July 1, 1956 in History


Bill Caudill, born in Santa Monica, California, nickname 'Cuffs', baseball player, pitcher, played for American and National League teams, including, Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners

More Notable Birthdays on July 1:
1977 - Liv Tyler, born in New York City, daughter of Steven Tyler, actress, The Lord of the Rings trilogy
1967 - Pamela Anderson, born in Ladysmith, Canada, actress, model, producer, former showgirl, famous role, C.J. Parker on 'Baywatch' television show
1961 - Carl Lewis, born in Birmingham, Alabama, American Athlete
1952 - Dan Aykroyd, born in Ottawa, Canada, comedian/actor, SNL, Dragnet
1945 - Debbie Harry, American Musician
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