Henley Events in History

1995 Event - Columbia U beats Hartferd College to be 1st U.S. to win Henley Regatta

1995 Death - Maxwell Henley Harris, Austrian poet/publisher (Critics), dies at 73

1993 Event - Don Henley booed in Milwaukee when he dedicates the song "It's Not Easy Being Green" to President Clinton

1989 Event - Glenn Frey joins Don Henley on-stage (for 1st time since 1981)

1984 Event - Beth Henley's "Miss Firecracker contest," premieres in New York City

1981 Event - Beth Henley's "Crimes of the Heart," premieres in New York City

1981 Event - Pulitzer prize awarded to Beth Henley for "Crimes of the Heart"

1967 Birthday - Vaclav Chalupa, Czechoslovakia, rower, Henley Royal Regatta 1989

1952 Birthday - Beth Henley, Jackson, Mississippi, actress/playwright, Miss Firecracker

1947 Birthday - Don Henley, born in Linden, Texas, rock drummer/vocalist, Eagles-Desparado

1947 Birthday - Don Henley, drummer/singer, Eagles, Boys of Summer

1921 Birthday - Maxwell Henley Harris, Australian poet/publisher, Gift of Blood

1919 Birthday - Douglas Henley, British auditor-general

1905 Event - Philadelphia Athletic's Weldon Henley no-hits St. Louis Browns, 6-0

1885 Event - Sarah Ann Henley survives 76-m jump from Clifton Bridge, Avon, Engl

1839 Event - 1st Henley Regatta held

1839 Event - 1st Henley Royal Regatta