Detective Events in History

1996 Death - Gerald McArthur, detective, dies at 70

1994 Death - Julian Symons, Br detective writer (Death's Darkest Face), dies at 82

1994 Death - John I M Stewart, detective writer (A Comedy of Terrors), dies at 88

1991 Death - John Crosby, U.S. columnist/detective writer dies at 79

1986 Death - Lino Ventura, actor (French Detective, Slap, Jig-Saw), dies at 67

1982 Death - Frederic Dannay, Ellery Queen, U.S., detective writer, dies at 76

1982 Death - Edith Ngaio Marsh, New Zealand detective writer/producer, dies at 82

1981 Death - Morgan Conway, actor (Dick Tracy Detective), dies

1979 Death - John McQuade, actor (Charlie Wild Private Detective), dies at 73

1976 Death - H Allen Smith, TV host (Armchair Detective), dies at 69

1975 Death - Rex Stout, U.S. detective writer (Nero Wolfe), dies at 88

1975 Death - Howard Joslin, actor (Quebec, Detective Story), dies at 68

1971 Death - Edmund Lowe, actor (Front Page Detective), dies at 81

1971 Death - Manfred Bonnington Lee, Ellery Queen, detective writer, dies at 65

1964 Death - Havank, HF van der Kallen, detective writer (Shade), dies at 60

1961 Death - Dashiell Hammett, U.S. detective writer (Thin Man), dies at 66

1959 Death - Raymond T Chandler, U.S. detective writer (Long Goodbye), dies at 71

1951 Birthday - David Yip, born in Liverpool, England, of Chinese descent, English actor, played Johnny Ho in The Chinese Detective, played CIA liason agent Chuck Lee in 'A View to a Kill', a 1985 James Bond film

1949 Event - 1st network detective series-Private Eyes-premieres

1949 Event - Sidney Kingsley's "Detective Story," premieres in New York City

1944 Birthday - Jean-Pierre Leaud, Paris, France, actor, Detective

1940 Birthday - Michael Gambon, English actor, Singing Detective, Paris at Night

1939 Death - SS Van Dine, William Huntingdon Wright, detective writer, dies at 50

1935 Death - Ivans, Jacob van Schevichaven, lawyer/detective writer, dies at 68

1930 Birthday - Colin Dexter, born in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England, author, crime writer of 13 detective novels and 33 episode television series featuring fictional character Detective Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse, portrayed by John Thaw

1922 Birthday - Eleanor Parker, born in Ohio, actress, Caged, Detective Story, Hans Brinker

1920 Birthday - Dick Francis, Wales, jockey/detective writer, Whip Hand, High Stakes

1916 Birthday - Gerald McArthur, detective

1915 Birthday - Ross MacDonald, detective novelist, Goodbye Look

1912 Event - Isabella Goodwin, 1st U.S. woman detective, appointed, New York City

1910 Birthday - Rod Cameron, Calgary Alberta, actor, City Detective, State Trooper

1909 Birthday - Seicho Matsumoto, Dutch Japanese detective/playwright, 10 to Sen

1908 Birthday - Harry Kemelman, U.S. detective author, rabbi-omnibus

1908 Birthday - Alain Cuny, actor, Detective, Weite Land, Emmanuelle

1907 Birthday - Howard Joslin, Georgia, actor, Quebec, Detective Story

1907 Birthday - Leslie Charteris, English/US detective writer, Enter the Saint

1906 Birthday - John I M Stewart, British detective writer, Comedy of Terrors

1905 Birthday - Manfred Bonnington Lee, detective writer, of Ellery Queen

1904 Birthday - Cecil Day-Lewis, England, poet laureate/detective, Nicholas Blake

1899 Birthday - Erich Kastner, Dresden German author, Emil and the Detective

1889 Birthday - Erle Stanley Gardner, U.S. detective writer, Perry Mason

1889 Birthday - Margery Allingham, detective story writer

1888 Birthday - Sydney Horler, English detective writer

1887 Event - Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Dying Detective"

1884 Birthday - Earl Biggers, author, "Charlie Chan" detective series

1873 Death - Emile Gaboriau, detective writer (Monsieur Lecoq), dies at 37

1866 Birthday - Ivans, Jacob van Schevichaven, Dutch lawyer/detective writer

1841 Event - 1st detective story (Poe's "Murders in Rue Morgue") published

1835 Birthday - Emile Gaboriau, author, father of French detective novels

1819 Birthday - Allan Pinkerton, founded Chicago detective agency

1775 Birthday - Francois-Eugene Vidocq, British police detective