July 2, 1902 in History


John McGraw becomes manager of New York Giants (stays for 30 years)

John McGraw History:
February 25, 1934 - John McGraw, manager (New York Giants), dies at 60
July 3, 1932 - John McGraw retires from baseball
June 3, 1932 - John McGraw, who came to New York in 1902, resigns as manager of Giants
March 27, 1931 - John McGraw says night baseball will not catch on
December 17, 1928 - John McGraw backs NL President John Heydler's designated hitter idea
May 14, 1928 - John McGraw is knocked down by a taxicab and suffers a broken leg
September 25, 1922 - Giants beat St. Louis, to clinch John McGraw's 8th pennant
October 12, 1913 - John McGraw, after drinking, blames Wilbert Robinson's coaching mistakes for World Series lose, Robertson blames McGraw and is fired
July 19, 1902 - New York Giants lose their 1st game under new manager John McGraw
July 16, 1902 - John McGraw named manager of New York Giants
July 8, 1902 - John McGraw, accused by Ban Johnson of trying to wreck Baltimore and Washington clubs, negotiates his release from the Orioles
March 11, 1901 - Cincinnati Enquirer reports Baltimore manager John McGraw signed Cherokee Indian Tokohoma, who is really black 2nd baseman Charlie Grant
April 18, 1899 - John McGraw, at 36, managerial debut as Oriole manager
April 7, 1873 - John McGraw, born in Truxton, New York, MLB player and manager of the New York Giants, nicknamed 'Little Napoleon'

More Notable Events on July 2:
1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar is issued, 1st U.S. coin to honor a woman
1976 Supreme Court rules death penalty not inherently cruel or unusual
1937 Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan disappear over Pacific Ocean
1890 Congress passes Sherman Antitrust Act
1867 1st U.S. elevated railroad begins service, New York City
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