April 14, 1952 in History


Kenny Aaronson, born in New York City, New York, rocker, bass guitar player, played for Dust, Stories, Hall & Oates, toured with Billy Squier, Joan Jett, Billy Idol

More Notable Birthdays on April 14:
1977 - Sarah Michelle Gellar, actress, Kendall-All My Children, Buffy
1973 - Adrien Brody, born in Woodhaven, New York, actor, Academy-Award winning film, 'The Pianist', other films include 'The Thin Red Line', 'Splice', 'Predators'
1935 - Loretta Lynn, Butcher's Hollow, Kentucky, singer, Coal Miner's Daughter
1925 - Rod Steiger, born in West Hampton, New York, actor, Illustrated Man, Pawnbroker
1904 - John Gielgud, born in London, England, actor, Arthur, Ages of Man
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