Fair Events in History

2013 Event - In the U.K., the top 50 payday loan companies were sited for "widespread irresponsible lending"; the Office of Fair Trading gives them 12 weeks to change their practices

2012 Event - The 52-foot iconic statue known as Big Tex, is destroyed by fire during the final days of the 2012 State Fair of Texas

2012 Event - The parliamentary election in Georgia is determined to be 'fair and free' by the OSCE

2012 Event - At the London Book Fair, Ma Jian, Chinese author of the banned novel 'Beijing Coma,' puts red paint over his face and calls Chinese publishers, 'the mouthpiece of the Chinese communist party'

2010 Event - China's largest fair, Canton Fair, opens and is closely watched as it is the barometer of the country's trade and economic development

1996 Death - Lew Ayres, screen actor (Salem's Lot, State Fair), dies at 88

1996 Event - "State Fair," closes at Music Box Theater New York City after 118 performances

1996 Event - "State Fair," opens at Music Box Theater New York City for 118 performances

1995 Death - Michael VerMeulen, writer, journalist, magazine editor, broke story on U.S. AIDS epidemic, published in Vanity Fair, Parade, GQ founding features editor, dies at 38

1994 Event - "My Fair Lady" closes at Virginia Theater New York City after 165 performances

1993 Death - Myrna Loy, actress (Thin Man, Vanity Fair), dies at 88

1993 Event - "My Fair Lady" opens at Virginia Theater New York City for 165 performances

1990 Event - Manuel Noriega claims U.S. denied him a fair trial

1990 Death - Rex Harrison, actor (My Fair Lady), dies of cancer at 82

1988 Death - Frederick Loewe, U.S. composer (My Fair Lady), dies at 84

1984 Event - "Weird Al" Yankovic gives free live performance at Del Mar Fair

1983 Death - George Cukor, director (My Fair Lady), dies on 84th birthday

1982 Event - 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee opens

1982 Death - Stanley Holloway, comedian (My Fair Lady, Our Man Higgins), dies at 91

1981 Event - "My Fair Lady" closes at Uris Theater New York City after 119 performances

1981 Event - "My Fair Lady" opens at Uris Theater New York City for 119 performances

1978 Birthday - Lorrie Fair, born in Los Altos, California, soccer defender 1996 Olympics

1977 Event - "My Fair Lady" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 384 performances

1976 Event - "My Fair Lady" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 384 performances

1976 Death - Johan[nes A] Card, actor/stage manager (My Fair Lady), dies at 78

1976 Death - Johan[nes A] Kaart, Dutch actor (My Fair Lady), dies at 78

1975 Death - Ruth Lee, actress (Middleton Family at 1939 World's Fair), dies at 79

1973 Death - Allan "Rocky" Lane, western actor (All's Fair), dies at 64

1969 Event - Woodstock Music and Art Fair opens in New York State (Max Yasgur's Dairy Farm)

1969 Birthday - Victoria Fair, Jackson Michigan, Miss Michigan-America 1991

1968 Death - Fay Bainter, actress (Jezebel, Our Town, State Fair), dies at 76

1965 Death - Louise Dresser, actress (State Fair, Ship Comes In, Mammy), dies at 86

1965 Event - New York World's Fair reopens for 2nd and final season

1965 Event - 37th Academy Awards - "My Fair Lady," Rex Harrison and J Andrews win

1964 Event - World's Fair (Flushing Meadow, Corona Park, New York) opens

1963 Birthday - Norman Alvis, born in Fair Oaks, California, cyclist 1996 Olympics

1962 Event - "My Fair Lady" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 2,715 performances

1958 Birthday - Keith Haring, Kutztown, Pennsylvania, graffiti artist, Vanity Fair, Paris Review

1958 Event - Brussel's (Belgium) World Fair opens

1957 Event - New York City is 1st city to legislate against racial or religious discrimination in housing market (Fair Housing Practices Law)

1957 Event - 11th Tony Awards: Long Days Journey into the Night and My Fair Lady win

1956 Birthday - Michael VerMeulen, born in Chicago, Illinois, writer, journalist, magazine editor, broke story on U.S. AIDS epidemic, published in Vanity Fair, Parade, GQ founding features editor

1956 Event - "My Fair Lady" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 2,715 performances

1955 Event - Queen Juliana opens E55 fair in Amsterdam

1950 Birthday - Joan Lunden, Fair Oaks California, news host, Good Morning America

1949 Event - President Harry S Truman labels his administration the "Fair Deal"

1948 Birthday - Dennis "Minder" Waterman, born in London, England, actor, Fair Exchange

1946 Death - Donald Meek, Scotland, actor (Stage Fair, Stagecoach), dies at 86

1941 Event - Fair Employment Practices Commission established

1940 Event - 40 hour work week goes into effect (Fair Labor Standards of 1938)

1940 Event - New York World's Fair reopens

1939 Event - NBC/RCA 1st public TV demo with Franklin D. Roosevelt at opening of New York World's Fair

1939 Birthday - Judy Carne, born in Northhampton, England, comedienne, Laugh-in, Fair Exchange

1939 Event - New York World's Fair opens

1938 Event - Time capsule, to be opened in 6939, buried at World's Fair in New York City (capsule contained a woman's hat, man's pipe and 1,100' of microfilm)

1938 Birthday - Susan Hampshire, born in London, England, actress, Vanity Fair, Living Free

1937 Event - World's fair of Paris closes (31.2 million visitors)

1937 Event - Entartete Art Fair opens in Munich

1933 Birthday - Jeremy Brett, actor, Sherlock Holmes, Freddie-My Fair Lady

1933 Event - Century of Progress world's fair opens in Chicago

1933 Event - 1st major league All-Star Game announced for July 6 at Comiskey Park It will be played as part of the Chicago World's Fair

1931 Birthday - E[dgar] L[aurence] Doctorow, New York City, novelist, World's Fair

1929 Birthday - Mel Hancock, born in Cape Fair, Missouri, Representative-R-Missouri 1989 - 1997

1929 Birthday - Audrey Hepburn, Brussels Belg, Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady

1925 Event - World's fair opens in Chicago

1924 Birthday - Jeffrey Segal, actor and playwright, Vanity Fair, Rest in Pieces

1922 Event - Prince Hendrik opens trade fair building in Amsterdam

1919 Event - Queen Wilhelmina opens 1st Air Fair in Amsterdam

1918 Birthday - Alan Jay Lerner, lyricist composer, Lerner and Loewe-My Fair Lady

1917 Birthday - Willem "Wim" Sonneveld, Dutch singer and actor, My Fair Lady

1917 Event - 1st Annual fair at Utrecht Harbor (Netherlands)

1915 Birthday - William Goyen, born in Trinity, Texas, writer, storyteller, married actress Doris Roberts, wrote The House of Breath, The Fair Sister, Wonderful Plant

1915 Event - World's Fair in San Francisco opens

1915 Birthday - Jann Willem Holsbergen, author, Zakenmensen Fair as Gold

1914 Birthday - Theodore Kheel, labor negotiator, Fair Employment Practices

1912 Birthday - Alice Faye, Ann Leppert, New York City, actress, Barricade, State Fair

1910 Event - Berkshire Cattle Fair held in Pittsfield Mass (1st state fair)

1908 Birthday - Rex Harrison, Reginald Carey, England, actor, My Fair Lady, Cleopatra

1908 Birthday - Rex Harrison, born in England, actor, My Fair Lady, Dr. Doolittle

1908 Event - Frederick Delius' "Brigg Fair," premieres

1905 Birthday - Myrna Loy, Helena, Montana, actress, Jazz Singer, Thin Man, Vanity Fair

1903 Birthday - Wilfrid Hyde-White, England, actor, My Fair Lady, Peyton Place

1900 Event - World's Fair in Paris opens, 50 million visitors

1899 Birthday - Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, Texas, actor, Hoedown, Country Fair, Blackmail

1897 Birthday - Johan[nes A] Kaart, Dutch actor/stage manager, My Fair Lady

1894 Event - Midwinter Fair opens in Golden Gate Park

1894 Event - Columbus World's fair in Chicago destroyed by fire

1893 Birthday - Isobel Elsom, actress, My Fair Lady, Love From a Stranger

1892 Birthday - Emory Parnell, St. Paul Minnesota, actress, Rocket Man, County Fair

1891 Birthday - Fay Bainter, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Jezebel, Our Town, State Fair

1888 Birthday - Gladys Cooper, Lewisham England, actress, My Fair Lady

1888 Birthday - Emile van Bosch, Dutch revue/operetta-artist, Fair Folks

1883 Event - Amsterdam World's Fair opens

1883 Event - 28 Surinamers depart to Amsterdam World's Fair

1880 Birthday - Donald Meek, born in Glasgow, Scotland, actor, Stage Fair, Stagecoach

1876 Event - Centennial Fair opens in Philadelphia

1873 Event - Emperor Franz Jozef opens 5th World's Fair in Vienna

1864 Event - Battle at Fair Oaks, Virginia, ends after 1554 casualties

1864 Event - Battle of Fair Oaks, Virginia near Richmont

1864 Event - Battle of Fair Gardens, TN

1863 Death - Edwin Vose Sumner, U.S. Union-general-major (Fair Oaks), dies at 66

1862 Death - Charles Davis Jameson, U.S. Union Brigadier General (Fair Oaks), dies at 35

1862 Event - 2nd/last day of battle at Fair Oaks/7 Pines Virginia (11,165 casualties)

1862 Event - Battle of Seven Pines Virginia (Fair Oaks)

1854 Event - Abraham Lincoln made his 1st political speech at Illinois State Fair

1853 Event - 1st U.S. World's fair opens, Crystal Palace New York

1852 Death - John Howard Payne, actor and playwright (Fair Warning), dies

1811 Birthday - William Makepeace Thackeray, England, Victorian novelist, Vanity Fair

1620 Event - 1st merry-go-round seen at a fair (Philippapolis, Turkey)

1306 Event - King Phillip the Fair, orders expulsion of Jews out of France