October 16 Deaths in History - October 16 Birthdays - October 16 Events
2007 Deborah Kerr, dies in England, at 86
2004 Pierre Salinger, journalist/political press officer, dies at 79
2000 Rick Jason, actor, Combat, dies at 74
1999 Jean Shepherd, writer/radio artist, ", In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash, ", dies at 78
1998 Jon Postel, Father of the Internet, dies at 55
1997 Audra Lindley, actress (Helen Roper-3's Company, Ropers), dies at 79
1997 James Mitchner, author (Hawaii), dies of kidney failure at 90
1997 James A. Michener, American Novelist
1996 Anthony Griffin, sailor, dies at 75
1996 Eric Lawson Malpass, writer, dies at 85
1996 Ismond Rosen, psychoanalyst/artist, dies at 82
1996 James Wild, music teacher, dies at 68
1996 Jason Bernard, actor (judge-Liar Liar), dies of heart attack at 58
1995 John Walker, museum director, dies at 88
1995 Linda Goodman, astrologer, dies
1995 Murdo Alexander MacLeod, minister, dies at 60
1995 Thomas Augustine Martin, academic, dies at 59
1994 William Henry Swinburne, music teacher, dies at 87
1993 John Bowles, president (Rexall Drugs), dies at 76
1992 Shirley Booth, actress (Hazel), dies of natural causes at 85
1991 Tennessee Ernie Ford, country singer (16 Tons), dies at 72
1991 Tonny Huurdeman, singer and actress (Frills), dies
1990 Art Blakey, jazz drummer (Jazz Messengers), dies of cancer at 71
1989 Cornel Wilde, actor (Saadia, Comic, Beach Red, Gargoyles), dies at 74
1987 Dana Suesse, songwriter (You Ought to be in Pictures), dies at 75
1986 Arthur Grumiaux, Belgian violinist, dies at 65
1986 C Wttewaall van Stoetwegen, CHU Member of Dutch parliament, dies at 85
1985 Claude Stroud, actor (Hobart-Ted Knight Show, Duke), dies at 78
1984 Ken Carpenter, TV announcer (Lux Video Theater), dies at 84
1984 Peggy Ann Garner, actress (Ford Theater), dies at 53 of cancer
1983 George Liberace, violinist (Liberace Show), dies at 72
1982 Jacov Gotovac, composer, dies at 86
1982 Mario del Monaco, Italian opera singer (Verdi/Puccini), dies at 67
1982 Hans Selye, endocrinologist, first to demonstrate the existence of biological stress, began stress research in 1926, published 7 popular books, 1,700 research papers, 15 monographs, dies in Montreal, Canada
1981 Moshe Dayan, Israel's general/minister of Defense, dies at 66
1981 Stanley Clements, actor (Boys' Prison, Army Bound, Hot News), dies
1981 William Holden, actor (Casino Royale), dies at 63
1980 Carl PM Romme, Dutch minister of Social Affairs (KVP), dies at 83
1978 Dan Dailey, dancer/actor, dies at 63
1977 Michael Balcon, producer, dies at 81
1973 Gene Krupa, U.S. swing drummer (Sing Sing Sing), dies at 64
1972 Leo G Carroll, actor (Topper, Man From Uncle), dies at 80
1969 Leonard Chess, Polish Businessman
1962 Gaston Bachelard, French philosopher (Water and Dreams), dies at 78
1959 George C Marshall, U.S. Army general, dies at 78
1959 George Marshall, American Statesman
1959 George C. Marshall, American Soldier
1954 Friedrich Lubke, German politician, dies at 67
1951 Liaquat Ali Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan 1947 - 1951, assassinated by Said Akbar
1949 Hale Ascher VanderCook, composer, dies at 85
1946 Alfred G Jodl, Colonel General/German staff chief weather authority, hanged
1946 Alfred Rosenberg, German war criminal, hanged
1946 Arthur Seyss-Inquart, Austrian chancellor (1930s), hanged at 54
1946 Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Austrian Nazi (SS), hanged
1946 Fritz Sauckel, German war criminal, hanged
1946 Granville Ransome Bantock, English composer and conductor, dies at 78
1946 Hans Franc, German war criminal, hanged
1946 Joachim von Ribbentrop, German war criminal, hanged
1946 Julius Streicher, German District Leader (Of Sturmer), hanged
1946 Wilhelm Frick, German war criminal, hanged
1946 Wilhelm Keitel, German Field Marshal, hanged
1946 Hans Frank, German Public Servant
1946 Alfred Jodl, German Soldier
1944 Eric Westberg, composer, dies at 52
1944 John Eigenhuis, writer (The Dike), dies at 78
1942 12, Dutch Communist Party-resistance fighter/3 NVV-hostages, executed
1939 Carl Henrik Ludolf Nielsen, composer, dies at 63
1920 Alberto Nepomuceno, Brazilian composer and conductor (Artemis), dies at 56
1919 Charles Harford Lloyd, composer, dies on 70th birthday
1918 Felix Arndt, composer, dies at 29
1916 Klaas/old stick Kater, christian worker's union leader, dies at 73
1893 Carlo Pedrotti, composer, dies at 75
1891 Sarah Winnemucca, indian scout, dies
1880 Edward Wolff, composer, dies at 64
1877 John Zwijsen, archbishop of Utrecht, dies at 83
1867 Salomon J Rappoport, Czechoslovakian rabbi (Ereg miliem), dies
1862 George Burgwyn Anderson, U.S. Confederate Brigadier-General, dies at 31
1849 George Washington Williams, 1st major black historian, dies
1836 Friedrich Theodor Frohlich, composer, dies at 33
1817 Manuel C Piar, Curacaos/Venezulian freedom writer, dies
1814 Juan Jose Landaeta, composer, dies at 34
1799 Antoine-Frederic Gresnick, composer, dies at 44
1793 Marie Antoinette, queen of France, beheaded in France
1791 Grigorij A Potemkin, Monarch of Tauris, dies
1774 Robert Fergusson, Scottish songwriter (Scottish Poems), dies
1750 Silvius Leopold Weiss, composer, dies at 64
1726 Giovanni Maria Capelli, composer, dies at 77
1694 Samuel Freiherr von Pufendorf, German lawyer, dies at 62
1690 Margaretha M Alacoque, French mystic/saint, dies at 43
1688 Philips Koninck, painter/etcher, buried at 68
1649 Isaac van Ostade, painter, buried
1621 Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, organist/composer, dies at about 59
1594 William Allen, English cardinal/founder seminary of Douai, dies at 62
1591 Gregory XIV, Niccolo Sfondrati, Italian Pope, dies at 56
1570 Baron van Montigny, Dutch earl of Horne, murdered
1555 Hugh Latimer, royal chaplain of Anna Boley, burned at stake at 80
1555 Nicholas Ridley, English theologist/bishop of Rochester, burned
1553 Lucas Cranach Sr, German painter, dies at 81
1473 Reinoud II van Brederode, viscount of Utrecht, dies
1333 Nicolaas V, Pietro Rainalducci, Italian anti-Pope (1328-30), dies
1323 Amadeus V the Great, count of Flanders/Savoy, dies at 74
775 Mansur, kalief of Abbasiden, dies