November 28 Deaths in History - November 28 Birthdays - November 28 Events
1999 Bethel Leslie, actress/writer, Long Day's Journey into Night, dies at 70
1999 Hazel Frederick, face in a crowd, faced the camera when Mary Tyler Moore tossed her hat in the opening credits of her show, dies at 91
1998 Kerry Thornley, American Philosopher
1998 Dante Fascell, Representative-D-Florida 1955 - 1993, died of colorectal cancer
1997 Georges Marchal, actor (Dirty Game, Blondine), dies at 77
1996 Anna Pollak, mezzo-soprano, dies at 84
1994 Al Levitt, American jazz artist, dies at 63
1994 Franfo Fortini, poet, dies at 77
1994 Jeffrey Dahmer, Butcher of Milwaukee, killer, killed in prison at 34
1994 Jerry Rubin, U.S. anti-war activist (Youth Party), dies at 56
1994 Ronald "Buster" Edwards, Great Train Robber, commits suicide at 62
1994 Vicente Enrique y Tarancon, Spanish cardinal, dies at 87
1993 Abu Rish, Palestinian PLO-leader, dies at 23
1993 Garry Moore, TV host (I've Got A Secret), dies of emphysema at 78
1993 Kenneth Connor, English comic/actor (Carry on Sergeant), dies at 75
1993 Khaled Moustapha Zir, Palestinian Hamas leader, shot to death at 25
1992 Bill Kearns, U.S. actor (Playtime), dies of lung cancer at 69
1992 June Joyce Lewis Fraser, entertainer, dies at 75
1992 Ronald Smeenk, Dutch cabaret performer, dies
1990 Tamara De Treaux, actress (ET), dies at 31
1989 Jo[hanne M Bos-]Vincent, Dutch soprano (Songs for Life), dies at 91
1987 Choh Hao Li, bio-chemist professor (isolated growth hormones), dies at 74
1987 Paul Arma, pianist, composer, ethnomusicologist, dies at 83
1986 Herb Vigran, actor (Ernest-Ed Wynn Show), dies at 76
1986 Louis van Lint, Belgian painter, dies at 76
1985 Fernand Braudel, French historian, dies at 83
1983 Christopher George, actor (Chisum, Heist), dies of heart attack at 54
1978 Andre Morell, actor (Hound of the Baskervilles), dies at 69
1977 Trevor Bardette, actor (Clanton-Legend of Wyatt Earp), dies at 75
1977 John Little McClellan, Senator-D-Arkansas 1943 - 1977
1976 Robert Fleming, composer, dies at 55
1976 Rosalind Russell, actress (Mame), dies of cancer at 68
1972 Gustave Frederic Soderlund, composer, dies at 91
1972 Havergal Brian, composer, dies at 96
1971 Wasfi Tal, Jordan's PM, assassinated by Black Sept in Cairo
1970 Fritz vs. Unruh, writer, dies at 85
1970 Jan Drda, Czechoslovakian author (Nema Barikada), dies at 55
1969 Roy Barcroft, actor (Eyes of Texas, Son of Zorro), dies at 67
1968 Enid Mary Blyton, author (Before I Go To Sleep), dies at 70
1967 Leon Mba, 1st president of Gabon (1960-67), dies
1966 Vittorio Giannini, composer, dies at 63
1964 Charles Meredith, actor (Court of Last Resort), dies at 70
1964 Jan Fabricius, Dutch/English playwright (Dolle Hans), dies at 93
1963 Fred Uttal, TV host (QED), dies at 55
1963 Karyn Kupcinet, actress (Carol-Gertrude Berg Show), murdered at 23
1962 Wilhelmina HPM, queen of the Netherlands (1898-1948), dies at 82
1960 Richard N Wright, U.S. author (Native son), dies at 52 in Paris France
1959 Lester Vail, actor (Dance Fools Dance), dies on 59th birthday
1954 Enrico Fermi, Italian/U.S. physicist (Nobel 1938), dies at 53
1947 Jacques-Philippe Leclerc, WW II hero (liberator of Paris), dies at 44
1945 Dwight Davis, donator of tennis' Davis cup, dies
1944 Bijnen, Dutch opposition leader (LKP), shot to death in Apeldoorn
1944 Camille Looten, Belgian priest/literature historian, dies
1944 Joop Brouwer de Koning, youngest Dutch radio operator, executed at 25
1944 Lode Zielens, Flemish author/journalist, dies at 43
1940 Nicolae Iorga, author/president of Romania, murdered by fascist
1940 Jesse Livermore, American Businessman
1939 James A Naismith, creator of basketball, dies at 78
1927 Arthur Wichmann, German/Dutch geologist (New-Guinea), dies
1918 Alexis Contant, composer, dies at 60
1916 Marthinus T Steyn, President of Orange-Free state (1896-1902), dies at 59
1915 Luigi Capuana, Sicilian author/critic (C'era una Volta), dies at 76
1912 Heinz Galinski, chairman (Central Council for Jews in Germany), dies
1907 Ricardo Castro Herrera, composer, dies at 43
1899 Adrian the la Rey, son of South African general, dies in battle at 19
1898 Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, writer, poet, master of the novella, works include 'Das Amulett' or 'The Amulet', dies at 73 in Kilchberg, Switzerland
1878 Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti, composer, dies at 78
1876 Karl Earnest Ritter von Baer, Estonian/German embryologist, dies at 84
1861 Robert Fuhrer, composer, dies at 54
1860 Heinrich Florida Rellstab, German music theorist, dies
1859 Washington Irving, U.S. author (Geoffrey Crayon, gent), dies
1827 Dov Baer Schneersohn, Lubavitch leader/author (Imirei Binah), dies
1815 Johann Peter Salomon, composer, dies at 70
1794 Friedrich WLGA von Steuben, Prussian/U.S. inspector-general of Washingtons army, dies at 64
1788 Charles C of Nassau-Weilburg, governor of Maastricht, dies at about 53
1785 William Whipple, merchant, judge, and signer Declaration of Independence, dies at 55
1695 Giovanni Paulo Colonna, composer, dies at 58
1694 Matsuo Basho, Japanese Poet
1680 Giovanni L Bernini, Italian sculptor/painter, dies
1641 Robert Dowland, English luitist/son of John Dowland, dies at about 50
1590 Pierre de Loyseleur de Villiers, S Netherlands theologist, dies at about 60
1559 Erasmus Sarcerius, German luthers theologist, dies at about 58
1545 Jacob van Liesveld, printer/"heretic" (Refeyen), beheaded
1514 Hartmann Skull, German physician/historian (Skull's Liederbuch), dies
1499 Edward Plantagenet, 18th Count of Warwick, beheaded
1262 Shinran, founder of Japan's True Pure Land Buddhist sect, dies
1058 Kazimierz I Restaurator, duke of Poland (1034-58), dies
741 Gregory III, Syrian Pope, dies