Punt Events in History

1989 Event - Deion Sanders returns a punt 68 yards for a touchdown

1988 Event - CFL's Earl Winfield (Ham) scores TDs on 101-yd punt return, 100-yd kickoff return and 58-yd pass reception

1986 Event - Cleveland Browns' Gerald McNeil sets the team record for the longest punt return with an 84-yard run (and TD), Browns 24, Detroit 21

1981 Event - LeRoy Irvin sets yards gained on punt returns record (207 yards)

1977 Event - Ken Hinton of CFL British Columbia Lions returns a punt 130 yards

1972 Birthday - Jeff Burris, NFL cornerback/punt returner for the Buffalo Bills

1969 Birthday - Jeff Sydner, NFL wide receiver/punt returner for the New York Jets

1969 Event - Steve O'Neal of New York Jets, kicks longest NFL punt; 98 yards vs Denver

1968 Event - Chuck Latourette, sets NFL record 47.7 yd punt return avg (3 punts)

1965 Event - Browns' Leroy Kelly sets club record for most punt return yards (109)

1958 Event - Argos' Boyd Carter, Dave Mann combine for record 131-yd punt return

1954 Event - Cleveland Browns' Horace Gillom sets club record with 80-yard punt

1954 Event - Cleveland Browns' Chet Hanulak sets club record with 7 punt returns and win by their largest margin of victory (59) beating Washington 62-3

1938 Event - Ottawa Roughriders score on 5-man, 4-lateral, 65-yard punt return

1779 Death - Jan Punt, engraver/illustrator/actor (Gideonschool), dies at 68

1711 Birthday - Jan Punt, Dutch engraver, illustrator and actor, Gideonschool