October 29 Deaths in History - October 29 Birthdays - October 29 Events
2004 Vaughn Meader, comic/musician, The First Family, dies at 62
2003 Franco Corelli, opera singer, dies at 81
2003 Hal Clement, science fiction writer/educator, Mission of Gravity, dies at 81
1996 James Leo Herlihy, author (Midnight Cowboy), commits suicide at 66
1996 Patricia Ticia Anne Ingrams, broadcaster, dies at 50
1996 Patrick Johnson, physicist, dies at 92
1994 Andrew Miller-Jones TV pioneer, dies at 84
1994 Evelyn Anderson, dancer, dies at 87
1994 Pearl Primus, dancer, dies at 44
1993 Raymond Lockhart, TV director (Huntley Brinkley Report), dies at 65
1992 Adrienne Canivez, wife of Victor of Vriesland, dies
1992 Kenneth MacMillan, British choreographer (Manon, Judas Tree), dies
1991 Donald Churchill, playwright, dies of heart attack at 60
1991 Harry Thomas, founder (Flower Festival, Dutch Homofielen Party), dies
1991 Maria Monica, silent film actress, dies
1991 Mario Scelba, Prime Minister of Italy 1954 - 1955, dies
1990 William French Smith, attorney general (1980), dies at 73 of cancer
1987 Kamal El Mallakh, dies at 57
1987 Woody Herman, bandleader/composer (Thundering Herds), dies at 74
1986 Sem Presser, Dutch press photographer, dies at 68
1985 John Lodge, actor (Sensation, In Like Flint)/(gov-R-CT), dies at 82
1981 William O Walker, publisher of Cleveland Call Post, dies at 85
1975 John Scott Trotter, orchestra leader (George Gobel Show), dies at 67
1974 Victor E van Vriesland, poet (Mirror of Dutch Poetry), dies at 82
1973 Heathcote Dicken Statham, composer, dies at 83
1971 Duane Allman, rock guitarist, dies in a motorcycle accident at 24
1968 Marius Moaritz Ulfrstad, composer, dies at 78
1966 [Louis C] Marcel Berckmans, painter/actor (Manner Kater), dies at 83
1965 Mehdi Am Barka, Moroccan socialist leader, murdered in Paris
1963 Adolphe Menjou, actor (Front Page, Star is Born), dies at 73
1962 Dewi Angrenie, Martha AP Giese, Flemish/Dutch actress, dies at 85
1962 Naphtali Siegfried Salomon, composer, dies at 77
1957 Louis B Mayer, MGM producer, dies at 71
1957 Louis B. Mayer, American Director
1951 De Raymond, French High Director of Cambodia, murdered
1951 Robert G Aitken, U.S. astronomer (New General Catalogue), dies at 86
1950 Gustav V, king of Sweden, dies at 92
1949 G. I. Gurdjieff, mystic, spiritual teacher, created 'The Work' idea, representing work on oneself, also called, the Fourth Way, dies at age 83, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
1947 Frances Cleveland Preston, former 1st lady (1885-89 93-97), dies at 83
1947 Theodore Samuel Holland, composer, dies at 69
1946 John S Curry, U.S. painter (Baptism in Kansas), dies
1943 Adrianus M de Young, writer (Merijntje Gijzen's youth), murdered at 55
1939 Albrecht MAPJ, duke of Wurttemberg/general (WW II), dies at 73
1934 Gustavo Emilio Campa, composer, dies at 71
1933 Paul, Prudent, Painleve, French mathematician/minister/premier, dies
1932 Joseph F F Babinski, Polish/French neurologist (B-Reflex), dies
1931 Luciano Gallet, composer, dies at 38
1927 Leonard Nelson, Germany philosopher (Nelson-Friessche Schule), dies at 45
1922 George August Lumbye, composer, dies at 79
1920 Johann Ernst Perabo, composer, dies at 74
1919 Soen Shaku, Zen abbot of Engakuji monastery in Kamakura, dies at 60
1911 Joseph Pulitzer, American newspaperman, dies in Charleston, SC
1907 Gerald Massey, English Poet
1901 Leon Czolcosz, assassin of President McKinley, is electrocuted
1897 Thomas Edward Brown, British Poet
1892 William M Harnett, U.S. painter (Old Cupboard Door), dies
1885 George B McClellan, Union army general, dies at 58
1885 James Hannington, English missionary, murdered in Uganda
1885 George McClellan, American Soldier
1885 George B. McClellan, American Soldier
1883 Friedrich Robert Volkmann, composer, dies at 68
1882 Martin Gustav Nottebohm, composer, dies at 64
1877 Nathan Bedford Forrest, American Civil War, Confederate Army lieutenant general, cavalry leader, opposed Reconstruction era in the post-war South, dies in Memphis, Tennessee, at age 56
1876 Jacques Gregoir, composer, dies at 59
1873 Ernest Feydeau, French author, dies at 52
1873 Johan N M J, king of Saxon (1854-73), dies
1873 Leonardus Lightenvelt, minister of RC Worship, dies at 78
1864 John Leech, English Artist
1856 Carel SW van Hogendorp, colonial director, dies at 68
1853 Pierre-Joseph-Guillaume Zimmermann, composer, dies at 68
1853 William Richard Bexfield, composer, dies at 29
1846 Jean Louis van Aelbroeck, Flemish agronoom, dies at 90
1829 Maria A [Nannerl] Mozart, Austrian pianist, dies
1822 Dirk van Hogendorp, Dutch earl/general/minister of War, dies at 61
1802 Jacques-Philippe Lamoninary, composer, dies at 95
1790 Pieter van/of Bleiswijk, pension advisor 1771-87, dies at about 66
1783 Jean-Baptiste Le Rond d'Alembert, philosopher/mathematician, die at 66
1618 Walter Raleigh, English scholar, poet and historian, beheaded for treason
1590 Dirck Volkertsz Coornhert, theologist/philosopher, dies at about 68
1321 Stefanus VI Uros II Milutin, king of Serbia (1282-1321), dies
490 Petrus Mongus, patriarch of Alexandria, dies