February 25, 1932 in History
Immigrant Adolf Hitler gets German citizenship

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February 25

Adolf Hitler History:
March 19, 1945 - Adolf Hitler issues Nero Decree: destruction of German facilities
September 12, 1943 - German paratroopers, on orders of Adolf Hitler, seize former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini who was being held prisoner by the government
April 7, 1943 - Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini met for an Axis conference in Salzburg
October 3, 1941 - Adolf Hitler says Russia is "broken" and would "never rise again"
October 4, 1940 - Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini confer at Brenner Pass in Alps
June 25, 1940 - Adolf Hitler views Eiffel tower and grave of Napoleon in France
December 21, 1939 - Hitler named Adolf Eichmann leader of "Referat IV B"
October 6, 1939 - Adolf Hitler denies he intends to go to war against France and Britain
May 2, 1933 - In Germany, Adolf Hitler bans trade unions
February 2, 1933 - 2 days after becoming chancellor, Adolf Hitler dissolves Parliament
September 28, 1928 - Prussia forbids speech from Adolf Hitler
December 20, 1924 - Adolf Hitler freed from jail early
November 12, 1923 - In Germany, Adolf Hitler is arrested for attempt to sieze power
October 5, 1916 - Soldier Adolf Hitler is injured
April 20, 1889 - Adolf Hitler, born in Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary, genocidal leader of Germany

More Notable Events on February 25:
1987 Michael Jordan, scores Chicago Bulls record 58 points in a game
1987 U.S. Supreme Court upholds affirmative action, 5-4
1919 League of Nations set up by Paris Treaty
1879 Congress passed 1st Timberland Protection Act
1862 Paper currency introduced in U.S. by President Abraham Lincoln