Transplant Events in History

2012 Event - Swedish doctors perform the world's first stem cell assisted vein transplant on a 10-year old girl

2011 Event - The first full face transplant is performed by surgeons at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts

2008 Event - Claudia Castillo has a successful trachea transplant from stem-cell created organ

2007 Death - Robert Goulet, dies in Los Angeles, California, awaiting a lung transplant for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, at 73

2005 Event - First human face transplant is performed in France

2001 Death - Dr. Christiaan Barnard, surgeon, ", performed the first heart transplant, South Africa 1967, ", dies at 78

1996 Birthday - Cheyenne Pyle, California, youngest heart transplant patient, 90 minutes old

1996 Event - Frank, brother of Yank manager Joe Torre, receives a heart transplant

1995 Event - AIDS patient Jeff Getty recieves baboon bone marrow transplant

1995 Event - Larry Hagman receives a liver transplant

1994 Death - M Vink, surgeon (1st Dutch kidney transplant), dies at 78

1994 Event - Jim Nabors undergoes a liver transplant

1993 Event - Doctors recommend ligament transplant to Jose Canseco's arm

1992 Event - John Phillips, rocker (Mamas and Papas), undergoes a liver transplant

1987 Event - 1st heart-lung transplant take place (Baltimore)

1986 Event - Mrs Davina Thompson makse medical history by having the 1st heart, lung and liver transplant (Papworth Hospital in Cambridge, England)

1984 Event - "Baby Fae" gets baboon heart transplant, lives 21 days

1984 Death - Holly Roffey, youngest heart transplant, dies at 4 weeks

1984 Event - Holly Roffey (11 days) gets heart transplant

1984 Birthday - Holly Roffey, Englnd, youngest heart transplant

1984 Event - 6 year old Texan Stormie Jones gets 1st heart and liver transplant

1975 Event - 1st televised kidney transplant on the Today Show

1974 Death - Louis B Russell, Jr., longest living heart transplant, dies at 49

1969 Event - 1st human eye transplant performed

1968 Event - 1st European lung transplant

1968 Event - Dr. N E Shumway performs 1st U.S. adult cardiac transplant operation

1968 Event - Christian Barnard performs 2nd heart transplant

1967 Death - Louis Washkansky, 18 days after 1st heart transplant, dies at 55

1967 Event - 1st human heart transplant performed (Dr. Christian Barnard, South Africa)

1963 Event - Dr. James Campbell performed the 1st human nerve transplant

1950 Event - 1st kidney transplant, Chicago

1923 Birthday - Norman E. Shumway, born in Michigan, pioneer cardiac transplant surgeon

1922 Birthday - Christiaan Barnard, South Africa, surgeon, perform 1st heart transplant

1920 Birthday - Denton Cooley, Houston, heart surgeon, 1st artifical heart transplant