October 8, 1951 in History
Ford Frick replaces Happy Chandler as 3rd commissioner of baseball Warren C Giles becomes president of baseball's National League

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October 8

Ford Frick History:
April 8, 1978 - Ford Frick, baseball commissioner, dies at 83
August 5, 1964 - Ford Frick says he will not run for another term as commissioner
March 25, 1960 - Ford Frick voids Indians - Red Sox deal as Sam White retires
July 8, 1957 - Baeball Owners re-elect Commissioner Ford Frick
January 10, 1957 - Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick rules Bing Crosby can keep token stock in the Detroit Tigers, even though he owns part of Pittsburgh Pirates
July 6, 1956 - Ford Frick inaugurates Cy Young Award, to honor to outstanding pitcher
March 7, 1955 - Baseball Commish Ford Frick says he favors legalization of spitter
July 30, 1952 - Ford Frick sets waiver rule to bar inter-league deals until all clubs in same league get right to bid
September 20, 1951 - NL President Ford Frick elected 3rd commissioner of baseball
May 4, 1943 - NL Ford Frick demonstrates revised balata ball to reporters by bouncing it on his office carpet ball proves to be 50% livelier
December 11, 1934 - Ford Frick becomes president of baseball's National League
November 8, 1934 - Ford Frick, NL publicity director, is named league president
December 19, 1894 - Ford Frick, baseball commissioner, 1951 - 1965

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1993 U.N. lifts remaining economic sanctions against South Africa
1982 Poland bans Solidarity and all labor unions
1958 Dr. Ake Senning installs 1st pacemaker in Stockholm
1896 Dow Jones starts reporting an average of selected industrial stocks
1860 Telegraph line between Los Angeles and San Francisco opens