May 2, 1915 in History


Jan Hanus, born in Czechoslovakia, composer, music expressed anti-Nazi, anti-Fascist, anti-Communist sentiments, studied with Otakar Jeremias a the Prague Conservatory

More Notable Birthdays on May 2:
1985 - Sarah Hughes, born in Great Neck, New York, professional ice skater, 2002 Olympic gold medalist, biography 'Sudden Champion: The Sara Hughes Story'
1903 - Benjamin Spock, CT, pediatrician, Common Sense Book of Baby Care
1859 - Jerome K. Jerome, English Author
1772 - Novalis, born in Oberwiederstedt, Germany, philosopher of early German Romanticism, author, wrote 'Pollen, Faith and Love', 'Hymns to the Night'
1551 - William Camden, English historian, Brittania, Annales
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