October 14 Deaths in History - October 14 Birthdays - October 14 Events
2008 Martin Peake, 2nd Viscount Ingleby, businessman, nobleman, son of Osbert Peake, paralyzed from polio, contributed to the 1970 Disabled Persons Act, dies
2003 "Elizabeth ""Ma Pampo"" Israel", old woman, ", may have been world's oldest but ""undocumented"" person, ", dies at 128, disputed
2002 S. William Green, Representative-R-New York 1978 - 1983 and 1983 - 1993, died of liver cancer
1998 Cleveland Amory, writer, The Compleat Cat, dies at 81
1998 Frankie Yankovic, polka king, dies at 83
1997 Harold Robbins, salacious novelist, dies at 81
1997 Harold Robbins, novelist, The Carpetbaggers, dies at 81
1996 Laura La Plante, screen actress (Show Boat, Scandal), dies at 91
1996 William John Raff Hooper, cartoonist, dies at 80
1995 Edith Pargeter, author (Brother Cadfael), dies of a stroke at 82
1995 Helen Vlachos, journalist, dies at 83
1995 Ellis Peters, British Author
1994 Gioconda de Vito, violinist, dies at 87
1993 Guy Malary, Haitian lawyer/minister of Justice, murdered at 50
1993 Mustafa Abada, Algerian TV director, murdered
1993 Walter Brown Newman, U.S. screenwriter (Cat Ballou), dies at 77
1992 John Hancock, actor (LA Law, Love and War), dies of heart attack at 51
1990 Leonard Bernstein, composer, dies of heart attack at 72
1989 Michael Carmine, actor (Batteries Not Included), dies at 30
1988 Mary Morris, actress (Agitator, Double Door), dies
1987 Rodolfo Halffter, composer, dies at 86
1986 [Francis XA] Keenan Wynn, U.S. actor (Dr. Strangelove), dies at 70
1983 Paul Fix, actor (Rifleman), dies at 82 of kidney failure
1981 Ingemar Liljefors, composer, dies at 74
1977 Bing Crosby, singer and actor (Going My Way), dies of a heart attack at 74
1976 Edith Evans, actress (Tom Jones, Scrooge, Chalk Garden), dies at 88
1972 Joseph Kaminski, composer, dies at 68
1967 Marcel Ayme, French writer (Lesson contes du chat perche), dies at 65
1966 Arcady Dubensky, composer, dies at 75
1965 Randall Jarrell, American Poet
1960 Abram F Joffe, Russian physicist (crystal), dies
1959 Errol Flynn, U.S. actor (Captain Blood), dies of heart attack at 50
1958 Jean Poveigh, composer, dies at 82
1958 Douglas Mawson, Antarctic explorer, geologist, member, Ernest Shackleton's Nimrod expedition, among first to reach South Magnetic Pole, dies of a cerebral hemorrhage, in Brighton, South Australia, at age 76
1957 Carl Natanael Berg, composer, dies at 78
1944 Erwin Rommel, German Field Marshal (WW II-Africa), suicide at 52
1930 Sam[uel] van Houten, lib minister (Child labor laws), dies
1923 George Elbridge Whiting, composer, dies at 83
1923 Marcellus Emants, writer/poet (Refrained from Confession), dies
1919 Wilhelm von Siemens, German industrial/son of Werner, dies
1909 Johann Gottfred Matthison-Hansen, composer, dies at 76
1906 Paul Cezanne, French painter/water colors painter, dies at 67
1906 Richard Tangye, British Businessman
1900 Albert de Vriendt, Flemish historical painter/etcher, dies
1900 Sandor Erkel, composer, dies at 54
1893 Conradus Leemans, Dutch archaeologist, dies at 84
1885 Josh Billings, American Comedian
1885 Thomas Davidson, Scottish Scientist
1880 Victorio, Apache chief/murderer, killed by Mexican army
1879 F Kurnberger, writer, dies at 58
1877 Antoine-Amable-Elie Elwart, composer, dies at 68
1872 Albrecht FH, prince of Prussia, dies at 63
1857 Ignacy Marceli Komorowski, composer, dies at 33
1847 William Michael Rooke, composer, dies at 53
1817 John Philpot Curran, Irish Public Servant
1790 William Hooper, U.S. attorney and signer Declaration of Independence, dies at 48
1775 Johann Jacob Rowalt, composer, dies at 57
1771 Franz Xaver Brixi, composer, dies at 39
1746 Francois Fagel, lawyer/statesman, dies at 86
1719 Arnold Houbraken, painter/writer, dies at 59
1669 Antonio Cesti, composer, dies at 46
1660 Francesco Albana, Italian painter (Hemelopneming of Maria), dies at 72
1619 Samuel Daniel, English Poet
1570 Floris van Montmorency, baron of Montigny, dies at 43
1536 Garcilaso de la Vega, Spanish poet/diplomat, dies in battle
1092 Aboe Ali Hasan ibn Nizam al-Moelk, writer (Sijasetname), assassinated
1066 Harold II, King of England (1066), dies
530 Dioscurus, anti-Pope (530), dies