October 23, 1942 in History


Greg Ridley, born in Cumberland, England, rock, bass guitarist, played for Humble Pie and Spooky Tooth, popular double album Performance Rockin' the Fillmore

More Notable Birthdays on October 23:
1959 - Sam Raimi, actor, Indian Summer, Thou Shalt Not Kill Except
1956 - Dwight Yoakam, born in Pikeville, Kentucky, country singer, Honky Tonk Man
1954 - Ang Lee, director, Ice Storm, Wedding Banquet, Sense and Sensibility
1942 - Michael Crichton, born in Chicago, Illinois novelist, Andromeda Strain, Congo, Looker
1925 - Johnny Carson, born in Corning, Iowa, comedian, Tonight Show, Who Do You Trust
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