Simms Events in History

1994 Event - New York Giants cut quarterback Phil Simms

1994 Death - Virginia "Ginny" Simms, actress and singer (Kay Kyser Band), dies at 77

1987 Event - Superbowl XXI: New York Giants beat Denver Broncos, 39-20 in Pasadena Superbowl MVP: Phil Simms, New York Giants, quarterback

1967 Birthday - Mike Simms, Whittier California, outfielder for the Houston Astros

1955 Birthday - Phil Simms, NFL quarterback, New York Giants, Superbowl 1986

1916 Birthday - Virginia Ginny Simms, actress and singer, Kay Kyser Band

1898 Event - 23rd Preakness: Willie Simms aboard Sly Fox wins in 1:49.75

1898 Event - 24th Kentucky Derby: Willie Simms aboard Plaudit wins in 2:09

1896 Event - 22nd Kentucky Derby: Willie Simms aboard Ben Brush wins in 2:07.75

1894 Event - 28th Belmont: Willie Simms aboard Henry of Navarre wins in 1:56

1893 Event - 27th Belmont: Willie Simms aboard Commanche wins in 1:53

1837 Birthday - James Phillip Simms, Brigadier General Confederate Army