July 11, 1978 in History
All star MVP: Steve Garvey, Los Angeles Dodgers

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July 11

Steve Garvey History:
February 18, 1989 - Steve Garvey marries Candace Thomas while at same time being accused of fathering children by 2 other women
January 13, 1988 - LA Dodger/SD Padre Steve Garvey retires
June 13, 1986 - Steve Garvey 1st ejection from a game, after Atlanta's triple-play
June 5, 1986 - San Diego Padre Steve Garvey ejected for 1st time
July 29, 1983 - Steve Garvey ends his NL record 1,207 consecutive game streak
April 16, 1983 - Steve Garvey sets NL record by playing in 1,118 consecutive games
June 7, 1982 - Los Angeles Dodger Steve Garvey is 5th to play in 1,000 consecutive games
June 7, 1982 - Steve Garvey plays in his 1,000th consecutive game and goes 0-for-4
June 1, 1980 - Steve Garvey, hits the 7,000th Dodger home run
September 3, 1975 - Steve Garvey begins his NL record 1,207 consecutive game streak
November 13, 1974 - Dodgers Steve Garvey wins NL MVP
October 27, 1971 - Steve Garvey weds Cynthia Truhan
December 22, 1948 - Steve Garvey, 1st baseman, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres

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1991 Total solar eclipse is seen in Hawaii
1984 Government orders air bags or seat belts would be required in cars by 1989
1981 Neva Rockefeller is 1st woman ordered to pay her husband alimony
1979 U.S. Skylab enters atmosphere over Australia and disintegrates
1934 Franklin D. Roosevelt became 1st President to travel through Panama Canal