Full Events in History

2015 Event - A rare "blood moon" is visible tonight: the moon is in full moon phase and at its closest distance to Earth for the year, giving it a large 'supermoon' appearance; the concurrent lunar eclipse gives the large orb a red coloration

2015 Event - Vanuatu President Baldwin Lonsdale calls for aid after Cyclone Pam decimates homes throughout this nation of over 60 islands, resulting in at least 8 deaths; the full impact of the Category 5 storm is not yet known

2014 Event - The World Health Organization reports that the rate of Ebola infection is slowing in Liberia, with hospitals now at less than full capacity; the slowdown is attributed to a campaign to educate citizens on safe burial practices

2014 Event - Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, reveals the latest Dragon space capsule; the craft is reusable and will allow astronauts to control re-entry and landing; the development suggests that full commercialization of the space industry will soon be a reality

2014 Event - The death toll from a landslide covering Hobo Barik, Afghanistan is estimated to be at least 2,000; though only 350 are confirmed deceased, authorities lack the equipment needed to attempt a full rescue

2013 Event - American comedian Don Rickles receives treatment for a flesh-eating disease, necrotizing fasciitis, he contracted in his leg; the 87-year old is expected to make a full recovery

2013 Event - Teresa Heinz Kerry, 74, wife of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, was discharged from the hospital after suffering a seizer nearly three weeks ago; she is expected to make a full recovery

2011 Event - The first full face transplant is performed by surgeons at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts

2010 Event - Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest water control and utilization project, announces its water levels have reached full capacity

1998 Event - House Judiciary Committee recommends a full impeachment inquiry

1998 Event - After months of wrangling, Lewinsky and Starr announce a full immunity agreement for Lewinsky and her parents

1996 Event - 1st full ODI for Kenya, Cricket World Cup vs. India

1996 Event - 1st full ODI for the Netherlands, vs. New Zealand, cricket World Cup Nolan Clarke makes ODI debut for Netherlands at age 47

1994 Event - Cbox is 39'115 long, 20'85 wide, and 8' high in Jacksonville, Florida Largest popcorn container is 6,619.76 cubic feet full of popped corn

1991 Death - Curt Bois, actor (Great Waltz, Boat is Full), dies at 90

1991 Event - "Full House" 100th episode-twins are born

1988 Event - Robin Givens demands full access to husband Mike Tyson's money

1987 Event - Donald Trump takes out a full page New York Times ad lambasting Japan

1985 Event - Playboy publishes full frontal nude pictures of Madonna

1985 Death - Brian Gwynne Horrocks, English Lieutenant-General (A Full Life), dies at 89

1984 Event - U.S. establishes full diplomatic relations with Vatican after 117 years

1983 Event - "Nightline" expands from 1/2 hour to a full hour

1979 Death - Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, 1st woman full prof at Harvard U, dies

1978 Event - President Carter signs Hawkins-Humphrey full employment bill

1976 Birthday - R. J. Williams, actor, General Hospital, Full House

1975 Birthday - Scott E Weinger, New York City, actor, Steve Taylor-Family Man, Full House

1975 Event - Worst motor vehicle disaster in U.K.; bus full of elderly women plunges Dibble's Bridge Yorkshire, killing 38

1975 Birthday - Chris Szarka, CFL full back for the Saskatchewan Roughriders

1974 Event - Express train runs full speed into Zagreb, Yugo rail yard killing 153

1974 Birthday - Katie Allen, Australian field hockey full back/half back 1996 Olympics

1974 Birthday - Kenyon Cotton, full back for the Baltimore Ravens

1973 Event - U.S. and Egypt announce restoration of full diplomatic links

1973 Birthday - Eddie Cade, NFL full safety for the New England Patriots

1973 Birthday - Harold Morrow, full back for the Minnesota Vikings

1972 Birthday - William Floyd, full back for the San Francisco 49ers

1972 Birthday - Bruno Heppell, CFL full back, Montreal Alouettes

1970 Birthday - Benedictine, a St. Bernard, full name Benedictine Daily Double, becomes heaviest known dog, 367 lbs (166.4 kg), lived until the age of 14

1970 Birthday - Brian O'Neal, NFL full back for the San Francisco 49ers

1969 Death - Salvatore Baccaloni, opera singer and actor (Full of Life), dies at 69

1969 Birthday - Dean Noel, CFL full back for the Hamilton Tiger Cats

1968 Birthday - Eric Bana, born in Melbourne, Australia, actor, appeared on 'Tonight Live', 'Full Frontal' television shows, appeared in film, 'Munich', 'Lucky You', 'The Other Boleyn Girl'

1968 Event - John Lennon's 1st full art exhibition (You are Here)

1967 Event - ATS-3 launched by U.S. to take 1st pictures of full Earth disk

1967 Birthday - Myron Guyton, NFL full safety for the New England Patriots

1967 Birthday - Lori Loughlin, born in Queens, actress, Edge of Night, New Kids, Full House

1965 Birthday - Lee Knight, CFL full back for the Hamilton Tiger Cats

1964 Event - Commissioner's office given full powers in baseball disputes

1963 Birthday - Barry Wilburn, NFL full safety for the Philadelphia Eagles

1963 Event - Beatles begin their 1st full foreign tour in Sweden

1963 Event - Gambia achieves full internal self-government

1963 Event - Train struck makeshift bus full of migrant workers, killing 32

1963 Birthday - John Stamos, born in Cypress, California, actor, General Hospital, Full House

1963 Event - President Kennedy spent 1st full day in Ireland

1962 Birthday - Adam Baldwin, actor, Full Metal Jacket, My Bodyguard

1961 Event - Cosmonaut Gherman Titov circles Earth for a full day in Vostok 2

1961 Event - Tanganyika granted full internal self-government by Britain

1959 Birthday - Matthew Modine, born in Loma Linda, California, actor, Full Metal Jacket

1956 Birthday - Bob Saget, Philadelphia, comedian, Full House, America's Funniest Home Video

1955 Event - Austria regains full independence after 4-power occupation

1955 Event - West Germany granted full sovereignty by 3 occupying powers

1955 Event - East Germany granted full sovereignty by occupying power, U.S.S.R.

1954 Event - Charles Mahoney becomes 1st U.S. black to serve as a full United Nations delegate

1953 Event - Laos gains full independence from France

1943 Event - Churchill pledges England's full support to U.S. against Japan

1941 Event - New York Yankees, win earliest AL pennent (full season)

1941 Event - French Marshal Henri Petain gave full support to Nazi Germany

1940 Event - 27 killed, 15 injured when truck full of migrant workers collides with a train outside McAllen, Texas

1936 Birthday - Jim Brown, Georgia, NFL full back for the Cleveland Browns/actor, Dirty Dozen

1934 Event - Babe Ruth announces this is his final season as full time player

1932 Event - Iraq gains full independence from Britain, joins League of Nations

1931 Birthday - Dervla Murphy, travel author, Full Tilt, In Ethiopia with a Mule

1931 Event - 1st full scale wind tunnel for testing airplanes, Langley Field, Virginia

1929 Birthday - Sergio Leone, Italian, director, Fist Full of Dollars

1918 Event - 1st full length cartoon (Sinking of Lusitania)

1916 Event - Baseballers who are injured now get full pay for duration of contract

1916 Birthday - Bernard Braden, broadcaster/actor, All Night Lone, Full Treatment

1914 Event - 1st full color film shown "World, Flesh and Devil" in London

1912 Event - Hamilton Alerts suspended by ORFU for refusing to field a full team in a replay of a protested game

1909 Event - Pirates beat Tigers, 5-4, forces 1st full 7 game world series

1909 Birthday - Robin Orr, born in Brechin, Scotland, musician, composer, professor of music, composed three operas, Full Circle, Hermiston, On the Razzle, among other symphonies, church music, chamber works

1902 Event - Pittsburgh Pirates, win earliest pennent (full season)

1879 Event - Ex-khedive Ismael Pasha leaves Cairo with train full stolen goods

1865 Event - Flag flown at full staff over White House, 1st time since Lincoln shot

1862 Event - Yorktown, Virginia - McClellan halted his troop before town as it is full of armed torpedoes left by CS Brigadier General Gabrial Rains

1789 Event - House of Representatives 1st full meeting, New York City, F Muhlenberg 1st speaker

1772 Event - Gustav III seizes effective control of Swedish government and restores full power of monarchy, which had been subordinate to parliament since 1720

1651 Event - King Louis XIV of France (13) declarer of full age

1535 Event - 1st full English translation of the Bible printed in Switzerland