March 11, 1971 in History


Johnny Knoxville, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, born Philip John Clapp, actor, comedian, co-creator of MTV television series, 'Jackass', appeared in film, 'The Ringer'

More Notable Birthdays on March 11:
1968 - Lisa Loeb, born in Bethesda, Maryland, singer, songwriter, actress, hit song, 'Stay (I Missed You)', appeared in 'Firecracker' film, 'Dweezil and Lisa' television series
1952 - Douglas Adams, born in England, author, Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
1950 - Bobby McFerrin, singer, Don't Worry Be Happy-Grammy 1989
1936 - Antonin Scalia, born in Trenton, New Jersey, 105th Supreme Court Justice, 1986-
1931 - Rupert Murdoch, born in Australia, publisher, New York Post and CEO of FOX
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