Morrison Events in History

2015 Event - Queen Elizabeth II officially celebrates her 89th birthday with a Trooping the Color ceremony; as part of the celebration, the Queen also knighted figures including actor Kevin Spacey and singer Van Morrison

2005 Death - Philip Morrison, American Scientist

1996 Death - John Morrison, politician/landowner, dies at 89

1995 Death - Holmes Sterling Morrison, musician, dies at 53

1993 Event - Nobel prize for literature awarded to Toni Morrison

1993 Death - Michael Morrison, actor (Caleb-As the World Turns), dies at 33

1993 Death - Michael David Morrison, actor (Caleb-As the World Turns), dies at 33

1992 Death - Barbara Morrison, actress (Proj Moonbase), dies of heart failure at 84

1989 Death - Ernest Morrison, actor (Peggy Does Her Darndest), dies

1988 Event - Pulitzer prize awarded to Toni Morrison for "Beloved"

1974 Death - James Morrison, actor (Don't, Black Beauty), dies on his 86th birthday

1974 Death - Pam Morrison, wife of Door's vocalist Jim, dies of drug overdose

1973 Death - George Morrison, dies at 82

1971 Birthday - Steve Morrison, NFL linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts

1971 Death - Jim Morrison, rock singer (Doors), dies of heart failure at 27

1971 Birthday - Darryl Morrison, NFL safety for the Washington Redskins

1970 Event - Jim Morrison found not guilty of "lewd" behavior

1970 Event - Jim Morrison is tried in Miami on "lewd and lascivious behavior"

1970 Event - Jim Morrison arrested for drunkenness

1969 Event - Jim Morrison arrested on an airplane by FBI for drunkeness

1969 Event - Jim Morrison arrested for exposing himself at Dinner Key Auditorium

1969 Event - Jim Morrison arrested for exposing himself in concert

1967 Event - Jim Morrison, arrested on stage for disturbing the peace

1967 Death - Anne Morrison Chapin, dies in West Hollywood

1966 Birthday - Danny Morrison, cricket pace bowler, New Zealand since 1987

1962 Birthday - Dean Cameron, Morrison, Illinois, actor, Herbie-Spencer

1962 Birthday - Patrica Morrison, rocker, Sisters of Mercy-Walk Away, Black Planet

1960 Birthday - Michael David Morrison, actor, Caleb Snyder-As the World Turns

1957 Birthday - Don Snow, born in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1992, changed name to John Savannah, musician, guitarist, drummer, saxophonist, toured with Van Morrison, member of Squeeze, Procol Harum, played Hammond organs, piano

1955 Birthday - Kathryn Morrison Long Beach, California, playmate, May, 1978

1955 Birthday - Charlotte Morrison, English large landowner/multi-millionaire

1947 Birthday - John Morrison, cricketer, "Mystery" New Zealand batsman 1973-82

1945 Birthday - Van Morrison, British Musician

1944 Birthday - Bruce Morrison, born in New York City, New York, Representative-D-Connecticut 1983 - 1991

1943 Birthday - Jim Morrison, born in Melbourne, Florida, singer, Doors

1943 Birthday - William Garth Morrison, Chief scout

1942 Birthday - Holmes Sterling Morrison, musician

1936 Birthday - Shelley Morrison, American Actress

1933 Birthday - Bruce Morrison, cricketer, one Test New Zealand vs. England 1963

1933 Birthday - Sid Morrison, born in Yakima, Washington, Representative-R-Washington 1981 - 1993

1931 Birthday - Ken Morrison, English supermarket maginate/multi-millionaire

1931 Birthday - Toni Morrison, born in Ohio, novelist, Tar Baby, Beloved, Song of Solomon

1915 Birthday - Philip Morrison, American Scientist

1907 Birthday - Barbara Morrison, Weston-Super-Mare England, actress, Project Moonbase

1906 Birthday - John Morrison, politician/landowner

1894 Death - James Morrison Steele Mackaye, U.S. actor/author/director, dies at 51

1888 Birthday - James Morrison, Mattoon, Illinois, actor, Little Detectives

1842 Birthday - James Morrison Steele Mackaye, U.S. actor, American Academy of Dramatic Art

1834 Death - Robert Morrison, missionary in China/translated bible, dies

1827 Birthday - John Morrison Oliver, Major General Union volunteers

1824 Birthday - James Morrison Hawes, Brigadier General Confederate Army