsterdam regent, dies at 64
1703 Man in the Iron Mask, prisoner in Bastille prison in Paris, dies
1692 Georg F von Waldeck, German commander-in-chief (Colors), dies
1672 John Wilkins, English Clergyman
1665 Nicholas Poussin, French painter, dies
1630 Johann Hermann Schein, German composer (Opella Nova), dies at 44
1495 Alfonso II, king of Naples (1494-95), dies
1472 Joannes/Basilius Bessarion, archbishop of Nicaea, dies
1389 Dimitri Ivanovitch "Donskoi", monarch of Vladimir-Soezdal, dies at 39
1316 Jan I, king of France (Nov 15-19 1316), dies
1272 David of Augsburg, Franciscan minister/author, dies
498 Anastasius II, Pope (496-9)8 (Dante Inferno XI, 8-9), dies