September 10 Deaths in History - September 10 Birthdays - September 10 Events
2007 Jane Wyman, dies in California, of natural causes, at 90
1997 Burgess Meredith, actor (Penguin-Batman, Rocky), dies at 88
1996 Ray Coleman, born in Britain, journalist, author, wrote biographies of The Beatles while editor-in-chief, Melody Maker, music magazine, dies at 59
1995 Charles Denner, actor (Mado, Stella, Z, Landru), dies at 69
1995 Derek Meddings, special Effects technician, dies at 64
1995 Molly Mary Hyde, cricketer, dies at 81
1994 Amy Clampitt, British poet, 'Silence Opens', dies at 74
1993 Janice Carroll, actress (End, April Fools), dies of cancer at 61
1993 Rita Karin, Polish-Latvia/US actress (Sophie's Choice), dies at 73
1991 Sarah Sally Lawrence, entertainer, dies at 61
1991 Yves Montand, actor (Lets Make Love, Z), dies at 70
1990 Samuel Kanyon Doe, president of Liberia (1980-90), assassinated
1988 Virginia Satir, American Psychologist
1985 Alexa Kenin, actress (Mousie-Coed Fever), dies at 23
1985 Jock Stein, Scottish Celebrity
1983 Balthasar J "John" Vorster, South African premier (1966-78), dies at 67
1982 Max Winders Maximilien, brought Belgium gold reserve to England, dies
1979 Agostinho Neto, poet/1st President of Angola, dies at 56
1979 Stanislav Pylypovych Lyudkevych, composer, dies at 99
1977 Hamida Djandoubi, convicted murderer last to, die by guillotine
1976 Dalton Trumbo, U.S. writer and director (Johnny Got His Gun), dies at 70
1976 Dorothy Devore, actress (Newscast, Senor Daredevil), dies at 77
1976 George Baxter, actor (Flying Saucer, Lili, Caged), dies at 71
1976 Mordecai Johnson, 1st black president of Howard U, dies at 86
1972 Sidney Pegler, cricket leg spinner (leading South Africa prior to WWI), dies
1971 Bella Darvi, actress (Racers), commits suicide at 42
1971 Pier Angeli, actress (Octaman), dies of barbiturate overdose at 39
1965 Bobby Jordan, actor (Dead End Kids), dies of sclerosis of liver at 42
1963 Eugene Baie, Belgian author (Le siecle of Gueux), dies at 89
1961 Leo Carrillo, actor (Pancho-Cisco Kid), dies at 81
1960 Fjodor I Panfjorov, Russian author (Volga - matushka-reka), dies at 63
1955 Robert Blackburn, British aviation pioneer, dies at 70
1954 Peter Anders, German opera singer, dies
1951 Giuseppe Mule, composer, dies at 66
1945 Vaino Raitio, composer, dies at 54
1944 Jaap P Musch, Dutch resistance fighter, murdered by Nazis
1942 Nachman N "Neddy" Bamberg, actor, dies in Auschwitz at 63
1934 George Henschel, composer, dies at 84
1932 Percy Fletcher, composer, dies at 52
1931 Alfonso Randano, composer, dies at 78
1922 Arpad Szendy, composer, dies at 59
1916 Friedrich Gernsheim, composer, dies at 77
1898 Elisabeth AE, empress of Austria/wife of Franz Joseph I, dies at 60
1898 S Mallarme, writer, dies
1898 George Muller, English Clergyman
1895 Harrison Millard, composer, dies at 64
1884 George Bentham, English Scientist
1868 Franz Anton Adam Stockhausen, composer, dies at 79
1867 Simon Sechter, composer, dies at 78
1862 Carlos A Lopez, president of Paraguay (1844-62), dies at 71
1858 Henry Wellington Greatorex, composer, dies at 44
1845 Karl August von Lichtenstein, composer, dies at 78
1842 Letitia Tyler, President Tyler's (1841-45) wife, dies at 51
1839 Pieter Fontijn, Dutch painter, dies at 66
1831 George Guest, composer, dies at 60
1828 Count d'Andreossi, French general/parliament leader, dies at 67
1806 Johann C Adelung, German translator/librarian, dies at 74
1765 Jacob Gilles, pension advisor, dies at about 74
1680 Marco Uccellini, composer, dies
1623 John I Van de Velde, calligrapher (Mirror of Write-Konste), dies
1600 John Bruhesius, Bruhesen, bishop of Groningen, dies
1547 Pierlugi Faraese, Italian son of Pope Paul III, murdered
1419 Jan zonder Vrees, duke of Burgundy/count of Flanders, murdered
1419 John the Fearless, Burgundy/French warrior, murdered at 48
1382 Louis I, the Great, King of Hungary/Poland, dies
1305 Nicholas van Tolentino, Italian saint, dies
1279 Robert Kilwardby/Anglicus, English philosopher/Cardinal, dies
954 Louis IV, of overseas, King of France, dies
918 Boudouin II the Bare, originator of Flanders territory, dies