Michigan Events in History

2013 Event - A winter storm earlier in the week leaves thousands without power in Southern Ontario, Maine, Michigan and Vermont; below-freezing temperatures sent many to shelters for warmth

2013 Event - Detroit, Michigan files the largest municipal bankruptcy in history; the city of Detroit seeks CHapter 9 bankruptcy protection and is $18.5 billion in debt

2012 Event - Thousands of union employees protest outside of the capital building in Lansing, Michigan, as Michigan's government passes legislation, becoming the nation's 24th right-to-work state, and most highly unionized state in the U.S. to have such laws

2011 Event - Right-to-die activist Jack Kevorkian dies in Royal Oak, Michigan; his death caused by pneumonia and kidney problems

2011 Event - More than 100,000 homes in Michigan lose power after powerful storms hit the state

2011 Event - Tornadoes hit Joplin, Missouri, and a state of emergency is declared; more tornadoes hit Minneapolis, Minnesota and warnings are announced in states from Texas to Michigan

2007 Event - Gerald Ford is buried in Grand Rapids, Michigan

2004 Event - Rose Bowl, USC Trojans beat Michigan Wolverines 28 - 14

1998 Event - Rose Bowl, Michigan Wolverines beat Washington State Cougars 21 - 16

1997 Event - 63rd Heisman Trophy Award: Charles Woodson, Michigan (CB)

1997 Event - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Detroit, Michigan on WKRK 97.1 FM

1996 Event - Troy Davis of Iowa State ran for 378 yards, 3rd highest in college football games (others: Michigan, Notre Dame, Texas and Alabama)

1996 Event - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Grand Rapids, Michigan on WKLQ 94.5 FM

1993 Event - 55th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: North Carolina beats Michigan 77-71

1993 Event - Kenya Moore, 22, (Michigan), crowned 42nd Miss USA

1992 Event - 54th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Duke beats Michigan 71-51

1991 Event - 57th Heisman Trophy Award: Desmond Howard, Michigan (WR)

1991 Event - Northern Michigan wins its 1st NCAA hockey title

1991 Event - Michigan court bars Dr. Jack Kevorkian from assisting in suicides

1990 Event - 50th annual barbershop quartet singing convention held in Michigan

1990 Event - Carole Gist, 20, (Michigan 1st black), crowned 39th Miss USA

1989 Event - 51st NCAA Men's Basketball Champion: Michigan beats Seton Hall 80-79 in overtime

1988 Event - Last U.S. Playboy Club, Lansing, Michigan, closes

1987 Event - Kaye Lani Rae Rafko (Michigan), 24, crowned 61st Miss America

1985 Event - 85th U.S. Golf Open: Andy North shoots a 279 at Oakland Hills CC Michigan

1984 Event - Longest pro football game, Los Angeles Express beats Michigan Panthers 27-21 in USFL playoffs, games lasts 93 minutes 33 seconds

1983 Event - 1st USFL championship, Michigan Panthers beats Philadelphia Stars 24-22

1982 Birthday - Jessica Joseph, born in Royal Oak, Michigan, dance skater, Butler-1997 National

1982 Birthday - Che' Vonne Burton, Miss Michigan Teen USA, 1997

1982 Event - Superbowl XVI: San Francisco 49ers beat Cincinnati Bengals, 26-21 in Pontiac, Michigan

1981 Birthday - Serena Williams, born in Saginaw, Michigan, professional tennis player, winner, top earning female athlete of all time, 5th Australian title at 2010 Australian Open

1981 Birthday - Katie Teft, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, gymnast 1996 Olympics

1980 Birthday - Danielle Hartsell, Ann Arbor, Michigan, pairs skater, & Steve Hartsell

1980 Birthday - Margot Contois, Marquette, Michigan, dance skater, & Robert Peal

1980 Event - Howard Stern begins broadcasting on WWWW Detroit, Michigan

1979 Birthday - Eve Chalom, born in Detroit, Michigan, dance skater, & Gates--1995 Nat, Jr. champ

1979 Event - 61st PGA Championship: David Graham shoots a 272 at Oakland Hills, Michigan

1979 Birthday - Tamika Thomas, Miss Michigan Teen USA 1996

1979 Event - 41st NCAA Men's Basketball Champion: Michigan State beats Indiana State. 75-64

1979 Event - Michigan State Spartans snaps Indiana State's 33-game win streak

1978 Birthday - Adrienne Frantz, born in Mount Clemens, Michigan, Tiffany Thorne-Sunset Beach

1978 Birthday - Steve Hartsell, born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, pairs skater, & Danielle Hartsell

1977 Birthday - Floyd Mayweather, Grand Rapids, Michigan, featherweight boxer, Bronze Medal 1996 Olympics

1977 Birthday - Jessica Carlson, Kalamazoo, Michigan, archer, alt-Olympics-1996

1977 Birthday - Anne Miller, Midland, Michigan, tennis star, 1995 Darmstadt Germany

1976 Birthday - Chris Demetral, Royal Oaks, Michigan, actor, Dolly Dearest

1976 Event - 38th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Indiana beats Michigan 86-68

1976 Event - East Lansing police arrest Dodgers reliever Mike Marshall for taking batting practice at Michigan State University after he is warned not to

1975 Birthday - Natasha Bell, Miss Michigan USA 1996

1975 Birthday - Kurt Dreger, Ironwood, Michigan, dance skater, & Cronin-1997 National-13th

1974 Birthday - Natalie Neaton, Royal Oak, Michigan, soccer forward 1996 Olympics

1974 Birthday - Jennifer Lynn Drayton, born in Saginaw, Michigan, Miss America-Michigan, 1997

1974 Birthday - Erik Schulz, Port Huron, Michigan, pairs skater, & Ilana Goldfogel

1973 Birthday - Brian Maisonneuve, born in Detroit, Michigan, soccer midfielder, 1996 Olympics gold

1973 Birthday - Todd Sweeris, Grand Rapids, Michigan, table tennis player 1996 Olympics

1973 Birthday - Larry Page, born in East Lansing, Michigan, computer scientist, Google co-founder, named a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum

1972 Birthday - Fantasia, Tonya Manley, born in Detroit, Michigan, dancer/actress, Pump it Up

1972 Birthday - Eminem, born in Detroit, Michigan, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, rapper, actor, record producer, best-selling solo album, 'The Marshall Mathers LP'

1972 Event - 54th PGA Championship: Gary Player shoots a 281 at Oakland Hills, Michigan

1972 Birthday - Elizabeth Berkley, born in Michigan, actress, Jessie-Saved by the Bell, Showgirl

1972 Birthday - Derian Hatcher, Sterling Heights, Michigan, NHL defenseman for the Dallas Stars

1972 Birthday - Dan Hollander, Royal Oak, Michigan, figure skater, 1996 Great Lakes champ

1972 Birthday - Gwendolyn Wentland, born in Flint, Michigan, high jumper

1971 Birthday - Roland McGhee, Flint Michigan, long jumper

1971 Birthday - Coni Lyn Hull, Jackson Michigan, Miss America-Michigan 1996

1971 Birthday - Ann Marsh, born in Royal Oak, Michigan, fencer-foil 1996 Olympics

1971 Birthday - Meredith McGrath, born in Midland, Michigan, tennis star, 1996 Essen doubles

1971 Birthday - Dave DeGraaf, born in Lansing, Michigan, team handball circle 1996 Olympics

1971 Birthday - Sharon Case, Det, Michigan, actress, Sharon Collins-Young and Restless

1971 Birthday - Mark Grimmette, Ann Arbor, Michigan, doubles luger 1994 Olympics

1971 Birthday - Doug Weight, Warren, Michigan, NHL center, Edmonton Oilers, Team USA 98

1971 Birthday - Kid Rock, born in Romeo, Michigan, singer, songwriter, Grammy-Award winner, hits include, 'All Summer Long', 'American Bad Ass', sold over 22 million albums

1970 Birthday - Billy Ashley, born in Taylor, Michigan, outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers

1970 Birthday - Quincy Dushawn Watts, born in Detroit, Michigan, 400m runner

1970 Birthday - William Selby, born in Monroeville, Michigan, infielder for the Boston Red Sox

1970 Birthday - Mike Modano, born in Livonia, Michigan, NHL forward, Team USA, Dallas Stars

1970 Birthday - Mark Beaufait, Royal Oak, Michigan, U.S. hockey forward 1994 Olympics

1970 Birthday - Steve Avery, born in Trenton, Michigan, pitcher, Atlanta Braves

1970 Birthday - Matthew Lillard, born in Lansing, Michigan, actor, film roles include Shaggy Rogers in the Scooby-Doo film series, Stu Macher in Scream

1969 Birthday - Kristine Bailey, Livonia, Michigan, WPVA volleyballer, U.S. Open-13th-1995

1969 Birthday - Tim Crabtree, Jackson, Michigan, pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays

1969 Birthday - Kelly Robbins, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, LPGA golfer, 1995 McDonald's LPGA

1969 Birthday - Todd Lewis, born in Flint, Michigan, 10k runner

1969 Birthday - Kevin Young, born in Alpena, Michigan, infielder for the Kansas City Royals

1969 Birthday - Mitch McLee, born in Miles, Michigan, drummer, Southgang

1969 Birthday - Douglas Lee Mitchell, born in Miles, Michigan, heavy metal artist, Southgang

1969 Birthday - Melinda Rich, born in Muskegon, Michigan, WPVA volleyballer, U.S. Open-13th-1993

1969 Birthday - Victoria Fair, Jackson Michigan, Miss Michigan-America 1991

1968 Birthday - Pat Hentgen, born in Detroit, Michigan, pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays

1968 Birthday - John Coyle, West Bloomfield, Michigan, short track skater 1994 Olympics

1968 Birthday - Kent Steffes, born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, beach volleyballer, 1996 Olympics gold

1968 Birthday - Scott Aldred, born in Flint, Michigan, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins

1967 Birthday - Wendy Hamilton, born in Detroit, Michigan, playmate, Dec, 1991

1967 Birthday - Becky Iverson, Escanaba, Michigan, LPGA golfer, 1995 Friendly's Classic

1967 Birthday - Jason Dungjen, born in Detroit, Michigan, pairs skaters 1994 Olympics

1967 Birthday - Jim Abbott, born in Flint, Michigan, pitcher, California Angels, New York Yankees

1967 Birthday - Aaron Krickstein, Ann Arbor, Michigan, tennis player, Tel Aviv 1983

1967 Birthday - John Smoltz, born in Detroit, Michigan, pitcher, Atlanta Braves, 1996 Cy Young

1967 Birthday - Suzy Green, born in Detroit, Michigan, LPGA golfer, 1995 Fieldcrest Cannon-26th

1967 Birthday - Wendel Suckow, born in Marquette, Michigan, luger 1994 Olympics

1967 Event - University of Michigan holds 1st "Teach-in" after bombing of North Vietnam

1966 Birthday - Zeke Jones, Yipsilanti, Michigan, 114 lbs freestyle wrestler 1996 Olympics

1966 Birthday - F P Santangelo, Livonia, Michigan, outfielder for the Montreal Expos

1966 Birthday - Jerod Swallow, Ann Arbor, Michigan, dance skater, & Punsalan-1997 Nationals

1966 Birthday - Shawn Chambers, Royal Oaks, Michigan, NHL defenseman, Team USA, New Jersey Devils

1966 Birthday - Francisco Andreu, Dearborn, Michigan, road cyclist, Olympics-4th-88, 96

1966 Event - Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan begins teaching

1966 Birthday - Kevin Hatcher, born in Detroit, Michigan, NHL defenseman, Team USA, Dallas, Pitts

1966 Event - Race riot in Lansing, Michigan

1966 Birthday - Dean Cain, born in Mount Clemens, Michigan, actor, Clark-Lois and Clark

1966 Birthday - Luke Jensen, born in Grayling, Michigan, tennis star, 1993 French Open doubles

1966 Birthday - John VanderWal, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, outfielder for the Colorado Rockies

1966 Birthday - Al Iafrate, born in Dearborn, Michigan, NHL defenseman, San Jose Sharks

1966 Birthday - Barry Klein, Grand Rapids, Michigan, rower 1996 Olympics

1965 Birthday - Brad Savage, Livdnia, Michigan, actor, Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice

1965 Birthday - Gregory Scott [Koenig], Dearborn, Michigan, guitarist, Signs of Life

1965 Birthday - Mike Bordick, born in Marquette, Michigan, infielder for the Oakland A's

1965 Birthday - Robin Wilson, born in Detroit, Michigan, guitarist, member, Gin Blossoms, alternative rock band, known for hit albums, 'New Miserable Experience', 'Congratulations I'm Sorry'

1965 Event - 27th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: UCLA beats Michigan 91-80

1965 Event - Montcalm Community College in Sidney, Michigan, founded

1965 Birthday - Matt Jackson, Birmingham, Michigan, Canadian Tour golfer, 1994 Payless

1965 Birthday - Sherilyn Fenn, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, 2 Moon Junction, Twin Peaks

1965 Event - Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan forms

1965 Birthday - Mark Dewey, Grand Rapids, Michigan, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants

1964 Birthday - Kris Tschetter, born in Detroit, Michigan, LPGA golfer, 1992 Northgate Computer

1964 Birthday - Nolan Jay Henke, Battle Creek, Michigan, PGA golfer, 1990 BC Open

1964 Birthday - Wendy Wyland, Jackson, Michigan, platform diver 1984 Olympics bronze

1964 Birthday - Jon Hough, Royal Oak, Michigan, Nike golfer, 1986 NAIA Individual National Champ

1964 Birthday - Earl Jones, born in Inkster, Michigan, 800m runner 1984 Olympics bronze

1964 Birthday - Susan Mascarin, born in Detroit, Michigan, tennis star

1964 Birthday - Laura Charameda, born in Marshall, Michigan, cyclist 1996 Olympics

1964 Birthday - Tom Harding, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Canadian Tour golfer, 1991 Transamerica

1964 Birthday - Gregory Thomas Kraft, born in Detroit, Michigan, PGA golfer, 1993 Walt Disney-2nd

1964 Birthday - Rockwell, Kennedy Gordy, born in Detroit, Michigan, rock vocalist, Someone Watching Me

1964 Birthday - Lisa Ann Poggi, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, actress, Jolie-Loving

1963 Event - Muskegon, Michigan gets 3' of snow

1963 Birthday - John Vanbiesbrouck, born in Detroit, Michigan, NHL goalie, Team USA, Florida

1963 Birthday - Marcus Lewis, born in Pontiac, Michigan, singer, Sing me a Song

1963 Birthday - Julie Krone, born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, jockey, 1st female to win Belmont-93

1963 Birthday - Stephen Peterson, born in Detroit, Michigan, Conn, rower 1996 Olympics

1963 Birthday - Jason Newsted, born in Battle Creek, Michigan, bassist, Metallica, heavy metal band member, founder of Chophouse Records studio

1962 Birthday - Aleta Rzepecki Sill, born in Detroit, Michigan, bowler, 1983 WIBC single

1962 Birthday - James Debarge, Grand Rapids, Michigan, rock vocalist/keyboardist, Debarge

1962 Birthday - Amy Read, Birmingham, Michigan, golfer, 1994 Healthsouth Palm Beach-15th

1962 Birthday - Grant Show, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Jack Hanson-Melrose Place

1962 Birthday - Lenda Murray, born in Detroit, Michigan, body builder, 4X Ms Olympia

1962 Birthday - Chris Sabo, born in Detroit, Michigan, pitcher, Cincinnati Reds, Baltimore Orioles

1961 Event - Otis M Smith appointed to Michigan Supreme Court

1961 Birthday - Brian Lee Diemer, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, steeplechase, Bronze Medal 1984 Olympics

1961 Event - 61st U.S. Golf Open: Gene Littler shoots a 281 at Oakland Hills Michigan

1961 Birthday - El Debarge, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, rocker, Debarge-All this Love

1961 Birthday - Tim Meadows, born in Highland Park, Michigan, actor, comedian, appeared on 'Saturday Night Live', films include, 'Coneheads', Wayne's World 2', 'Mean Girls'

1960 Birthday - Paul Assenmacher, born in Detroit, Michigan, pitcher, Cleveland Indians

1960 Birthday - Ken Howell, born in Detroit, Michigan, professional baseball player, bullpen coach, Los Angeles Dodgers

1960 Birthday - Karch Kiraly, Jackson, Michigan, volleyballer, Gold Medals 1984, 1988, 1996 Olympics

1960 Birthday - Karch Kiraly, Jackson, Michigan, volleyballer, 3 Gold Medals 1984, 1988, 1996 Olympics

1960 Birthday - Jennifer Anglin, Adrian, Michigan, actress, Cheryl-General Hospital

1960 Birthday - Courtney B. Vance, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Hamburger Hill

1960 Birthday - Cindy Figg-Currier, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, golfer, 1994 British Open-6th

1960 Birthday - Tierre Turner, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Waverly Wonders, Cop and the Kid

1959 Birthday - Kathryn "Furu" Carpenter, Marshall, Michigan, fencer-epee 1996 Olympics

1959 Birthday - Mary Murphy, Birmingham, Michigan, LPGA golfer, 1990 U.S. Women's Open-5th

1959 Birthday - Magic Johnson, born in Lansing, Michigan, professional basketball player, inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame, 2002, played for Michigan State, NBA All-Star Games

1959 Birthday - Edward F. Humenik, born in Detroit, Michigan, PGA golfer, 1994 Kmart Greater-2nd

1959 Birthday - Mark DeBarge, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, rock vocalist, DeBarge-Who's Johnny

1959 Event - WTOM TV channel 4 in Cheboygan, Michigan (NBC) begins broadcasting

1959 Birthday - Vicki Witt Lansing, Michigan, playmate, Aug, 1978

1959 Birthday - Michael J. Bloomfield, born in Flint, Michigan, Major USAF/astronaut, STS-86

1958 Birthday - Brent W. Jett, Jr., Pontiac, Michigan, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut, STS-72, sk:81

1958 Birthday - Madonna, Ciccone, Bay City, Michigan, singer and actress, Like a Virgin

1958 Birthday - Randy DeBarge, Grand Rapids, Michigan, rock vocalist/bassist, Debarge

1958 Event - Mackinac Straits Bridge, Michigan dedicated

1958 Birthday - Elaine Crosby, born in Birmingham, Michigan, LPGA golfer, 1989 Mazda Japan Classic

1958 Birthday - John Paul Morse, Marshall, Michigan, PGA golfer, 1995 United Airlines

1957 Birthday - Anita Baker, Ward, born in Detroit, Michigan, vocalist, Rapture

1957 Event - World longest suspension bridge opens in Mackinac Straits, Michigan

1957 Birthday - Timothy Busfield, born in East Lansing, Michigan, actor, Elliot-30 Something

1957 Birthday - Kirk Gibson, Michigan, outfield, Tigers, Dodgers, 1988 NL MVP

1956 Birthday - Sinbad, David Adkins, Benton Harbor, Michigan, actor, 1st Kid, Vibe

1956 Birthday - Richard A. Searfoss, born in Mount Clemons, Michigan, Astronaut, STS-58, 76, sk 90

1955 Birthday - Sue Novara-Reber, born in Flint, Michigan, cyclist, 1975 World sprint champ

1955 Birthday - Sandra Bernhard, born in Flint, Michigan, actress, King of Comedy, Nancy-Roseanne

1955 Birthday - Danny Joe Pohl, born in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, PGA golfer, 1986 Colonial

1955 Birthday - Bunny DeBarge, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, rocker, Debarge

1955 Birthday - Eric Money, born in Detroit, Michigan, athlete, former pro basketball player for the NBA, averaged 12.2 points per game

1955 Birthday - Jerry M Linenger, Mount Clemens, Michigan, PhD/Commander USN/astronaut, STS-81/84

1954 Birthday - Jeffrey Sachs, born in Detroit, Michigan, Jeffrey David Sachs, economist, founder, co-President of the Millennium Promise Alliance to end extreme poverty and hunger, Senior Advisor to the Global Poverty Project

1954 Event - Charles C. Diggs, Jr. elected Michigan's 1st black congressman

1954 Birthday - Kip Byrne, born in Detroit, Michigan, Canadian Tour golfer, Michigan State Jr. 1970, 1971

1954 Birthday - Ray Parker, Jr., born in Detroit, Michigan, rock guitarist and vocalist, Ghostbusters

1954 Event - 1st shopping mall opened in Southfield, Michigan

1954 Event - Michigan rep Ruth Thompson (R) introduces legislation to ban mailing "obscene, lewd, lascivious or filthy" phonograph (rock and roll) records

1953 Birthday - Thomas Hulce, Plymouth, Michigan, actor, Amadeus, Equus, Echo Park

1953 Birthday - Bill Schuette, born in Midland, Michigan, Representative-R-Michigan 1985 - 1991

1953 Birthday - Earl Klugh, born in Detroit, Michigan, jazz musician, guitarist, composer, won Grammy award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance, 1981

1953 Birthday - Sanford Jensen, born in South Haven, Michigan, actor, Foley Square

1953 Birthday - Dave Camp, born in Midland, Michigan, Representative-R-Michigan 1991 -

1953 Event - 35th PGA Championship: Walter Burkemo at Birmingham CC Michigan

1953 Event - Cluster of 6 tornadoes touch down in Flint Michigan killing 113

1953 Event - Tornadoes kill 110 in Michigan and Ohio

1953 Birthday - Marilyn Jones, born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, actress, Carey-King's Crossing

1953 Birthday - Fred Upton, born in St. Joseph, Michigan, Representative-R-Michigan 1987 -

1952 Birthday - S. Epatha Merkerson, Saginaw, Michigan, actress, Jacob's Ladder, Terminator 2

1952 Birthday - Ernest Harden, Jr., born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Marcus-Jeffersons

1952 Birthday - Donald R. McMonagle, born in Flint, Michigan, Major USAF/astronaut, STS-39, 54, 66

1952 Birthday - Narada, Michael Walden, Michigan, rocker, Don't Want Nobody Else

1952 Birthday - Jim Scholten, Midland, Michigan, country singer, Betty's Bein' Bad

1952 Birthday - Mike Varty, born in Detroit, Michigan, athlete, American football linebacker for the National Football League

1951 Birthday - Laurel Masse, Holland, Michigan, jazz singer, Manhattan Transfer-Operator

1951 Birthday - Janet Eilber, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Hard to Hold, Romantic Comedy

1951 Birthday - Judi Brown, born in East Lansing, Michigan, 400m hurdler 1984 Olympics silver

1951 Birthday - Roz Ryan, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Amelia-Amen, Occupied

1951 Event - 51st U.S. Golf Open: Ben Hogan shoots a 287 at Oakland Hills CC Michigan

1951 Birthday - Steven Seagal, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Above the Law, Hard to Kill

1951 Birthday - Mel Schacher, born in Michigan, bassist, Grand Funk Railroad-Some Kind of Wonderful

1951 Birthday - Tanya Boyd, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Celeste-Days of our Life

1951 Birthday - Bonnie Lauer, born in America, professional golfer, won National Collegiate Championship playing for Michigan State University, won 2 LPGA Tours, served as 1988 LPGA President

1951 Birthday - Kim Zimmer, Michigan, actress, Guiding Light, Doctors, One Life to Live

1950 Birthday - Debbie Massey, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, LPGA golfer, 1979 Wheeling Classic

1950 Birthday - Merry Martin, Camden, Michigan, actress, Leslie-Peter Loves Mary

1950 Birthday - Sheila Young Ochowicz, Birmingham, Michigan, speed skater, Olympic-gold/sil-76

1950 Birthday - Maria Ewing, born in Detroit, Michigan, opera singer, soprano, mezzo-soprano, debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in 'The Marriage of Figaro', 1976

1950 Birthday - Clarence Ellis, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, football player, safety, played with National Football League's Atlanta Falcons, drafted in first round of 1972 NFL Draft

1949 Birthday - Stuart Gannes, born in Detroit, Michigan, writer, Fortune

1949 Birthday - David Cornell Leestma, Muskegon, Michigan, USN/astronaut, STS-41-G, 28, 45

1949 Birthday - Jess Walton, Michigan, actress, Jill Foster Abbott-Young and Restless

1948 Birthday - Glenn Frey, born in Detroit, Michigan, rock vocalist, Eagles-Take it Easy

1948 Birthday - Mark Farner, Michigan, guitar/vocalist, Grand Funk Railroad-Locomotion

1948 Event - Gerald Ford upsets Rep Bartel J Jonkman in Michigan 5th Dist Representative primary

1948 Birthday - Don Brewer, born in Flint, Michigan, musician, drummer, performed with Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band, Silver Bullet Band and rock band Grand Funk Railroad

1948 Birthday - Donald Brewer, born in Flint, Michigan, rock drummer, Grand Funk Railroad

1948 Birthday - Paul Davis, born in Meridian, Michigan, country/rock vocalist, I Go Crazy

1948 Birthday - Reed Hundt, born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Federal Communications Commission chairman, 1993 - 1997, advisor to McKinsey & Company

1947 Birthday - Iggy Pop, born in Michigan, rocker, Zombie Birdhouse

1947 Birthday - John C. Maxwell, born in Garden City, Michigan, evangelical Christian, author, pastor, speaker, leadership expert, wrote over 50 books on leadership, sold over 13 million copies including 'Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow'

1946 Birthday - Joyce Vincent Wilson, born in Detroit, Michigan, singer, Tony Orlando and Dawn

1946 Birthday - Gilda Radner, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, SNL, Haunted Honeymoon

1946 Birthday - Craig Patrick, born in Detroit, Michigan, hockey player, coach, general manager of Pittsburgh Penguins 1989 - 2006

1945 Birthday - Ernie Hudson, Benton Harbor, Michigan, actor, Ghostbusters, Weeds

1945 Birthday - Freda Payne, born in Detroit, Michigan, vocalist, Band of Gold

1945 Birthday - David E. Bonior, born in Detroit, Michigan, Representative-D-Michigan 1977 - 2003

1945 Birthday - Brewster H Shaw, Jr., Michigan, Col USAF/astronaut, STS-9, STS 61B, STS-28

1945 Birthday - Bob Seger, Dearborn, Michigan, folk singer, Silver Bullet Band-Shake Down

1945 Birthday - Tom Selleck, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Lance-Rockford Files, Magnum PI

1945 Event - Grand Rapids, Michigan becomes 1st U.S. city to fluoridate its water

1944 Birthday - Gregory Bruce Jarvis, born in Detroit, Michigan, astronaut, STS-25

1944 Birthday - Denise Nicholas, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Room 222, Baby I'm Back

1944 Birthday - Mary Wilson, born in Detroit, Michigan, vocalist, Supremes-Where Did Our Love Go

1943 Birthday - Calvin Peete, born in Detroit, Michigan, PGA golfer, 1979 Greater Milwaukee Open

1943 Birthday - Florence Ballard, born in Detroit, Michigan, rocker, Supremes

1943 Birthday - Dan Coats, born in Jackson, Michigan, Representative-R-Indiana 1981 - 1999

1943 Birthday - Craig Morton, born in Flint, Michigan, NFL quarterback, Dallas, Denver

1942 Birthday - Henry Carr, Det, Michigan, 200m/4x400m runner 1964 Olympic gold

1942 Birthday - Donna McKechnie, Pontiac Michigan, actress/dancer, Company

1942 Event - Train crashes into bus, killing 16 and injuring 20 (Detroit Michigan)

1942 Birthday - Richard Street, born in Detroit, Michigan, rocker, Temptations

1942 Birthday - Amos Tom Wargo, born in Marlette, Michigan, PGA golfer, 1993 PGA Seniors Champion

1942 Birthday - Robert C. Solomon, born in Michigan, philosophy professor, studied Hegel, Nietzsche, Sartre, philosophy of emotions

1942 Birthday - Dan Miller, born in Highland Park, Michigan, Representative-R-Florida 1993 - 2005

1941 Birthday - Martha Reeves, born in Detroit, Michigan, singer, & Vandellas-Dancing in St

1940 Event - 6th Heisman Trophy Award: Tom Harmon, Michigan (HB)

1940 Event - University of Michigan retires Tom Harmon's #98

1940 Event - Michigan's Tom Harmon runs 72, 86 and 94 yard touchdowns

1940 Birthday - Lee Majors, born in Michigan, TV actor, $6,000,000 Man, Stunt Man

1939 Birthday - Tom Hayden, born in Detroit, Michigan, California politician

1939 Birthday - Pete Moore, born in Detroit, Michigan, rocker, Miracles

1939 Birthday - Richard Kiel, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, So Fine, Jaws-Moonraker, Skidoo

1939 Birthday - Barbara-Rose Collins, born in Detroit, Michigan, Representative-D-Michigan 1991 - 1997

1939 Birthday - Mike Hill, born in Jackson, Michigan, PGA golfer, 1977 Ohio Kings Island Open

1938 Birthday - Hayes Wendell Jones, born in Sturksville, Michigan, 110m hurdler, Gold Medal 1964 Olympics

1938 Birthday - Donald W. Riegle, Jr., born in Flint, Michigan, Senator-D-Michigan 1976 - 1995

1938 Birthday - Bob Eubanks, born in Flint, Michigan, TV host, Newlywed Game

1937 Birthday - Marlo Thomas, born in Detroit, Michigan, 'That Girl!', 'Jenny'

1937 Birthday - Ruth Laredo, nee Meckler, born in Detroit, Michigan, concert pianist

1937 Event - 41st U.S. Golf Open: Ralph Guldahl shoots a 281 at Oakland Hills, Michigan

1937 Birthday - Dave Hill, born in Jackson, Michigan, PGA golfer, 1967 Memphis

1937 Event - 44-day sit-down strike at General Motors in Flint, Michigan ends

1936 Event - 112 degrees F (44 degrees C), Mio, Michigan (state record)

1936 Birthday - Jack R Lousma, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Col USMC/astronaut, Skylab 3, STS-3

1936 Birthday - Burt Reynolds, born in Michigan, actor, Evening Shade, Strip Tease, Cannonball

1936 Birthday - Linda Lawson, Ann Arbor, Michigan, actress, Don't Call Me Charlie

1935 Birthday - Abdul "Duke" Fakir, born in Detroit, Michigan, rock vocalist, Four Tops

1935 Birthday - Gordon Mumma, born in Framingham, Massachusetts, composer, musician, co-founder, the Cooperative Studio for Electronic Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan

1935 Birthday - Sonny Bono, born in Detroit, Michigan, Representative-R-California 1995 - 1998, vocalist, Sonny and Cher

1935 Birthday - Roger B Chaffee, Grand Rapids Michigan, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut

1935 Birthday - Dick Enberg, Mount Clemens, Michigan, sportscaster, Where's Huddles

1934 Birthday - Nick Smith, born in Addison, Michigan, Representative-R-Michigan 1993 - 2005

1934 Birthday - Roger Reynolds, born in Detroit, Michigan, composer, professor, University of California at San Diego, founder, ONCE Group, won Pulitzer Prize 1989

1934 Event - -51 degrees F (-46 degrees C), Vanderbilt, Michigan (state record)

1934 Birthday - John A. Ziegler, Jr., Grosse Pointe, Michigan, 4th NHL President, 1977-92

1933 Birthday - Tom Skerritt, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Ryan's Four, Alien, Big Bad Mama

1932 Birthday - Robert William Davis, born in Marquette, Michigan, Representative-R-Michigan 1979 - 1993

1932 Birthday - Casey Kasem, born in Detroit, Michigan, radio personality, American Top 40

1932 Birthday - Joseph Silverstein, born in Detroit, Michigan, violinist, Denver Symphony Orchestra

1932 Event - Riots at Ford-factory Dearborn Michigan, kills 4

1932 Birthday - Alfred M Worden, Jackson Michigan, Colonel USAF/astronaut, Apollo 15

1932 Birthday - Piper Laurie, Rosetta Jacobs, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Twin Peaks

1932 Event - 1st game played at Orchard Lake Curling Club, Michigan

1932 Birthday - Richard Stahl, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Howard-It's a Living

1931 Birthday - Sander M. Levin, born in Detroit, Michigan, Representative-D-Michigan 1983 -

1931 Birthday - Guy Vander Jagt, born in Cadillac, Michigan, Representative-R-Michigan 1966 - 1993

1931 Birthday - J. Bob Traxler, born in Kawkawlin, Michigan, Representative-D-Michigan 1974 - 1993

1931 Birthday - James Tolkan Calumet, born in Michigan, actor, Weekend War, Leap of Faith

1930 Birthday - Grace Lee Whitney, born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, actress, Yeoman Rand-Star Trek

1930 Birthday - Robert Ashley, born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, composer, audio synthesis pioneer, works incorporate extended techniques, electronics

1930 Birthday - Thomas Schippers, born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, conductor, Amahl and Night Visitors

1930 Birthday - Robert Wagner, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, It Takes a Thief, Hart to Hart

1929 Birthday - Dale E. Kildee, born in Flint, Michigan, Representative-D-Michigan 1977 -

1929 Event - Chicago Cardinals become 1st NFL team to train out of state (Michigan)

1929 Birthday - John Conyers, Jr., born in Highland Park, Michigan, Representative-D-Michigan 1965 -

1929 Birthday - Edward Crook, born in Detroit, Michigan, middleweight boxer 1960 Olympics gold

1928 Birthday - George Peppard, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Banacek, A-Team, Blue Max

1927 Birthday - Martin Milner, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Route 66, Adam 12, Life of Riley

1927 Birthday - Elvin Jones, born Pontiac, Michigan, musician, jazz drummer, played hard bop, avant-garde jazz, post-bop, member of John Coltrane quartet, appearing in A Love Supreme

1927 Birthday - Robert Moore, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Marshall-Diana

1927 Birthday - William D. Ford, born in Detroit, Michigan, Representative-D-Michigan 1965 - 1995

1927 Birthday - Harvey Vernon, born in Flint, Michigan, actor, Jasper-Carter Country

1927 Birthday - Guy Mitchell, Al Cernick, born in Detroit, Michigan, rocker/actor, Red Garters

1926 Birthday - Richard DeVos, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, World War II veteran, businessman, author, billionaire, co-founder Amway - now Alticor, owner Orlando Magic, wrote 'Hope from My Heart: Ten Lessons For Life'

1926 Birthday - Elaine Stritch, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, My Sister Eileen, Company

1925 Birthday - Julie Harris, Grosse Pt, Michigan, actress, Bell Jar, East of Eden

1925 Birthday - Michael Tolan, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Nurses, Senator

1925 Birthday - Gus Savage, born in Detroit, Michigan, Representative-D-Illinois 1981 - 1993

1925 Birthday - Joyce Randolph, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Trixie-Honeymooners

1925 Event - WJR-AM in Detroit Michigan begins radio transmissions

1925 Birthday - Bill Haley, Highland Park, Michigan, rock vocalist, Rock Around the Clock

1925 Birthday - Martha Vickers, Ann Arbor, Michigan, actress, Alimony, Man I Love, Ruthless

1925 Birthday - Elizabeth Wilson, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, actor, Doc, East Side/West Side

1925 Birthday - Guy Mitchell, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Red Garters, 3 Redheads from Seattle

1925 Event - 1st waterless gas storage tank put into service, Michigan City, Ind

1924 Event - 28th U.S. Golf Open: Cyril Walker shoots a 297 at Oakland Hills CC Michigan

1923 Birthday - Anne Baxter, Michigan City, Indiana, actress, Myra-Marcus Welby, Victoria-Hotel

1923 Birthday - Adele Mara, born in Dearborn, Michigan, actress and singer, Cool Million, Wheels

1923 Birthday - Ed McMahon, born in Detroit, Michigan, TV host, Johnny Carson Show, Star Search

1923 Birthday - Norman E. Shumway, born in Michigan, pioneer cardiac transplant surgeon

1922 Birthday - Kim Hunter, Janet Cole, Det, Michigan, actress, Planet of the Apes, Lilith

1922 Birthday - William Broomfield, born in Royal Oak, Michigan, Representative-R-Michigan 1957 - 1993

1922 Event - WWJ-AM in Detroit Michigan begins radio transmissions

1922 Birthday - Dick Martin, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor/comedian, Laugh-In, Carbon Copy

1921 Birthday - Betty Hutton, born in Michigan, American film actress, singer, 'Greatest Show on Earth'

1920 Birthday - Johnny Desmond, born in Detroit, Michigan, singer, Your Hit Parade

1920 Birthday - Richard Quine, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor and director, Clay Pigeon

1920 Birthday - Art Van Damme, born in Norway, Michigan, jazz accordionist, Chicago Jazz

1920 Birthday - Hall Overton, Bangor Michigan, composer, Enchanted Pear Tree

1917 Birthday - Charles Collingwood, Michigan, news commentator, CBS, Chronicles

1915 Event - Excursion ship Eastland capsizes in Lake Michigan, 852 die

1915 Birthday - Jimmie Rogers, born in Detroit, Michigan, singer, Sugar Hill Time

1915 Birthday - Harry Morgan, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, December Bride, M*A*S*H, Dragnet

1915 Birthday - William Talman, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Crashout, Hamilton-Perry Mason

1915 Birthday - Potter Stewart, Michigan, 94th Supreme Court justice, 1958-81

1914 Birthday - Marion Ladewig, Michigan, bowler, 9 time woman bowler of year 1950-63

1914 Birthday - Herb Jeffries, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Where's Huddles

1914 Event - 24.8 cm rainfall at Bloomingdale, Michigan, state record

1914 Birthday - Glenn Osser, Munising, Michigan, orchestra leader, Paul Whiteman Goodyear Revue

1914 Birthday - David Wayne, born in Traverse City, Michigan, actor, 'Andromeda Strain', 'Adams Rib'

1914 Birthday - Danny Thomas, born in Deerfield, Michigan, comedian, Danny Thomas Show

1913 Birthday - Harry Wismer, born in Port Huron, Michigan, AFL owner, New York Titans

1908 Birthday - Frank Stanton, born in Muskegon, Michigan, broadcasting executive, CBS

1904 Event - National Ski Association forms in Ishpeming, Michigan

1902 Birthday - Charles Lindbergh, born in Detroit, Michigan, pilot, 1st fly solo across Atlantic

1902 Birthday - Ray Teal, Grand Rapids, Michigan, actor, Sheriff Roy Coffee-Bonanza

1902 Event - 1st Rose Bowl game in Pasadena, California, University of Michigan - 49, Sanford - 0

1900 Birthday - Colleen Moore, Port Huron, Michigan, actress, Scarlet Letter

1899 Birthday - John Randall, Jr., Michigan, historian/philosopher, Western Man

1898 Birthday - Daniel Gerber, Freemont, Michigan, beloved by babies at mealtime

1896 Event - 1st large indoor football game, University of Chicago beats University of Michigan 7-6

1895 Birthday - Ruth McDevitt, Coldwater, Michigan, actress, Jo-All in the Family

1895 Birthday - Leo Sowerby, Grand Rapids, Michigan, composer, Pulitzer 1946

1894 Birthday - Roy Bargy, Michigan, orchestra leader, Jimmy Durante Show

1893 Birthday - Carl Benton Reid, Lansing, Michigan, actor, Pressure Point

1893 Birthday - Norman Bel Geddes, born in Adrian, Michigan, theatrical designer, Rivals, Dead End

1893 Event - 2 Clydesdale horses set record by pulling 48 tons on a sledge, Michigan

1892 Birthday - Jason Robards Sr, Hillsdale, Michigan, actor, Acapulco

1891 Birthday - Tim McCoy, Saginaw, Michigan

1890 Birthday - Robert Armstrong, Saginaw, Michigan, actor, Mighty Joe Young, King Kong

1887 Event - Notre Dame loses its 1st football game 8-0 to Michigan

1887 Birthday - Avery Brundage, born in Detroit, Michigan, CEO, International Olympic Committee, 1952-72

1887 Event - 1st salaried fish and game warden (William Alden Smith in Michigan)

1884 Birthday - Robert Flaherty, Michigan, father of documentary film, Nanook of North

1881 Birthday - Edgar Albert Guest, born in Detroit, Michigan, poet/newspaperman

1880 Event - 1st commercial hydroelectric power planet begins, Grand Rapids, Michigan

1876 Death - Albertus C van Raalte, Dutch/US vicar (Michigan), dies at 65

1876 Event - 1st carpet sweeper patented (Melville Bissell of Grand Rapids, Michigan)

1873 Birthday - Eliel Saarinen, Finland, architect, GM Tech Institute, Michigan

1867 Event - Michigan becomes 1st state to tax property to support a university

1866 Event - Chicago water supply tunnel 3,227 m into Lake Michigan completed

1865 Event - Michigan authorizes workers' cooperatives

1863 Birthday - Henry Ford, Dearborn Township, Michigan, auto maker, Ford

1860 Event - Excursion steamer "Lady Elgin" drowns 340 in Lake Michigan

1854 Event - 1st meeting of Republican Party in Michigan

1847 Event - Steamer "Phoenix" is lost on Lake Michigan, kills 200

1847 Event - Michigan becomes 1st English-speaking jurisdiction to abolish the death penalty (except for treason against the state)

1847 Event - Michigan is 1st state to abolish capital punishment

1846 Event - U.S. state Michigan ends death penalty

1837 Event - Michigan admitted as 26th U.S. state

1813 Birthday - James Jesse Strang, King of Mormons on Beaver Island, Michigan, 1850 - 1856

1812 Event - General Hull surrenders Detroit and Michigan territory to England

1811 Birthday - Albertus C. van Raalte, Dutch / U.S. vicar, owned land in Michigan

1805 Event - Michigan Territory organizes