August 18, 1970 in History


Robert Higginson, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, outfielder for the Detroit Tigers

More Notable Birthdays on August 18:
1969 - Edward Norton, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actor, appeared in films, 'Primal Fear', 'Rounder', 'Fight Club', 'Red Dragon', 'The Illusionist'
1958 - Madeleine Stowe, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Tropical Snow, Bad Girls
1957 - Denis Leary, born in Worcester, Massachusetts, actor, writer, comedian, co-creator of 'Rescue Me' television show
1952 - Patrick Swayze, born in Houston, Texas, actor/dancer, Dirty Dancing, Ghost
1943 - Martin Mull, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor/comedian, Bad Manners, Flick, Serial
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