October 19 Deaths in History - October 19 Birthdays - October 19 Events
2004 Paul Nitze, American Writer
2003 Alija Izetbegovic, Bosniak Activist
1997 Glen Buxton, guitarist (Alice Cooper), dies of pneumonia at 49
1996 Oliver Charles Anderson, novelist, dies at 84
1995 Don E Cherry, jazz Musician, dies at 58
1995 Vicki Stangroome, campaigner, dies at 53
1994 Martha Raye, actress (Pin Up Girl), dies after illness at 78
1994 Munavarsjo Nazrijev, vice-president of Tadzjikistan, dies
1994 Oldrich Cernik, Czechoslovakia premier (1968-70), dies at 72
1994 Stanislaw Brunstein, artist, dies at 79
1993 Bert Schoofs, table tennis star, dies at 48
1993 Dionisio Herrero, Spanish air force general, murdered
1993 Lois Kibbee, actress (Edge of Night), dies of brain tumor at 71
1993 Roy Armstrong, English historian (Traditional buildings), dies at 91
1992 Cleavon Little, actor (Blazing Saddles), dies at 53
1992 Gert Nastian, general and companion of Petra Kelly, found dead at 69
1992 Maurice le Roux, French conductor and composer (Contes immoraux), dies
1992 Petra Kelly, founder (German Green Party), found dead at 44
1988 Friedrich Weinreb, Polish/Netherlands theologist/economist, dies at 77
1987 Jacqueline du Pre, British cellist, dies at 42
1986 Moses Asch, record founder (Folkways), dies at 81
1984 Henri Michaux, writer, dies
1984 Jerzy Popieluszko, Polish priest/dissident, kidnapped and murdered
1984 Jon-Erik Hexum, accidentally shoots himself on set of "Cover Up" at 27
1983 18/10? Albert "Carel" Willink, painter: magic(al)-realism, dies at 83
1983 Albert Carel Willink, painter (surrealism), dies at 83
1983 Maurice Bishop, premier of Grenada (1979-83), murdered in coup
1982 Jock Ewing, dies in an aircrash on TV show "Dallas"
1981 Frank DeKova, actor (F Troop), dies
1981 Paul Snoek, Edm Schietekat, Belgian poet, dies at 48
1978 Gig Young, kills his bride of 3 weeks and then commits suicide at 64
1971 Alberto Pirelli, Italian industrial, dies at 89
1971 Betty Bronson, actress (Naked Kiss), dies after brief illness at 64
1970 Unica Zurn, author, painter, dies at 54
1966 Elizabeth Arden, U.S. cosmetic manufacturer, dies
1964 Maurice Gosfield, actor (Doberman-Phil Silvers Show), dies at 51
1961 Benjamin Merkelbach, architect/city builder of Amsterdam, dies at 60
1961 John Axel Fernstrom, composer, dies at 63
1960 Gunther AR Raphael, German composer (Busskantate), dies at 57
1959 Boughera El Quafi, marathoner, Gold Medal 1928 Olympics, shot to death at 60
1959 Stanley Bate, composer, dies at 45
1957 Vere G Childe, British archaeologist/prehistorian, dies at 65
1955 John Hodiak, actress (Lifeboat, Battleground), dies at 41
1950 Edna St. Vincent Millay, American Author
1943 Adrianus M de Young, writer (Merijntje Gijzen's youth), murdered
1943 Camille Claudel, French Artist
1937 Betty Carver, wife of English Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, dies
1937 Ernest Rutherford baron of Nelson, English physicist (Nobel 1908), dies
1936 Lu Xun, Chinese Author
1934 Johan J Arch, graphic artist (houtgravures), dies at 63
1932 Arthur Friedheim, composer, dies at 72
1921 Antonio Granjo, premier (Portugal), murdered
1918 Joseph Lesage, French painter/etcher (WW I), dies at 34
1910 Lutzen Wagenaar, Fries writer/vicar (Tsjerk Ages), dies
1909 Cesare Lombroso, Italian psychiatrist/criminologist, dies
1909 Christopher KH de Neree tot Babberich, cartoonist, dies at 29
1893 Lucy Stone, American Activist
1890 Richard Francis Burton, English Writer
1888 Amaat Vyncke, Flemish missionary/founder (Flemish Wind), dies at 38
1864 Daniel Davidson Bidwell, magistrate/Brigadier-General, dies in battle at 45
1851 Marie-Therese-Charlotte, d of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, dies at 72
1838 Henry Fagel, baron/court clerk of States-General/diplomat, dies at 73
1835 Henry Doeff, translator (Dutch-Japanese dictionary), dies at 57
1834 Cornelis Loots, accountant/poet (Volkswoede), dies at 69
1813 Josef Poniatovski, Polish gen/marshal of France, dies in battle
1810 Jean-Georges Noverre, French choreographer (ballet d'action), dies
1793 Francisco Morera, composer, dies at 62
1790 Lyman Hall, U.S. physician and signer Declaration of Independence, dies at 66
1786 Pietro Alessandro Pavona, composer, dies at 58
1760 Charles Lawrence, British Politician
1758 Johan H Roman, Finnish/Swedish composer and conductor /violinist, dies
1745 Jonathan Swift, English writer (Gulliver's Travels), dies
1609 Jacobus Arminius, Jacob Hermans, theologist, dies at about 49
1608 Martinus A del Rio, Spanish lawyer historian/theologist, dies
1553 Bonifazio Veronese/Veneziano, de' Pitati, Italian painter, dies
1547 Pierino del Vaga, Italian painter, dies at about 46
1268 Konradin von Hohenstaufen, duke of Zwaben, beheaded