November 22 Deaths in History - November 22 Birthdays - November 22 Events
2002 Parley Baer, actor, dies at 88
2002 Arne Mellnas, composer, studied, taught orchestration at Royal College of Music in Stockholm, musical language filled with diverse moods
2001 Mary Kay Ash, businesswoman, started a major cosmetics company, dies at 83
2001 Norman Granz, American Musician
2000 Cyril Clarke, British Scientist
1998 Henry Hampton, documentary maker, Eyes on the Prize, dies at 48
1997 Joanna Moore, actress (Bronx, Hindenburg), dies at 63
1997 Michael Hutchence, rocker (INXS), commits suicide at 37
1997 Tom Blackburn, writer, author, screenwriter, lyricist, worked for Walt Disney's story department, dies at 71
1997 Joanna Moore, actress, dies at 63
1996 Maria Casares, actress (Orpheus, Rebel Nun), dies at 73
1996 Mark Lenard, actor (Sarek-Star Trek), dies of cancer at 68
1996 Terence Daniel Donovan, photographer, dies at 60
1996 Ray Blanton, American Politician
1995 Ambrose Sam, creole accordionist, dies at 76
1995 Edna Deanne Fuelling, dancer choreographer/drama teacher, dies at 90
1995 Francis Joan Frances Will, actress, dies at 75
1995 Norman Potter, cabinetmaker designer/writer, dies at 72
1994 Charles Fortune, South African cricket commentator, dies
1994 John Michael Grimes, set Designer, dies at 70
1994 L V Johnson Singer, dies
1994 Norma Donaldson, U.S. singer and actress (Staying Alive), dies at 68
1993 Bill Bixby, actor (My Favorite Martian), dies from cancer at 59
1992 Gene O'Donnell, actor (Ape, Miracle Kid), dies of lung cancer at 81
1992 Sterling Holloway, U.S. actor (Golddiggers of 1933, Batman), dies at 87
1991 Jac de Jong, Dutch MP/composer/businessman (Nedac-Sorbo), dies
1989 Rene Muawad, assassinated 17 days after elected president of Lebanon
1988 Erich Fried, writer, dies at 67
1988 Janet Ertel, crooner, dies
1988 Luis Barragan, born in Mexico City, Mexico, architect, modernist, minimalist, important 20th century architect, significant landscape designer, self-taught, influenced by writings of Ferdinand Bac, dies
1987 Ted Taylor, rock vocalist, dies
1986 Fred Bertrand, Belgian politician, dies at 73
1986 Robert Sutton Whitney, composer, dies at 82
1986 Scatman Crothers, actor (Shining, Zapped), dies at 76
1983 Michael Conrad, actor (Hill Street Blues), dies of cancer at 58
1982 Burton Turkus, lawyer/author/TV host (Mr Arsenic), dies at 80
1982 Enny, Engelina, de Leeuwe, actress (Anatevka), dies at 84
1982 Max Deutsch, composer, dies at 90
1981 Andreina Pagnani, actress (Il Commandante), dies at 74
1980 Leonard Barr, comedian (Dean Martin Show, Szysznyk), dies at 77
1980 Mae West, actress (She Done Him Wrong), dies in Hollywood at 87
1980 Malando, Arie Maasland, composer/orchestral leader (Ole Guapa), dies at 72
1980 John William McCormack, American Politician
1979 Anne Vondeling, Male Dutch soc democratic party-minister, dies at 63
1977 Reg Perks, England cricket pace bowler (1938-39), dies
1976 Rupert Davies, actor (Zeppelin, Oblong Box), dies at 59
1971 Walter Sande, actor (Red Planet Mars), dies of heart attack at 65
1969 Acario Cotapos, composer, dies at 80
1967 Edvin Kallstenius, composer, dies at 86
1966 Moises F da Costa Gomez, premier Dutch Antilles, dies
1963 Aldous L Huxley, English author (Devils of Loudon), dies at 69
1963 Bikram Singh, Indies Lieutenant-General (Kashmir), dies
1963 C[live] S[taples] Lewis, Hamilton, author (Silver Chair), dies at 64
1963 Daulet Singh, Indies Lieutenant-General, dies
1963 John F Kennedy, 35th President (1961-63), assassinated in Dallas at 46
1963 NKD Nanavati, Indies general-major (WW II), dies
1963 William R Titterton, English author (Candle of the Stars), dies at 87
1963 Aldous Huxley, English Novelist
1963 C. S. Lewis, English Author
1963 John F. Kennedy, Senator-D-Massachusetts 1947 - 1953, 35th President 1961 - 1963, dies at age 46
1956 Vincent (Moro-)Giafferi, French criminal (Caillaux/Landru), dies
1955 Joseph Guy Marie Ropartz, composer, dies at 91
1955 Shemp Howard, actor (3 Stooges), dies at 60
1954 Andrej J Vysjinski, Russian United Nations ambassador, dies at 70
1954 Moroni Olsen, actor (Possessed), dies at 65
1944 Arthur Stanley Eddington, dies
1943 Lorenz Hart, lyricist, dies in NY
1943 Pietro Alessandro Yon, composer, dies at 57
1940 Waclaw Berent, Polish novelist, dies at 67
1936 Louis F. H. Apol, painter and etcher, dies at 86
1924 Herman Heijermans, Jr., author (On Hope, Heap of Blessing), dies
1916 Jack London, author, dies at 40
1906 Earnest Josephson, Swedish painter, dies
1904 Theophile E A de Bock, painter/etcher, dies
1902 Friedrich A Krupp, cannon manufacturer, commits suicide
1902 Septimus Winner, composer, dies at 75
1900 Arthur S Sullivan, England, composer (Mikado, Ivanhoe), dies at 58
1900 Arthur Sullivan, British Composer
1896 George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., inventor (Ferris wheel), dies
1896 Leon Leopold Lewandoski, composer, dies at 65
1890 Johanne Luise Heiberg, Danish actress, dies at 77
1871 Oscar J Dunn, (Lt Gov-La), dies suddenly, charges he was poisoned
1859 Ludwig "Louis" Spohr, German violinist and composer (Faust), dies at 75
1852 August Alexander Klengel, composer, dies at 69
1826 Pavel Lambert Masek, composer, dies at 65
1825 Ann Bailey, pioneer, dies
1813 Johann Gottfried Vierling, composer, dies at 63
1803 Bernardus Bosch, Dutch vicar/patriot, dies at 57
1799 Baroness van Dorth, orangist, executed
1782 John Barueth, vicar/pamphleter, dies
1782 John de Mol, porcelein manufacturer, dies
1781 Frederic Phelypeaux, French earl of Maurepas, dies
1781 John Ekels, the Old, Amsterdam painter/cartoonist, dies at 57
1776 Johann Caspar Simon, composer, dies at 75
1773 Robert Clive, English occupier (India), dies at about 48
1751 Anton Englert, composer, dies at 77
1718 Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, English pirate, killed off Virginia coast
1716 Gosbert Cuper, classical/regent, dies at 72
1694 John Tillotson, British Theologian
1617 Ahmed I, 14th sultan of Turkey (1603-17), dies
1594 Martin Frobisher, English Vice-Admiral/explorer, dies
1247 Robin Hood, dies (from "A Lytell Geste of Robyn Hood")
950 Lotharius, King of Italy (947-50), dies
365 Felix II, Italian anti-pope, dies